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  1. ndskyz

    Closed back choice-HD280 vs K171 vs AH D1001

    I have K701 for serious home use and Proline 750's for closed home use. My other cans are D1001's and HD280's I dislike the sound of the 280's so much I gave them to my daughter. I use the D1001's for my close environment (office space) closed can listening. Much better IMO than the 280's amp'ed...
  2. ndskyz

    Where is the little country love?

    I spent another couple of hours with the LC3 last night. Trying different headphones. Different media CD/SACD and MP3. I find the amp to be pretty neutral, but will reveal a bad source pretty quickly. I listen to my AKG 701's Ultrasone Proline 750 and my old Senn HD-280's. No problem driving any...
  3. ndskyz

    Where is the little country love?

    Mr.C I just got a LC3 yesterday. You HAVE to get the power supply, as the amp section alone does not have an means of converting AC to DC. I bought mine used from a Head-fi member I've been researching and wanting one of these for about 9 months now, Finally came across a good well taken care of...
  4. ndskyz

    WTB Firestone Little Country III

    Anyone have one they are thinking of selling. Please feel free to contact me. I've been wanting to try this amp for a while now, and finally have some play money to do so.
  5. ndskyz

    Can someone confirm likeness ah-d1001 & Aurvana Live?

    +1 $210 for Denon AH-D1000/1001 WAY WAY WAY overpriced. I got mine for 83 shipped. I've been looking into D2000's and 200 seems to be about the going rate for them.
  6. ndskyz

    Denon AH-D2000 vs. Sennheiser HD580 vs. Sennheiser HD600!

    Very good review..but for the record..Donald Fagen really isnt Jazz. Pop would be a better Genre, but certainly not jazz.
  7. ndskyz

    Is your Headphone setup more expensive than your Speaker?

    Quote: Originally Posted by cscamp oh no! as much as i like listening to headphones... listening full range speakers like Martin Logans are still's still a different experience when you don't have anything on your ear. Yes Martin Logans are nice. Especially the...
  8. ndskyz

    do the hd280 need an amp?

    Quote: Originally Posted by intoart The only reason I still own HD280s is that they don't need an amp. That makes them perfect for travel with my portable CD player. The only reason I own Hd280's is because Im too cheap to throw them away. My daughter doesnt mind using them on...
  9. ndskyz

    OK im an idiot.

    Quote: Originally Posted by dcpoor I see that you removed your rig/setup from your signature. I thought it was a good and fair thing for people to know that you're running k701's unamped from a macbook or with a cheap mixer from the macbook. especially when you're telling people that...
  10. ndskyz

    OK im an idiot.

    Quote: Originally Posted by TheMarchingMule Something's not right here. I still think you're in the honeymoon phase with these things. Especially when the source is a Clip and you're essentially double amping it. No kidding..And comparing them to a $40K rig... Really drives home...
  11. ndskyz

    Headphone choice, can't decide

    Ultrasone makes some excellent cans. Unfortunately there 100 dollar(ish) are two models, and dont seem to be much to write home about. The 780's suggested MSRP around $280 ish (off the top of my head) again Sub 100 dollar cans Denon 1001's AKG K81 Dj, Audio Tech's ATH-Fc700's or The Sen HD280...
  12. ndskyz

    AKG's Made In China Question

    Quote: Originally Posted by djay1948 I think "whine with your panties stuffed up your butt" is really crude and very much against the spirit of what we are trying to do here. I'm relatively new to this site, but so far, I've found the nastiness of some of the contributors really...
  13. ndskyz

    Headphone choice, can't decide

    Quote: Originally Posted by soulesschild Also, noise isolation isn't too big of an issue. Main issue would not having sound leak out and being comfortable for 4+ hours. In either case the K701's arent for you. They dont isolate, and they are open cans so anyone close to you...
  14. ndskyz

    Headphone choice, can't decide

    Denon AH-D1001's are a good set of cans in that price range that will work well for what you want. IMO. The K701's NOT a good choice of cans for a work if noise Isolation is a concern and the Fiio wouldnt drive them (well) anyway.
  15. ndskyz

    AKG's Made In China Question

    While mbd2884 did answer your question he was rather blunt about it. Yes AKG's are designed and engineered in Austria. Parts come from Austria,and some parts from China. It depends on the the can in question. The Final assembly point is really nothing more than a business decision made to cut...
  16. ndskyz

    AKG's Made In China Question

    Where's the question??
  17. ndskyz

    The One (Full-Sized) Headphone Club

    Quote: Originally Posted by limpidglitch umm, what would be the definition of a full-sized can? Thinking about the mentined HD25-1 and SR60. Very good question. I have a pair of Denon AH-D1001's and a Pair of Ultrasone Pro 750's (Both mentioned in this thread) EDITsorry the...
  18. ndskyz

    Denon AH-D7000 In The Absolute Sound

    Quote: Originally Posted by subtle It doesn't sound like you've been keeping up with the company that well these past few years. Klipsch is most certainly an audiophile loudspeaker. Although I vastly prefer the Heritage series to the Reference, their new Palladium line is simply...
  19. ndskyz

    Reference headphones for bedroom music production

    Quote: Originally Posted by thatwunguy perhaps I could recommend the denon ah-d1001. They are closed, very detailed, and they have great bass response. All this can be had for $80 on Amazon. Keep them in mind. Very good can for that price range. BUT they do lack a bit in the...
  20. ndskyz

    Is your Headphone setup more expensive than your Speaker?

    I see some people are using a VERY Loose definition of what a Speaker is...LOL
  21. ndskyz

    D3 Python and P2 Heron Arrive!

    Darnit...I knew I shouldnt have opened this thread. Im very pleased with my D2 Viper(with HiFlight Op amp kit) The only thing I can complain about is..battery life. Now the D3....Gonna be me in trouble.
  22. ndskyz

    AKG K701s really shining at last

    Nice thanks for the Report. I'm saving my pennies for a WA6 for my K701's
  23. ndskyz

    Denon AH-D1001...OMG

    Burn in is real.Just ask any AKG K701 owner.Or Ultrasone 780 or 750 owner. It's a PITA to me now. 300 Hours for my 701's and 250ish for my Proline 750's And now another 100 or so for the D1001's..
  24. ndskyz

    Denon AH-D1001...OMG

    Quote: Originally Posted by JMCIII Oh contraire. I think that audiophiles will find the D1001s to be very useful - in certain situations. While I won't be trading in my AKG K701s, for rock music the D1001s are hard to beat. Plus I can take the Denons on the road - something I would...
  25. ndskyz

    Ultrasone PRO900

    All this fuss about what headphones look like. When I have My Proline 750's on my head I dont care what they look like, and I cant see the faces of the people gawking or laughing around me, because my eyes are closed enjoying the music. Same with my K701's