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  1. Kunlun

    Rhapsodio Galaxy v2 thread and review

    Synopsis: The Rhapsodio Galaxy v2 are a high-end in-ear monitor with a 10.3mm titanium coated dynamic driver, a re-designed housing, and a braided copper cable. These earphones have a warm, well-extended bass, sweet midrange, and a boosted treble that, with the right fit matches the bass. These...
  2. Kunlun

    Sensaphonics 3D Active Ambient: Dial In The Level of Isolation You Need, Record, and More!

      I'm interested in the new universal fit version of Sensaphonics' 3D Active Ambient and I'm hoping to see some reviews of this pro-audio gear.    Here's the info available so far (and why I'm interested):   The 3D-AARO, as its called (the RO is for Record Out) is an earphone with a big...
  3. Kunlun

    [REVIEW] Future Sonics Spectrum Series: G10 and impressions thread

    Synopsis: The Spectrum Series G10 is the next generation universal fit stage monitor from Future Sonics. Replacing the Atrio with a new driver, housing, and cables, the G10 surpasses it in detail and control throughout the frequency spectrum. It does this while keeping a tuning characterized by...
  4. Kunlun

    The Next Step from Sensaphonics: 3D 20/20 Active Ambient EyePlugs!

    I came across this and thought it might be interesting as it could point toward a future for audio professionals and audiophiles: Personal combined ear/eye systems. This is building on Sensaphonics' 3D Active Ambient System, where the CIEM has a microphone which allows you to dial up or down...
  5. Kunlun

    Westone ES50, A Make-over of Westone's Flagship Custom IEM

    Westone is upgrading their flagship ES5 custom iem to the new ES50.   In the Head-fi Winter Gift Guide, Jude reports that the new ES50 keeps the warm ES5 sound while adding both the bass presence and improved clarity overall.   There's a new, more secure socket connection and new options for...
  6. Kunlun

    Crutchfield has a 60-day money back guarantee--are they a good place to buy iems from?

    Or, will they eat the souls of those who buy from them, in addition to charging a $10 fee for returns.
  7. Kunlun

    [REVIEW]: The Aurisonics AS-2 15mm Dynamic Driver 2-Balanced Armature Hybrid Custom-Fit Stage Monitor

    Synopsis: The Aurisonics AS-2 is a high-end custom-fit in-ear stage monitor with a lively, rich sound. It has a unique, crossover-free design that allows its 15mm dynamic driver and two special balanced armatures to work together seamlessly. With an adjustable bass port system, the AS-2 provides...
  8. Kunlun

    [REVIEW]: Sensaphonics dB Check In-Ear Level Analyzer: You Only Need It If You Have Ears!

    Synopsis: Sensaphonics dB Check is an important hearing preservation device. Connecting between your iems and your amp or source, it can tell you, in real time, exactly how loudly you are listening to your music with your gear. The dB Check then gives you safe listening times for that volume...
  9. Kunlun

    [REVIEW]: Sensaphonics 3MAX Silicone Shelled Custom-Fit Stage Monitor And Sensaphonics Appreciation Thread

    Synopsis: The Sensaphonics 3MAX is a top-tier, custom-fit, in-ear monitor with a sound designed by an audiologist and tested by pro musicians.  With a professional clientele in mind, the 3MAX has been superbly engineered for a natural-sounding tuning. Vocal music comes to the fore with a smooth...
  10. Kunlun

    Apex Glacier amp/dac review and appreciation thread

    The successor to the TTVJ Slim is out, the new Apex Glacier   I just got mine and I'll update this post as people start getting theirs and put up reviews and comments.   From talking to Todd, the dac is a big step up from the old one in the Slim. While the amp is basically the same, it...
  11. Kunlun

    [Review]: Heir Audio Magnus 1: Copper/Silver/Kevlar Upgrade Cable For Custom In-Ear Monitors

    Overview: Heir Audio’s Magnus 1 is a superbly built upgrade cable for custom in-ear monitors. The cable itself is strengthened with kevlar, and both the connectors for the earphones themselves and the jack are much more strongly built than the stock ciem cable. Unlike other upgrade cables...
  12. Kunlun

    [REVIEW]: The Silver Poison: Pure, Cyro-Treated, Silver Cable For In-Ear Monitors From Toxic Cables

