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    R.I.P. Ric Ocasek of The Cars Wow, I'm getting old. Listened to The Cars heavily as a kid. Always wondered how Ric, who wasn't much to look at, snagged such a hot wife.
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    HP and IEM Garage Sale (Sony MDR-1A, Ostry KC-06A & LZ A4) USA

    Please close.
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    FS: IMR R1 Mirror Polish B-Stock IEMs (USA) - SOLD

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    HEADPHONE / IEM Sale (USA) - Lower End AT, Ostry, Monster, Chi-Fi

    I have too much stuff sitting around gathering dust. These items need a good home. Prices include shipping to continental USA and PP fees. Pictures available upon request. Audio Technica ANC9 noise canceling over ear headphones (black). Very good condition. Some minor scuffs on ear cups...
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    FS: Pioneer SE-CH9T IEMs Excellent Condition (USA) - SOLD

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    Chinese / Asian Brand Info Thread (On or Over Ear Headphones)

    There is a popular Chinese/Asian thread over in the Portable section but the focus there is mostly IEMs. So, I thought it would be a good idea to start one that is headphone focused. Feel free to discuss any Asian made hidden gems that you find. Brands like Superlux and Takstar always seem to...
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    Solitude XCS2 Active Noise Canceling Headphones

    In the market for a new set of over ear ANCs and want to keep it under $100.  These get great reviews for ANC and sound quality.  Thinking most of the reviews are shills though.  Anyone here have experience with them?  Are they indeed good for ANC (mainly on jets) and sound?  What about comfort...
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    Pay it Forward - YINJW DIY IE800 Clone IEMs

    I got these free from another Head-Fier to try out so I thought I would do the same for someone else out there.  I'll cover shipping to the continental US.  They are in excellent condition and sound good.  They will come in a small round tin container.  I would like these to go to someone who is...
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    WTT: Yamaha EPH-100SL IEMs for Sony XB90EX IEMs (USA)

    I have a set of Yamaha EPH-100SL IEMs that I would like to trade for Sony XB90EXs.  The EPH-100s are in excellent condition and come with different tip sizes, a shirt clip, paper work, extension cord and the original case.  I purchased these "Used-Very Good" off of Amazon Warehouse Deals.  They...
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    ROCK Zircon + Mula IEM Impressions Thread

    First found out about these jewels from a very enthusiastic Head-Fi'er (TWIN) on the Chinese/Asian thread. I normally don't jump on IEMs based on one persons enthusiasm, but in this case I did (and I'm glad I did). Never had heard of Rock before, but there are a ton of new Asian brands and...
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    Any Minerve fans out there???

    Just stumbled upon this band a few weeks ago.  I believe they are from Germany.  Anyway, I think they ROCK!!!     Video seems a bit cheesy.  I think the dancers are all volunteers LOL!
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    Found some "sweet" headphones at a local store!

    They even had chocolate!
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    Ostry KC06A Upgrade in the $70 to $80 Range

    Any suggestions? Listen to a wide range of genres with an emphasis on electronica. Thinking about the KEF M200 (used) or Fidue A71. However, over ear cables have not worked for me in the past. Doesn't have to be basshead. But, I do like the bass to be authoritative. Thanks!
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    WTT: Koss PortaPro + Philips SHE-3582 (blue 3580) for JVC HA-S500s

    I have a set of Koss PortaPro's and a set of Philips SHE-3582s which are a blue version of the 3580 that I would like to trade for a set of JVC HA-S500's.  I have had the PortaPro's for quite some time, but they are in great shape and come with original Koss pouch.  I also recently bought a set...
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    FS: Sony MH1C Headphones - Very Good Condition (Price Reduced)

    I have up for sale a set of Sony MH1C headphones in very good condition.  They sound great.  Just never listen to them.  I tried the phone controls once when I first got them and they seem to work (don't normally use the controls though).  They come with the original shirt clip and a set of...
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    The "Headphones That Significantly Perform Above Their Price Point Thread"

    I think a thread like this might be kind of fun.  I would define "Price Point" as street price (not retail).  Doesn't have to be lower priced phones either.  If you have experience with a $1000 headphone that you feel performs like a $1500 (or whatever) phone, by all means, please list it.  I'll...
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    Any love for the Sennheiser HD 4XX series (specifically HD 439)?

    Been debating between the CAL! and the JVC-HAS500.  However, the HD439 has recently popped up on my radar.  Looking for a comfortable, full size, but yet somewhat portable, all arounder headphone for office use (minimal leakage).  Like the removable cable concept.  Any love out there for this...
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    FS: Ultimate Ears TF 10 IEMs - Lightly Used

    After trying every ear tip under the sun with no success, I have decided to sell my lightly used TF 10s.  These were purchased in November 2010 from Amazon.  They are in great shape and sound great.  I will ship them in the original packaging with the accessories shown in the photos.  I accept...