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  1. gz76

    Aedle VK-1 Carbon Limited Edition Headphones

    Hi all, I was lucky enough to secure an order for Aedle's very limited edition VK-1 headphones in Carbon (black) -- only 100 sets were offered, and anyone who's been following these headphones knows how quickly they sold out!   These headphones are due to ship late next week so I haven't...
  2. gz76

    Download dilema

    Hi guys, bit of a strange request, but I need help from someone based in the USA who has access to ~75 MB of web space. I recently bought an LP and it comes with a free digital download of the album. Problem is, the download is restricted to the USA only. I've tried using anonymous proxies...
  3. gz76

    WTB: LOD Cable for iPhone 3G (Aus)

    I'm looking for a LOD that'll work with a 3G iPhone. Preferably within Australia given the poor exchange rates atm, although I will look further abroad if it's not going to cost me an arm and a leg! Please PM me and let me know what you've got, and how much you want for it. Don't know if...
  4. gz76

    Rega P3 Cartridge Recommendations

    I'm currently running a P3-24, and I want a bit of diversity in my cartridges. So, to all you P3 owners, what carts have you had success with; what are their various strengths/weaknesses; what is the ceiling as far as carts go for this turntable; what's good and cheap; what works best for...
  5. gz76

    WTBorrow: Dynavector 10x5

    I'm looking for someone who's got a Dynavector 10x5 sitting in a draw who might be willing to do a loaner, as I'm keen to check this cartridge out in my system. Preferably in decent condition to give me an idea of what it's capable of. I may be open to making an offer for it too if you wish to...
  6. gz76

    Cayin HA-1A as Pre-amp

    So this one is for all you HA-1A owners. Just wondering how many of you have tried using it as a pre-amp in a speaker rig? I thought I'd give this a go the other day, so I swapped out my HP100 in my Stello rig at the office (DA100 > HP100 > S100 > Xsymphony Hybrid Bi-Wire SC > Quad 12L LE)...
  7. gz76

    Denon DP-55K Turntable

    Hi guys, just wondering if anyone here has much experience with this direct-drive turntable? What cartridges/arms do you use with it? How does it sound? I've had a quick look around Google but haven't found much info or opinions. Anyone care to share their thoughts?
  8. gz76

    Female iPod socket to 3.5mm mini-plug?

    Does such a cable exist, and where can I get one? The reason I ask is that I have an iPod integration kit installed behind the stereo in my car, which connects to an iPod via a standard male iPod plug on the end of a length of wire. I'd like to have the option of running a different player...
  9. gz76

    Sennheiser Lucas/DSP Pro Voltage?

    Hi guys, I've got a DSP Pro without a power supply. I want to buy a generic power pack for it, but I can't find the power requirements anywhere (on the device or the web). So if you've got one handy, could you please let me know what sort of juice it needs, and whether ground is on the centre...
  10. gz76

    WTB: SNES Games

    I've been tripping down memory lane a bit lately after work, with a few beers and my trusty SNES. I only ever held onto a handful of games tho, so now I'm looking to pick up a few new carts. If you've got any gems sitting unused, send me a PM and we'll see if we can work something out! Thanks...
  11. gz76

    Melbourne, Australia Meet - 2008

    Okay, rather than clog up other people's threads hinting at the idea of the next Melbourne meet, I figure I should just start a thread for it and see what happens. At the moment, this is just an interest check to see what sort of numbers we're looking at. I'd love to hold this one again...
  12. gz76

    Stepdown Transformers

    I need to get myself a stepdown transformer (going from 240v to 110v), so was wondering if people here had much experience with these in audio applications. Is there anything I need to be aware of? Any specific product recommendations? Personal experiences to share? Best place to buy in...
  13. gz76

    WTB: LOD to Mini Cable

    Well, looks like I'll be getting one of these after coming second in the CanJam logo contest: Sweet! I'm looking forward to seeing what a portable amp is like... never been there before. So, I'm going to need some way of connecting it to my iPod. If anyone has the appropriate cable...
  14. gz76

    Cleaning records by hand

    Hi all, I know everyone has their own techniques for cleaning records, and I'm looking for a nice effective manual process to try on my grubbiest LPs. Let me know what solutions you use to clean (home made or commercial), and what your method is to do it by hand - no fancy vacuum machines here...
  15. gz76

    FS: Assorted Music CDs

    I'm clearing out some CDs that I haven't listened to in a while to make room for new music. All prices are in AUD$. Industrial / Goth / Heavy / Experimental 1. Schizo - Sounds of Coming Darkness $5 2. Armageddon Dildos - Lost $9 3. Wumpscut - Born Again $14 4. Noisebox - The Beginning...
  16. gz76

    SOLD: Beyerdynamic DT990 2005/6 250 ohm

    Up for sale is my pair of DT990s. They're completely stock and come with original leather case, box, adaptor, and some papers. No pictures at the moment but they're pretty-much brand new and unmarked. Genuinely less than 200 hours total. Selling as I really don't like the sound, but the only way...
  17. gz76

    Melbourne Meet Impressions - Sunday 7 October 2007

    Well, I guess I should officially start this thread! First of all, thanks to all of you for coming today - it wouldn't have been a meet without you! I just got home and I'm stuffed! Carrying all that gear around is quite a chore... maybe I'll hire some removalists for the next one (sorry...
  18. gz76


    Bought a pair of interconnects from jerikl. Item was exactly as described, packaged well, shipped promptly, and pricing was excellent (for both postage and the item). Thanks.
  19. gz76

    WTB: Sennheiser HD595, 60th Anniversary Edition

    I'm looking for a pair of Anniversary Edition HD595s with original box, accessories, etc. Please PM me if you have some to sell. Thanks.
  20. gz76

    FS: Apple iPod Shuffle, 2nd Gen. + free postage within Australia

    Brand new, still sealed in box. Silver, 1GB. Selling as I have no need for such a small portable player. Would prefer to sell to Australians as postage probably isn't worth it to ship overseas (happy to do so tho at buyers expense). Direct deposit for Aussies, Paypal for everyone else...
  21. gz76


    I bought a pair of headphones from carloskleiber and they arrived promptly, and exactly as described. No problems at all dealing with this head-fier. Thanks!
  22. gz76

    SOLD: Stax SR-Sigma and SRD-7SB

    Now for sale: Stax SR-Sigma's and SRD-7SB. The SR-Sigma's are in excellent condition (and even better when you consider their age). The only thing worth pointing out is the fact that the foam cups have deteriorated due to age and are no longer present, and there is a small nick in the ear pad...
  23. gz76

    Herbie Hanc0ck tonight...

    I'm off to see "An Evening with Herbie Hanc0ck" tonight at Hammer Hall in Melbourne. Has been quite a long wait... got my tickets almost six months ago! Anyone else going?
  24. gz76

    SOLD: Sony PSP Value Pack + 4 Games + Entertainment Pack

    I haven't played this since I first posted this ad, so I'd really like to see someone put it to good use. The following items are included: Sony PSP Value PackSony PSP (Firmware v2.60) - Black 32MB Sony Memory Stick Duo Soft Case Wrist Strap Headphones and Volume Control Demo UMD Cleaning...
  25. gz76

    ety8 In-The-Ear Bluetooth Earphones

    I just came across these. Did a quick search of the forum but doesn't look like anyone has got their hands on them yet: Can't say I'm in a rush to pick up a set!