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  1. 8xOverMsOctober

    WTB: Ety Triple-Flange, Small Olives

    I'm looking for a pair of Etymotic triple-flange sleeves (regular sized) and a pair of small Olives.   If you have an unused pair laying around that you don't need, PM me and let me know how much you'd like for them (with shipping and fees included).   thanks, Dan     Edit: updated
  2. 8xOverMsOctober

    FT: Shure SRH440 for ES7 / K518 / PFE / Icon Mobile / T4 / T3

    Edit: Withdrawn because a woman that I work with liked them so much when she auditioned them that she bought them from me.   I got these about 20 days ago and have only used them 7 or 8 times for a total of about 25 hours. I prefer my M50's to them, and I'd like to get something more...
  3. 8xOverMsOctober

    All Traded: Sony Hybrid Sleeves - S, L for M

    Edit: All Traded *The SS sleeves have gone to my wife, so those are not available for trade.
  4. 8xOverMsOctober

    FS: ZAGG Z.buds - NEW

    These are a pair of brand new, unopened ZAGG Z.buds for sale. I had to send my old ones back to ZAGG for a warranty replacement and they sent me back a brand new pair. These are the new style all black Z.buds, with mic and volume control. Their sound signature is just too dark for my taste...
  5. 8xOverMsOctober

    The Super Duper Fiio P3 Giveaway - Finished

    Well, here's the deal... I had ordered a pair of SoundMagic P10 Portable Headphones from MP4 Nation and they accidentally sent me a Fiio P3 instead. What is a Fiio P3 you ask? Well... Quote: The P3 is a combination of external battery pack, wall charger and a charging unit for...