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  1. kvtaco17

    Review by 'kvtaco17' on item 'Audio-gd NFB29'

    So I've had this thing for a bit now... first one to ship into the wild and arrive at its home. I'd say I'm pretty confident I know what this thing sounds like.   The interface is classic AudioGD, simple and intuitive, the unit can act as a amp, DAC, or both, meaning you can use any amp OR DAC...
  2. kvtaco17

    Review by 'kvtaco17' on item 'Grado Labs PS500e'

    I received my demo unit from TTVJ not long ago, again many thanks to Grado, and Todd for making this happen!   PS500e   I have been a long time owner/lover of the PS500, they are my laid back can... easy to listen to on any device. Honestly, I believe these could be powered by a rock and fed...
  3. kvtaco17

    Review by 'kvtaco17' on item 'Grado Labs RS1e'

    Updated with a comparison to the RS1i... see below.   RS1e   I have about 100 hours on my pair... when I first got them they were very congested and odd sounding... I ran pink noise through them in for a few days, alternation between 10 minutes of noise and then 5 minutes of silence. I'm not...