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  1. tjumper78

    Help me find a "mini din-9" to "three 1/8" sockets" connector cable

    trying to connect my laptop to creative 5.1 channel speaker system.  like most laptops, mine does not have the 3 (front, rear, center) 1/8" output jacks, so i will be using a trutlebeach srm which has the usb input and a 5.1 channel 9 pin output jack. the cable i need looks something like this...
  2. tjumper78

    Ray Samuel's Intruder with "ENHANCED DAC" ??

    the fedex guy just delivered my intruder, and it is charging at the moment.     one interesting to note (it may have been mentioned or discussed in the past but i havent seen it): there was a sticky note on my intruder.    i emailed ray and asked exactly what was enhanced but have not...
  3. tjumper78

    FS: Predator DAC/Amp (Blue) *NEW - Received from RS on 10/24* North NJ pick-up welcome

    selling a brand new blue predator dac/amp which i received directly from ray samuels on 10/24/2013.  i was going to get back into the world of head-fi but there is a new golf club that i just discovered.  therefore, this amp's gotta go.  cant have both at the moment  =(   it was connected to...
  4. tjumper78

    FS: Headamp Pico (no DAC) in silver

    **SOLD**     i previously made a thread "for trade" thread but i making a new thread since i can not revise the thread title until they fix it.   silver pico amp only, serial number 906. received from headamp on 3/20. it's the latest pico which has a new excellent battery life of 30~...
  5. tjumper78

    FT: Headamp Pico (silver) for your RS Tomahawk + cash

    **SOLD**   amp only version. no DAC. received from headamp on 3/20. it's the latest pico which has a new excellent battery life of 30~ hours instead of the earlier versions with 20~ hours. has about 80 hours of usage on it, and it has not left my room since it got here. everything works...
  6. tjumper78

    MTPC users: What amp are you using with your MTPC?

    just curious about what the other members are using to drive their MTPC. i am using pico with my IEMs right now.  while the MTPC sound very good straight out of DAPs, they sound even more amazing when given some current by a good amp, and i really want to try a different amp before i finish...
  7. tjumper78

    IC(FS/FT): Headamp Pico- silver, amp only, longer battery time

    **WITHDRAWN FOR NOW** an interest check on a silver pico (amp only version) which i received from headamp on 3/20.  it's the latest pico which has an execllent battery life of 30 hours or so instead of the earlier versions with 20 hours. this pico has about 75 hours of usage on it, and it...
  8. tjumper78

    Recommend please: Folk-Rock (ex. Train)

    not sure exactly what i am asking here. by a friend's recommendation, i bought "train - save me, san francisco" yesterday, and enjoying it a lot. i know i'll be getting train's earlier albums soon for sure. i was looking around and the genre of this album was "folk rock". can anyone...
  9. tjumper78

    WTT: My P-to-S adapter cable for your plug kind

    **FOUND** i just received it from head-direct today. | YUIN i am looking for a p-to-s adapter in a plug like this one. i just realized that i will prefer the plug kind for my setup. this adapter cable cost me $25 plus shipping. i would like to trade this straight...
  10. tjumper78

    what's your experience with the postal service in italy?

    i sent a package to another member in italy on 3/6, and it still has not arrived. i googled something like "shipment to italy" and i found out that the shipments to italy usually took forever. i tried typing in the customs form number on usps' website but it does not give much details other...
  11. tjumper78

    Am I hearing ER4-P right?

    After going through tons of headphones, I switched to IEM's, and now I have ER4-P and Altec Lansing im716 (no mods). Right now, I do not have an amp, and I refuse to listen to im716 if not properly amped. Therefore, I have not been able to compare my new ER4-P with amp'ed im716 side-by-side...
  12. tjumper78

    WTB: P-to-S adapter for Etymotic ER4P

    looking for both the 1/8" plug kind and the cable kind. if you have one that you're not using, shoot me a PM with the price. thanks.
  13. tjumper78

    SOLD: Sansa Clip 2GB

    **SOLD** have two of these. I barely use either one so selling one. The system info shows "V01.01.32A". The overall condition is excellent, and it works perfectly. The sound quality is very very very good. So much better than most other MP3 players that I've tried in the past...
  14. tjumper78

    FS: Two 1/4"(female)-1/8"(male) IC's. Grado & DIY

    these are just sitting on my desk doing nothing since my current headphones dont need an adapter. **SOLD** Grado adapter. i dont know if there are any different sizes but this one is 10 inches long. asking $15 including shipping (U.S) and paypal fees. i know the price is similar to the...
  15. tjumper78

    WTB: Very short mini-mini IC w/ right-angle plugs. (Any IC builders?)

    looking for a short mini-mini interconnect with right-angled plugs. i can certainly build one myself but i dont have the time to order parts and build it nowadays, aka too lazy. basically, something like this. it's an IC that i built, then sold to another member a while ago. i've been...
  16. tjumper78


    sold a pair of sennheiser hd600 to vekkt0r. the communication was excellent and he paid promptly. a great transaction overall. highly recommended!!
  17. tjumper78

    FS: Sennheiser HD600

    **SOLD** excellent condition. no chippings/scratches at all. clean pads. comes with the original box and the 1/4" adapter. pictures can be posted if requested . asking $206 (exactly how much i spent on it) shipped within the U.S. feedbacks in the signature below. thanks for reading.
  18. tjumper78

    FS: iBasso P2 with two extra opamps

    **SOLD** FS: iBasso P2 in good condition. pic 1 pic 2 pic 3 pic 4 As far as I know, I am the second owner. There are a few scratches on the back panel (it is shown on the second picture above) which were there when I received this amp. The amp works perfectly, and all the lights...
  19. tjumper78

    WTB: Etymotic "small-sized" triple-flange tips

    **NO LONGER LOOKING** currently using im176 with the normal sized tri-flange tips. i would like to try the small-sized ones. if you have a pair or two that you dont use, send me a PM with the price. thank you.
  20. tjumper78

    Need headphones with similar SQ to im716

    with the christmas bonus coming in soon, i am planning on purchasing a pair of headphones. i am currently using altec lansing im716 and i really love the sound signature of it. bright sound, sparkling highs, good details, and lean/tight bass. please suggest some headphones that have the sound...
  21. tjumper78

    FT: Headstage Lyrix Total Pro USB for another amp

    **TRADE COMPLETE** I have a Headstage Lyrix Total Pro USB DAC/AMP. It drives my im716 extremely well. I do not know how well it drives fill-sized headphones. It has a good USB DAC. Also has a bass boost, Crossfeed, and Gain control (high & low). The bass-boost is really out of ordinary imo...
  22. tjumper78

    FS / WTT: Cowon D2 4GB for Sansa Fuze + Cash

    I have a Cowon D2 4GB (not D2+) for sale. I can also trade it for Sansa Fuze 4GB or 8GB plus some cash. It will come with a USB cable, a wall-charger, and an arm-band which can be useful to some people. I may or may not have the original box (have to check). The unit is in good condition, and...
  23. tjumper78


    notmuchcash bought an ipod lod from me. good communications and prompt payment. was very understanding even tho i sent out the item a little late. high recommended head-fi'er!
  24. tjumper78

    FS: iPod LOD

    SOLD built with neutrik plug, silver-plated copper wires, silver solder, multifilament nylon sleeving. i built it for my own use but i am getting rid of my ipod, and i wont have any use for it anymore. the picture above is not the picture of the LOD i am selling. it looks almost the...