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  1. NymPHONOmaniac

    Reply to review by 'NymPHONOmaniac' on item 'Jcally JM20'

    @Barndoor what, still not available? What an unfortunate irony...when i write this review they said JM20 will be restoc soon. The ES9280C dac is this one (when 30$ its a bargain, at 40$ less so):
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    Review by 'NymPHONOmaniac' on item 'KBEAR Neon'

    KBEAR NEON REVIEW (Deeeep Way) TONALITY: 7.5/10 TECHNICALITIES: 8.5/10 CONSTRUCTION-DESIGN: 7.5/10 SOUND VALUE: 8/10 PACKAGING is nice. The box has a cool ''Blade Runners'' vibe to it. Accessories are generous enough. Carrying case is good-looking. 4cores SPC Cable too looks good enough...
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    Review by 'NymPHONOmaniac' on item 'Tanchjim Tanya'

    TONALITY: 8.5/10 TECHNICALITIES: 7.5/10 CONSTRUCTION-DESIGN: 8/10 SOUND VALUE: 8.5/10 INTRODUCTION&EXPECTATIONS TANCHJIM is a relatively new earphones company from China, it already has a solid fan base due to their highly praised Tanchjim OXYGEN flagship dynamic driver earphones as well as...
  4. Tanchjim Tanya

    Tanchjim Tanya

    Features:- >Bullet-shaped small, lightweight design. >Durable Titanium-Alloy rear cavities. >Aviation-grade aluminum alloy shells. >Exquisite Craftsmanship. >Excellent sound quality control. > Newly designed sound acoustic structure. >High-quality cable with In-Line Mic option. >Natural...
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    Reply to review by 'NymPHONOmaniac' on item 'Sennheiser IE 300'

    lol, just big intense LOL. the best. ya. ya. guys, its all subjective, especially when we talk tonality. everything i read above underlines this.
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    Review by 'NymPHONOmaniac' on item 'FiiO FH3'

    ---FIIO FH3 OVERDUE REVIEW--- This one was on hold, i finish it today and tbh they arent bad at all, don't know why i was grumpy about them, once i go out of my personal tuning target and timbre hyper-sensitivity, the FH3 are L shape to neutral crisp sounding earphones with agile...
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    Review by 'NymPHONOmaniac' on item 'Tin HiFi T5'

    TINHIFI T5 REVIEW PROS: Decent clarity, decent holographic layering, Big soundstage, Good construction CONS: Boomy resonant bass that lack body and definition, artificial timbre, lack of attack edge and snap (shouty), thin vocal-mids, unbalanced treble, price value, not versatile 2pin...
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    Review by 'NymPHONOmaniac' on item 'Aune Jasper'

    AUNE JASPER ENTHUSIASTIC REVIEW PROS: Big open soundstage, natural tonality and timbre, hefty flexible warm bass, good imaging with rich layering, fatigue and sibilance free, smooth lush vocal-mids, superbly sparkly treble, holographic 3D presentation that doesnt feel forced, fast yet non...
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    Review by 'NymPHONOmaniac' on item 'Jcally JM20'

    -JCALLY JM20 NO GIMMICK REVIEW- TONALITY: 8.5/10 TECHNICALITIES: 9/10 CONSTRUCTION-DESIGN: 8.5/10 SOUND VALUE: 10/10 Tested with: UAPP app+Hisenior T2U (crisp neutral) and Audiosense T800 (bassy W shape, capricious about impedance output match), BQEYZ Spring Summer, BLON BL-03 and MINI and...
  10. Jcally JM20

    Jcally JM20

    JCALLY JM20 High Performance CS43131 DAC decoder amplifier Type C to 3.5mm Adapter for Android Windows MacOS Features: 1.Model:JCALLY JM20 2.P/N:JM20CS43131 Customized High Performance DAC Decoder Amplifier Adapter 3.DAC:CS43131 4.PCM:32bits/384KHz 5.SNR/DNR:>120dB 6.Distortion...
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    Review by 'NymPHONOmaniac' on item 'BLON BL-Mini'

    -BLON BL-MINI NO GIMMICK MINI REVIEW- PROS: Wide deep airy soundstage, Good imaging, Great macro-resolution, fast attack, upper treble snap, V shape yet clear mostly well balanced sounding, clean mids, good transparency, great fit and sturdy unique construction, Price CONS: A bit recessed...
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    Reply to review by 'NymPHONOmaniac' on item 'Campfire Audio Vega 2020'

    lets call it: ear fidelity for the fancy brand that provides you review sample mate! and infidelity for real headfier or audiophile. (i just translate my LOL here) keep up keeping up bruh!
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    Review by 'NymPHONOmaniac' on item 'Moondrop SSP Super Spaceship Pulse'