    Synopsis:  Toxic Cables’ Silver Poison are top-tier, pure silver upgrade cables for custom in-ear monitors. They sound beautiful, combining smoothness and presence with the superior detail silver cables are known for.  An attractive, classy look and high-quality build complement the sound. For a...
  13. Kunlun

    [REVIEW]: Aurisonics AS-1b (ver1.2) Custom-fit Dynamic Driver In-Ear Stage Monitor

    Synopsis: The Aurisonics AS-1b is a very nice custom-fit monitor with a sound tuned for the needs of professional musicians performing on stage. It gives the listener a mid-centric sound that emphasizes the vocal range so a singer stands out in the mix. The large 15mm dynamic driver has an...
  14. Kunlun

    Future Sonics Atrio with MG7 driver only $99! Deal closes soon!

    It's at, just in case the link doesn't work for some reason.   A seriously great deal. Check it out.  
  15. Kunlun

    Monster Turbine Pro Copper, new in box (never been opened), authentic with receipt so you can get the lifetime warranty

    I have a new in box, never been opened Monster Turbine Pro Copper set for sale.   When I say it has never been opened, I mean the box is still in the original plastic-wrap, it has literally never been opened. It's new, not refurbished.   A scan of my receipt (redacted) from an authorized...
  16. Kunlun

    [Review] Future Sonics MG6PRO Ear Monitors: Dynamic Driver Custom-Fit In-Ear Monitors

      Synopsis: The Future Sonics MG6Pro Ear Monitor is an excellent sounding custom earphone tuned for a supremely natural sound. The overall sound is very smooth, extended in bass and treble, and very well balanced by the clear midrange. The excellent reproduction of vocal and instrumental...
  17. Kunlun

    Acoustic foam for plugging things in an iem--where does one get that?

    I remember some people were using foam to tame the highs on their HJE900s and on other iems were taking filters out and replacing it with foam.   Where can one pick up that sort of foam? I need some for an experiment. I only need a little and I imagine it should be cheap.   Any...
  18. Kunlun

    Nozzle size for the Monster Turbine and Turbine Pro Copper/Gold/Miles Davis IEMS, please?

    Sorry, just need the mm of the nozzle at the thickest section and I don't have anything properly graduated at hand to measure my pair. Thanks in advance!
  19. Kunlun

    Clear Custom iem owners! Do your acrylic shells look a little yellowish or less than clear?

    I'm thinking of getting clear acrylic customs versus getting a transparent color, because I want to look like a grown-up.   However, I notice that the clear customs I've seen in real life have been ever so slightly less that brightly clear.    And, I've seen people on the boards complain...
  20. Kunlun

    Help with finding a new dap and/or Rockbox'ing my ipod, please

    Hello, I'm fairly clueless, so some help would be greatly appreciated.   I have an old 30gig 5th gen ipod and I'd like get something with a bit more capacity (and better eq functions) for a reasonable price. Like ipod on black friday sale prices, ideally.   1) Would you recommend just...
  21. Kunlun

    Portable amps with a treble/mid-oriented signature?

    From cheaper to more expensive (particularly in the $100 range, but please feel free to give more expensive alternatives), I'd like an amp that would pair well with a bassy in-ear monitor that could use a little more brightness in the treble. A bit more to the mids would work, too, if it comes...
  22. Kunlun

    Future Sonics new MG7 Atrios are in stock now!!!

    The new MG7 driver is said to add treble sparkle and headroom to the Atrios.   There was a tweet on the Future Sonics tweeter feed that the Atrios Special Edition with MG7 is now available at The Airport Wirless store. I called and confirmed they had it. It will hopefully be available...
  23. Kunlun

    Has anyone heard the Earpower ER-10 Plus customs? They are dynamic/armature hybrids!     The system EP -10 PLUS and objective testing was already on stage by Stevan Martinovic (noise ) and directly from the stage "Stage. The most important innovation is the exclusive three-way system : the mixed technology with dynamic woofer and...
  24. Kunlun

    WTB: Recable for Klipsch Custom 3

    Looking for a reliable source to recable these great sounding but poorly cabled earphones.
  25. Kunlun

    Is it possible to re-cable a Klipsch Custom 3?

    The reviews say it's has great sound, but a crappy cord, so it is possible to re-cable it? I'm not much of a DIY-er, but are there companies or people who would do a professional, quality job on it (not looking to get scammed!)? Thanks.