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  1. rwest1389

    SOLD Brand New NuForce Primo 8

    I got a pair of Primo 8s on Massdrop a while back. There was some issue with one driver, so I sent them back under warranty. I got back a brand new (sealed) pair. I was not crazy about the difference in SQ compared to my Westones though, so I'm looking to sell these. Price includes shipping...
  2. rwest1389

    SuperPro DAC + Rockhopper mini^3

    Selling my college setup which was replaced by NuForce DAC/AMP combo. Since these have been collecting dust, I'm pricing it to move.   Source: SuperPro DAC707   Amp: Rockhopper Mini^3   This combo has been a great transportable setup for me. Small form factors with great sound, very easy...
  3. rwest1389

    WTB: Ibasso T4

    Looking for an Ibasso T4 in the U.S. Would need shipped before 21st. PM me if you're selling. Must be good condition. Thanks.
  4. rwest1389

    Open 'phones with detail, soundstage for <$150?

    I have hfi-780s and am very satisfied with them as fun headphones and closed when thats necessary. Now Im looking for some open headphones with a big soundstage, good detail, and very little to no coloration. This may be asking too much, but whats available? I'm keeping my eyes peeled for...
  5. rwest1389

    WTB: one pair of unused SMALL shure black foamies

    I have medium, want to see if small would let me get iems deeper, be more comfortable, so I'm just looking for one pair. if youve got extra SMALL Shure BLACK (olive) foamies, PM me an offer. thanks
  6. rwest1389

    quick question: does an invisible shield affect D2 touch screen?

    Does anyone have experience/ know if an invisible shield (or other scratch protector) affects the D2 touch screen (using stylus or more often just your finger)? thanks
  7. rwest1389

    MP3 Player with the Essentials?

    Well I'm moving on from ipod (about time), and I'm looking for a replacement. What I'm looking for (ranked with importance): 1) battery life 2) sound quality (able to drive hfi780s pretty well) 3) more memory the better, 16 GB+ (SD or not I don't really care) 4) not too bulky, small is...
  8. rwest1389

    Pronunciation of Aenima??

    So how do you pronounce Aenima (album by tool?) I probably wont change the way I say it (kinda like Grado) but I'm curious
  9. rwest1389

    Speaker amp for Klipsch RF-35

    A friend of mine wants to start using his dad's old speakers: RF-35 --- Floorstanding Stereo Speaker - Klipsch Reference Series However, he needs an amp, because the old receiver he has sucks and crackles. What amp would be sufficient, as cheap as possible? Its rated at 125 W max, 8 ohm...
  10. rwest1389


    Patrick bought my Move. Very fast transaction, very good to deal with. Definitely recommended.
  11. rwest1389

    T2 problems, advice?

    Well I finally received my ibasso T2 today after about 3 weeks. Out of the box impressions: none. It doesn't work. I let it charge 3 hours and the red light was on, then turned off, meaning fully charged. So i get my ipod lineout, plug it in, plug in um1s, and... nothing. No sound. I tried both...
  12. rwest1389

    Upgrade debate: source vs. cans

    Hey heres my friends setup: mostly FLAC with foobar -> emu0202 -> SOHA -> dt880s He has some money (around 800) to spend to upgrade on his setup. Is his source good enough do you think to spend all on new cans, like RS-1s, GS-1000s (or other suggestions?), or should he get a better DAC and/or...
  13. rwest1389

    got: iPod line-out around $30

    FOUND thanks Hey guys im looking to buy a pretty good, relatively cheap, flexible ipod lineout. Hoping to pay around 30 dollars, maybe for an RnB audio dock, ALO bling bling, or good DIY. PM me or email to thanks for looking
  14. rwest1389

    Amp noob needs help

    My friend recently got dt880s and loves the detail and soundstage. Right now hes running it out of an old speaker receiver out of his standard soundcard. He is willing to spend up to 300 dollars, but preferable less. Are there any dac/amp combos that would power the dt880s well? He would...
  15. rwest1389

    WTB: Beyerdynamic dt880 dt-880 (Bought)

    GOTTEN Interested in getting dt880 new version. Live in Texas, US. PM me with any offers. Thanks
  16. rwest1389

    Like hearing music for the first time... share your experience

    I am relatively new to ugrading the basics in music hardware. For years I've used ibuds and Sony MDR V300s. A few months ago, I finally got some iem's to replace my ibuds and I was amazed by the difference. then, compared to my new um1s, I realized how bad the sonys were. I got grado sr225s, and...
  17. rwest1389

    Rebuild Grados?

    Hi I have grado sr225s with perfect drivers and cord. I was wondering if any of you knew how much it would cost to replace the rest? The housing (holds the drivers) broke off of the metal sticks and is apoxied back on. Also, the plastic square with L on it keeps coming off the headband which is...
  18. rwest1389

    Underated classic rock album

    Lately I've been getting into classic rock bands and their lesser-known albums. I'm lovin it and was wondering if yal have any suggestions? Id really like to expand my music collection.