    --MOONDROP SSP NO GIMMICK MINI-REVIEW-- THE GOOD: -Organically balanced tonality -Natural timbre, impressive beautifully full vocal -Refreshing slight V to Mid centric tuning -Smooth non-fatiguing -Decent layering -Very impressive design and construction, small and comfy (perfect sleeper)...
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    Review by 'NymPHONOmaniac' on item 'Tin Hifi T2 Plus'

    Overdue Tinhifi T2+ mini-review: TONALITY: 8/10 TECHNICALITIES: 7/10 CONSTRUCTION&DESIGN: 8.5/10 VALUE: 8/10 The plus: balanced, natural tonality-timbre, nice vocal, smooth and inoffensive, safe tuning, rather wide-tall soundstage, mature all arounder, good macro-resolution The So-SO...
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    Review by 'NymPHONOmaniac' on item 'NiceHCK NX7 MK3'

    --NICEHCK NX7mk3 No Gimmick review-- TONALITY:6/10 TECHNICALITIES: 7.5/10 CONSTRUCTION&DESIGN:8.5/10 VALUE: 6.5/10 The good: Nice construction and cable. Might please masochist people. The bad: Everything connected to sound. The ugly: The 120$ price for a masochist experience. Okay....I'm...
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    Review by 'NymPHONOmaniac' on item 'Cat Ear Audio MIA'

    Out of the Blue CAT EAR MIA Mini-review: TONALITY: 7.5/10 TECHNICALITIES: 7/10 CONSTRUCTION&DESIGN: 8.5/10 VALUE: 7.5/10 The Plus: Warm thick immersive sound, balanced yet fun tuning, cohesive tonality-musicality, mostly pleasant mellow mid-bass slam, interesting construction and design...
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    Review by 'NymPHONOmaniac' on item 'NF Audio NM2+'

    -NF AUDIO NM2+ No Gimmick review-- TONALITY: 8/10 TECHNICALITIES:7/10 CONSTRUCTION&DESIGN: 9.5/10 VALUE: 7/10 About me: I'm into chifi discoveries since its early beginning 8 years ago.I don't have single preference in terms of tuning, but wtv bright or warm, it needs to have cohesive tonal...
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    Reply to review by 'NymPHONOmaniac' on item 'HIFIMAN SUNDARA'

    so happy to see all this love forr the Sundara! they deserve it for sure. My favorite Headphones right now. I put them over Ananda to in term of natural tonality. Great on point rreview!
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    Reply to review by 'NymPHONOmaniac' on item 'HZSOUND Heart Mirror'

    @theGuy ABSOLUTELY. The Mirror technicalities are from another league:clarity-attack-control-balance-imaging-transparency etc
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    Reply to review by 'NymPHONOmaniac' on item 'FAAEAL HIBISCUS'

    @Seamie Tx make alot of time i write this and my impressions became more seere with time so I do not suggest it anymore. Just the cable impress me, not the sound. Mids are thin and kinda lifeless...didn't SSR SSP but I highly suggest HZsound Mirror (neutral-crisp) and BQEYZ KC2 (smooth...
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    Reply to review by 'NymPHONOmaniac' on item 'HIFIMAN SUNDARA'

    @RoePerk Your right, Atom isnt showing full potential of Sundara, especially in term of clarity and dynamic. Xduoo TA10 offer 2W@32ohm, but the dynamic isnt very hefty either. I prefer using my old Sansui AU D5, at 1/3 of volume it play ultra loud, have weighty dynamic, thick lush timbre, but...
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    Reply to review by 'NymPHONOmaniac' on item 'FiiO BTR5'

    @Turbulance Ya...i know...why would'nt it?
  23. NymPHONOmaniac

    Reply to review by 'NymPHONOmaniac' on item 'FiiO BTR5'

    oh and Starfield benefit from amping. By the way, try Inversed KZ eartips with those. Youll be blown away.
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    Reply to review by 'NymPHONOmaniac' on item 'FiiO BTR5'

    @MikonJuice I URGE you to do so. BTR5 use dual dac only with balanced output. Its not only near 3 times more powerfull but more dynamic, cleaner and more nuanced-detailed. I would not have give 5 stars if on tested singled ended.