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  1. maczrool

    Virtual Ground Troubles

    Above is my test virtual ground circuit. I've got it set up on some solderless breadboard. I'm using an LT1970 CFB opamp because for my application I need high current drive. I have it set up like the CFB schematic on Tangent's virtual ground website. It works fine up to 10 volts and then very...
  2. maczrool

    Determining Class A Bias Current

    How does one determine the class A bias in cascode JFET configuration? Is it the total Idss from Q1 and Q2, the difference between Idss of Q1 and Q2, the Rs value or what? I looked at Tangent's site concerning class A bias and it doesn't seem to say how one determines the bias in JFET cascodes...
  3. maczrool

    iPod 2.0.1 is great

    I just installed the iPod 2.0.1 updater and discovered it pretty much takes care of all the clicking and stereo channel swap issues. Check it out. Stu
  4. maczrool

    New iPod Reverses Channels

    I just realized that my 15 GB iPod reverses the left/right channels of nearly every track. Anyone else notice this? Stu
  5. maczrool

    Connector preference for new PDAC

    I am working on my own PDAC design. I am using a minioptical jack which can detect whether there is nothing inserted, an optical plug inserted, or a mini electrical plug. This allows the connected circuit to automatically configure itself for various signals. I have tested it and it works...
  6. maczrool

    Where to find good PIC resources?

    I am new to PIC programming and MCUs in general. I need to get up to speed on PICs so that I can get busy making my "Super" PDAC project which I have discussed here in the past. Any particular resources that I should check out? I am especially interested in anything that would apply to the...
  7. maczrool

    What happened to the PDAC?

    I thought there were plans to at least offer PCBs for the PDAC, but I haven't heard anything about it in quite some time. I would like to build the 'full-sized' version to see how I like it before redesigning it to use more SMD components. Are there still plans to offer the PCBs or any other...
  8. maczrool

    PDAC Battery Life

    I like the PDAC a lot, but I've never seen the battery life mentioned anywhere. What kind of battery life can one expect? Also, when will PCBs be ready? I want to build a miniturized version, but want to start by building a full sized version first. Thanks, Stu