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  1. Strogian

    Autoswitch: AC- vs. battery-powered

    Is there a simple way to make my amp powered via the battery when no AC is available, but use the AC if it is plugged in? I was going to just put a two-way switch next to the AC socket, but maybe that is stupid.
  2. Strogian

    grease on your tools?

    What is that grease that coats all the new tools, e.g. wire strippers, electricians knife, etc. (I got them from Sears) Should I be greasing all my tools with the same stuff?
  3. Strogian


    OK, here's another question for you guys: I've been looking into ways of magnifying what I see, partially to see the parts more closely, and partly to be able to sit further away from the soldering iron (heat + flux ugh..) when I'm working. I like the idea of clip-on lenses (loupes they're...
  4. Strogian

    DC power supply for battery-powered amp

    I have this.. I think.. CMOY amp that JMT built for me a while back, and it takes 2 9V batteries right now. But, as I have learned a wee bit about electronics, I feel like modifying it to also let me plug it in to the wall. So I went over to Radio Shack and got a 15V (up to 1000mA) adapter --...
  5. Strogian

    Rechargeable 9V batteries

    All right, I was just looking for some NiMH 9V batteries, and found the actual 9.6-volt batteries at thomas-distributing. However, they say that you should have a charger that has an output of at least 10.5 volts in order to charge them fully. I looked at my Rayovac PS9 9-volt battery charger...
  6. Strogian

    March of the Toreadors

    I've listened to a few CD's with this piece on it (March of the Toreadors -- Bizet's Carmen Suites), but it's always just the instruments; i.e. no singing. Now, I usually prefer opera music without the singing, but this one just doesn't sound right without it. Can anyone suggest to me a good...
  7. Strogian

    ER-4 isolation

    All right guys, I'm still figuring out how to put these ER-4's in. I'd like to have the opinions of a bunch of people here, on how much isolation you really get with the ER-4's. (Both when you are listening to music, and when you have them in but aren't listening to anything) I thought I had a...
  8. Strogian

    Porta Corda (and other portable amps)

    I was wondering, how do amps such as the porta corba compare to the larger ones?