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  1. Bert

    Using iPhone as a source (Spotify) - connecting to amp/DAC

    I find myself using Spotify 90% of the time.    My desktop setup:  Laptop >> Audio-gd NFB-15  >> Adam F5 active speakers or ATH-50/Grado SR80  (my Beyers died and I am shopping for new cans)   Q: I would like to connect my iPhone 6 (iOS 9.x) directly to the Audio-gd. Is this possible? I...
  2. Bert

    Which headphone amp+DAC that can serve as a preamp for powered speakers?

    I have a new pair of Adam F5 active speakers on my desktop but now need a headphone amp with DAC that has variable preamp outputs so I can control the speaker volume.   Below is the list of candidates that have variable line-level output I have gleaned by sifting through many posts. Please add...
  3. Bert

    WTB - Tripath amp

    Hello,   I am looking for an inexpensive Tripath amp with power supply to drive a set of small speakers at low- med volumes.    Shipping is to Canada, postal code G3C 0W5.    Thanks, Bert
  4. Bert

    Should I pick up this Meier?

    I found a Meier Corda Headamp Ha-1 Mark I locally for about $170 US. Is this a reasonable price. Will it drive a DT880 and or DT990 well? Thanks, Bert
  5. Bert

    Please suggest closed cans to consider along with DT770 and 271S

    Hello, I want full-sized closed cans that are moderately efficient and quite comfortable to listen to the following: Folk/Alt-country: 30% Classical: Chamber music: 15% Classical: Orchestral: 10% Jazz: Small ensembles: 20% Rock and Blues : 25% My sound preferences: I have DT990...
  6. Bert

    Sennheiser HD 212 Pro comfort - Opinions please

    Hi, I am about to return some Senn HD 280 Pros because they clamp down too hard on my noggin' and I was wondering if the 212 Pros are more comfortable? Basically, I am looking for comfy sealed phones for use with a portable CD player (at work). Thanks, Bert
  7. Bert

    HD280 Pro Uncomfortable- Returning them to store

    Hi folks, Is it normal to have trouble wearing the new Sennheiser HD 280 Pro I just picked up. They clamp hard on my head and after a few minutes they begin to hurt my head behind my ears. The fact that I wear glasses probably doesn`t help but it isn't near my glasses that it hurts. For a...