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  1. Adnan Firoze

    [FS] iBasso DX220 w/ Amp 8 and 512GB SD Card + Miter Case

    Hi, I am having to sell of my extremely well cared for iBasso DX220 DAP with the amazing Amp 8 (along with the stock Amp 1 mk2). All accessories included i.e. box, manual, cables, amp 8 box and accessories. It was always used inside the blue miter case which I will include along with screen...
  2. Adnan Firoze

    [SOLD] Campfire Audio Andromeda 2019 (v3) - MINT w/ ALO Pure Silver Litz 4.4mm Cable ($250 worth)

    Hi, I am having to sell off one of my favorite IEMs. I bought them directly from Campfire Audio/ALO Audio Deals in their deals as New/B-Stock for $860 (see invoice in the pictures). These have absolutely ZERO cosmetic imperfection that I could catch and the sonics are always as brand new. All...
  3. Adnan Firoze

    [SOLD] IBasso DX160 - Like New in Warranty + 512GB SD card

    Hi, I am parting with my almost new DX160 which is currently all sold out in the US from what I see. Details as follows: - bought November/December 2019 (I am the original owner - will provide Amazon invoice) - under warranty till November 2020 - Not a single scratch - always kept in case and...
  4. Adnan Firoze

    [FS] Null Audio Symphonym Hakone 8 braid IEM cable 2pin - 4.4mm Balanced

    Hi, I am selling off my most favorite cable since I have sold off the IEM I used to use it with. It is the Herringbone 8 braid upgraded variant. It retailed for $480 (including taxes) - I will provide the receipt if you ever need warranty. Review and pictures (will come with all packaging...
  5. Adnan Firoze

    [SOLD] IMR Acoustics RAH - Mint (one of 200 units made)

    Hi It's very sad but I have to part ways with one of my most favorite IEMs ever with unparalleled bass and clarity. The Rah comes with all accessories - all filters, nozzles, tips, both balanced and single-ended stock cables, the case. Perfectly mint - like new condition - no ding or scratch...
  6. Adnan Firoze

    [SOLD] [F/S] Focal Elear - MINT w/ extra cable

    Hi I am selling off my beloved Focal Elear since I need the money to get a new phone. It has been extremely well cared for, no scuff - LIKE NEW and sounds amazing, pads, headband are just like it was when it was bought (I'm the first owner). I do not have the box (no, I didn't lose it, I left...
  7. Adnan Firoze

    [SOLD] Campfire Solaris w/ Null Audio Symphonym Tiburon 8 Braid Cable

    Hi, I'm selling my "best" IEM till now. It's 2 months old in perfect condition. I have everything from in the package (stock cable, warranty card, tips, even the CA clip thingy)). Besides that I am adding a Null Audio Tiburon Upgrade Cable (4.4mm balanced)...
  8. Adnan Firoze

    WTB - Oriolus MK2

    Looking to buy a pre-owned Oriolus MK2. Please DM me if are interested to sell me one. Thanks.
  9. Adnan Firoze

    [WTB] iBasso Amp8 Ex (or modded Amp8 module) Amp 8

    I want someone to mod the Amp8 for me and I will pay for the original price + whatever parts needed + cost of doing it. I don't intend to go beyond $300. I already have the Amp8 but want a second modded version. Thanks.
  10. Adnan Firoze

    [SOLD] Audeze LCD2 Closed Back (Geekria Case + Extra Balanced Arctic Cables)

    Hi I am selling off my beloved LCD 2 Closed Back (I am the first owner). I had bought it in 2018 and there must be one week of usage on these since I do not usually get time to listen to full sized headphones anymore. Moved to IEMs. - PERFECTLY MINT CONDITION - NO DENT/SCUFF/DING/WEAR! Perfect...
  11. Adnan Firoze

    [FS] Effect Audio Vogue Series: Grandioso - MMCX / 2.5mm - NEW

    I have accumulated too many cables hence, selling off some of the ones I never opened/used. This is Effect Audio's Vogue Series's pinnacle cable - THE GRANDIOSO. Bought less than a month ago from Musicteck. Item Page: Review...
  12. Adnan Firoze

    [SOLD] Sony IER-M9 - Sealed Brand New (impulse buy)

    Hi, So got this as an impulse buy with gift cards. I have enough new IEMs. Fully sealed. Bought it for $999. But now need to pay up my credit cards. Price is firm. Shipping to CONUS only. PP and shipping on me. Thanks
  13. Adnan Firoze

