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  1. NeoPoe

    Awesome deal on Muvo 2 guys.

    Creative Nomad Muvo TX 256mb MP3 Player for $69.99 Shipped Free It's at buy (dot) com. You need a $10 coupon to get it to $70.00. Definitely snagging one of these when my mom gets home tonight! [Edit: Woops, sorry about the title spoof... I think I need to brush up on some things again =P]
  2. NeoPoe

    getting closer... 280PRO's and HD890's

    so im thinking abou getting these two pair of headphones... one for portable use (280's) and one for home/FPS use (890's) althought i might not get them at the same time i am planning to buy whatever may come to me first... i just have a few more questions to ask before i finalize my decision...
  3. NeoPoe

    ksc-50's for 19.99?

    went to the local best buy and found a bunch of ksc-50's stocked at 19.99... is this a good deal or shuld i just go for the ksc-35's for about 2x more?