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  1. Koss Rhythm KPH30i

    Koss Rhythm KPH30i

    Retro design Dual-sided hard-wired portable-friendly cable Open-back form factor
  2. bpandbass

    Review by 'bpandbass' on item 'QCY Audio QY25 Plus'

    BACKGROUND Ever since the introduction of the 3.5mm headphone-jack-omitted iPhone 7 in 2016, along with the subsequent release of competing smartphones following suit, the market for affordable bluetooth earphones has grown substantially. I originally dismissed bluetooth earphones and...
  3. QCY Audio QY25 Plus

    QCY Audio QY25 Plus

    Bluetooth 4.1, aptX lossless codec support, 5 hour battery life, neckband design.
  4. bpandbass

    Review by 'bpandbass' on item 'Smartomi MOTTO'

    DISCLAIMER: This is a unit that Smartomi sent to me to review. Design The MOTTO are wireless Bluetooth earphones that have a dongle on the end, attached to two-foot cables that terminate to an inner-ear-outer-ear earbud. The earbud design is somewhat reminiscent to Sony earphones, and has a...
  5. bpandbass

    Review by 'bpandbass' on item 'Smartomi WIT'

    Design The WIT is not a hugely revolutionary design, but is solidly made. The body of the earpieces is a satin plastic finish, and the back decorative plates are made from brushed aluminum. The cable is soft coated, with a plastic remote dongle with satisfyingly tactile large silicon buttons...
  6. bpandbass

    Review by 'bpandbass' on item 'beyerdynamic DT 1990 PRO'

    Introduction To preface this review, I have owned a number of headphones prior to buying the DT1990 Pros. I owned Beyers including the DT990 Pro, the DT880 Pro, and the DT150 Pro. I also owned the Sennheiser HD580 and HD650, and until recently, I was a huge fan of AKGs, having the K702 65th...
  7. bpandbass

    Reply to review by 'bpandbass' on item 'Sony MDR R10'

    @Redcarmoose Well that is reassuring news to hear I didn't deprive the R10s of a decent setup. Another reason why this headphone is so amazing. 
  8. bpandbass

    Review by 'bpandbass' on item 'Sony MDR R10'

    I recently had the honor of fostering a mid-production pair of bass-light Sony MDR-R10s in my home for a few days before sending them to my friend overseas. While I wasn't able to listen to them for an extremely prolonged time, I did have some time to listen to them with my system and with my...
  9. bpandbass

    Reply to review by 'bpandbass' on item 'Sennheiser HD 580'

    Thank you Rosmadi.
  10. bpandbass

    Reply to review by 'bpandbass' on item 'Sennheiser HD 580'

    I say mid-forward relative to the HD650, simply because the HD650 has a boosted upper bass and rolled lower treble. The HD580 sounds remarkably balanced to me. I've owned the AKG K612 and I can say that aside from maybe a since of a little more detail and deeper extending bass, the HD580 trumps...
  11. bpandbass

    Review by 'bpandbass' on item 'Sennheiser HD 580'

    Background After owning the HD650, I found that at times on my system, there was a little too much thickness and darkness. So I wanted to try another Sennheiser that had more forwardness to the treble and mids, and was leaning more toward the neutral side. I also didn't want a bright...
  12. bpandbass

    Review by 'bpandbass' on item 'Schiit Lyr 2'

    Before the Lyr 2 I owned two hybrid headphone amplifiers: the Hifiman EF2A, and the Maverick Audio A1. What both those entry level amplifiers lacked was the power and sonic dynamics to drive my mid-level headphones to their true potential. They were either too aggressive, or too soft and lush...
  13. bpandbass

    Reply to review by 'bpandbass' on item 'AKG K7XX'

    @cs098 The K545 definitely is a good choice for a great sounding portable overall AKG that doesn't require a dedicated system other than a smartphone or decent MP3 player.
  14. bpandbass

    Reply to review by 'bpandbass' on item 'AKG K7XX'