    [Not Available Anymore] MASSDROP X EMPIRE EARS ZEUS (Practically Brand New - 12 days old)

    Hi I got this with some gift money but I currently have too many IEMs. This was bought 2 weeks ago on Nov 22, 2019 (receipt is in the pictures) directly from Massdrop (I just can't get to call them Drop). It was bought brand new and if probably has 2 hours on it. Since it is like less than 14...
  14. Adnan Firoze

    [SOLD] BEYERDYNAMIC XELENTO [Pristine] with ORIVETI Affinity Balanced Cable

    Hi, I am having to part ways with the most amazing IEM I have ever owned till date - reason being I'm 33 and a graduate student who needs to pay rent. - Good as beand new - Bought in June 2019 - I paid 900 bucks for it and it was worth every penny - Comes with EVERYTHING (both Beyerdynamic...
  15. Adnan Firoze

    USB A-B DAC Cables - alternatives to the Audioquest Line

    Hi, Interesting story. I posted a picture of my setup woth the iFi Micro DSD Black Label with an Audeze LCD2 with an iPurifier 3.0 and a jitterbug with AQ Forest/Cinnamon cable (both of which are quite expensive in my humble opinion) being used. Someone pointed out that I should "at least" get...
  16. Adnan Firoze

    For Sale or Trade: Brainwavz HM5

    Hi   I am not the first owner. I bought these online couple of months ago but I barely listened to them. They are in perfect shape. It does NOT have any Brainwavz box but comes in the Brainwavz case (including the surrounding Brainwavz brand - as shown in the picture). They are in pristine...
  17. Adnan Firoze

    Confusion about Velodyne V-Pulse Pricing/Versions

    I was researching to buy a good IEM (sub $100) and a friend suggested this.    Now the confusion is, what is the difference between these two things?   1. ($122) - Amazon also has this thing for around $110   and  ...
  18. Adnan Firoze

    Ultimate Ears 9000 UE9000 Bluetooth Headphones UE 9000 Wireless NEW BOXED w/ CASE

    FYI. Ultimate Ears is a proud sponsor of headfi :) Boxed - New (Lid opened to take pictures - unused - untouched - mint) Ultimate Ears Cutting-edge in every way, the UE 9000 Wireless Headphones boast high-quality wireless that can connect to two Bluetooth devices at once, active noise...
  19. Adnan Firoze


    Too tired to upload pictures but if you go through my eBay posting will real pictures and  feedback - then you'll know that I am a HP enthusiast and I never sell off anything but the best of things. Here's the ink. (Probably will be gone tomorrow - SO HURRY!)...
  20. Adnan Firoze

    What is the best amp (tube) to go with Beyerdynamic T1?

    As the title suggests. Basically to tame the shrill highs. I read that the Lyr 2 is less preferred for T1 than the less expensive Valhalla 2. In contrast, what about Darkvoice or Little Dot or something else? Please do recommend.    Thanks. 
  21. Adnan Firoze

    Help/Info needed on using Schiit products in Europe and Asia

    Hi all,   Hope this is not a duplicate but I live in NY but I travel a bit and this summer I would be staying in Europe and Asia. I was wondering since the Schiit stack (or any of their products for that matter) uses 110V and not a range like 100-240V, what is the solution for usage in those...
  22. Adnan Firoze

    Audioengine D1 For Sale - CHEAP! NEW! Open box.

    Opened to check if working.    Pristine Condition.    Unused and always in box.   PAYPAL and CONUS only. FREE SHIPPING. Buyer pays PP. 
  23. Adnan Firoze

    Price Drop ($240)! Grado SR325is Prestige Series (Open Box - NEVER USED)

    Grado Prestige Series 325is   The reason for selling is: I already own a pair of RS2e and therefore, I really do not need this. This is the reason, I never used it. The pads/cushions do NOT need any replacement because the box was only opened two weeks ago for me to check if everything is...
  24. Adnan Firoze

    Price Drop ($220) !!!! SONY MDR-1RBTMK2 Bluetooth NFC Hi-Res Wireless Headphones AAC aptX (NEW IN BOX)

    I had received this as a gift (and originally from Japan Import) bought for $299. Since I do not need it, I never opened it (I have enough headphones for now). See pictures and barcode+QR codes to verify that this is 100% genuine. All images are of the actual headphones (please search Google to...