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  1. danik97

    Burson Conductor 160D USB

    I am selling my Burson Conductor 160D. Bought it about 3 years ago, used not too much. There are some sctratches on the bottom, seems it from metallic body of Bel Canto uLink. I am located in Russia, Samara. Have a several successful sales here and much more on russian audio forums.   Glad to...
  2. danik97

    WTB iBasso DX100

    Want to buy a DX100 in good condition shipped to Russia, Samara via express shipping service.   Best regards,   Daniil
  3. danik97

    Audio-Technica ATH-W3000ANV

    I purchased this headphones at winter, but used it gently not much. Because my HD800 is main headphones.  Hedphones in excellent condition.   Due in my country we can't accept a Paypal payment, I can accept only Western Union, Contact and QIWI Wallet. I understand that it is a definite...
  4. danik97

    (SOLD) Top Meier Audio's CORDA CLASSIC Amp

    I bought this amp in July and used it until present days. Today I received a Beta22+Sigma amp and can sell the Corda Classic. I really like this amp for the price. It is very good synergy with all headphones including HD800 and LCD-2. Amp in excellent condition.   Look Corda Classic's...
  5. danik97


    I changed my mind to sell them. 
  6. danik97

    WTB Q Audio cable for HD800

    Good day. I'm looking for this cable. Or...maybe another quality copper aftermarket cable for HD800.     Regards,   Daniil
  7. danik97

    Best Sounding DAC for HD800

    Good day. I'm serching for a new DAC to replace my Schiit Bifrost.   I can spend for new gear 1500-1700$. A character of sounding wants a slightly warm without shiny highs. But also detailed with good dynamics.     What can you me advice? 
  8. danik97

    WTB: HD800 OCC Copper Single Ended Cable

    I'm interesting for OCC Copper cable HD800. Black Dragon v.2, Zeus or maybe another variants. PM me.   Best Regards,   Daniil