    @Redcarmoose I'd say 300 hours is the amount to get the last 10 percent of burn in, just like any other K7. Yes. Personally I found the K7XX to start sounding right after about 100-150 hours. With little burn in the treble is brittle and sibilant, and the midrange sounds sucked out and highly...
  15. bpandbass

    Reply to review by 'bpandbass' on item 'AKG K7XX'

    @Sonic Defender, This is a great AKG to try. I like it more than the Q701, and to me is right on par with the K612 Pro, which is a little bit cheaper. The Fiio E12 will be fine, but won't really bring that magical dynamic-ness to AKG. Personally I would instead recommend the Schiit Vali for a...
  16. bpandbass

    Review by 'bpandbass' on item 'AKG K7XX'

    To start this review off, I've owned several AKGs, including the Q701 Quincy Jones, the K702 65th Anniversary, K240 MK II, and until a few months ago, the K612 Pro. I was craving another AKG, and before I pulled the trigger on the pumpkin-colored USD 350-400 K712 Pro, the internet bulk buying...
  17. bpandbass

    Reply to review by 'bpandbass' on item 'Sennheiser MOMENTUM'

    Forward/Aggressive are two terms that you could you interchangeably as the opposite for relaxed. 
  18. bpandbass

    Reply to review by 'bpandbass' on item 'Sennheiser HD 650 Headphones'

    Thanks for commenting. I'm actually interested in finding an HD580. I might make a nice vintage complement. I have a friend who has the HD580, silver driver HD650 and HD650, and he mentioned the HD580 not only having thicker, deeper ear pads, but also having less clamping force. Personally I'm...
  19. bpandbass

    Reply to review by 'bpandbass' on item 'beyerdynamic Tesla T1'

    It's not the headphones that sound bad, it's your system that's at fault. You are not fairly reviewing these headphones because your system to power them is woefully insufficient. The O2 flat out doesn't have enough power or current for a 600 ohm headphone and your DAC is bad quality for the T1...
  20. bpandbass

    Review by 'bpandbass' on item 'Sennheiser MOMENTUM'

    I will get my bias out of the way first: I really enjoy the sound of many Sennheisers, and in my opinion the Momentum Full Size is the best sounding portable I have tried, and the best all-round sounding consumer-targeted portable headphone on the market.    Appearance-wise the Momentum is, as...
  21. bpandbass

    Reply to review by 'bpandbass' on item 'Philips Fidelio X1'

    Excellent review. Thank you so much for elaborating on the ear cup space. I owned both the K702 Annies and Q701s, and the drivers on the Annies DID touch my left ear and cause some irritation, but not the case with the Q701s. The angled drivers make all the difference. Something I wish the Senn...
  22. bpandbass

    Review by 'bpandbass' on item 'AKG K612 PRO Reference Studio Headphones'

    I have owned several other AKGs, including the K240s, the K702 65th Anniversaries, the and Q701 Quincy Jones Signatures (basically the same thing as an updated K701/702). The K612s sound-wise lie somewhere between the K240s and the K7-series, while having a unique sound signature of their own. ...
  23. bpandbass

    Review by 'bpandbass' on item 'Sennheiser PX 100-II Supra-Aural Mini Headphones - Black'

    There's not a whole lot I can say about these. I think they are an excellent compact headphone to have in a bag on the go, they are affordable, sound good with everything, and are a definite step up from the crummy earphones that come with most cell phones and iPods.
  24. bpandbass

    Reply to review by 'bpandbass' on item 'beyerdynamic DT 990 Pro Headphones'

    Ah I see. I recommend the A1. Of course it isn't something like the Woo Audio WA3, 6 or 7 Fireflies, but it is a very good amp for the money, and the Maverick Audio D1 or D2 should be a good match with it.
  25. bpandbass

    Reply to review by 'bpandbass' on item 'beyerdynamic DT 990 Pro Headphones'

    I have not, but the A1 is definitely worth it.