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  1. mcbiff

    SOLD: IEM collection (Ortofon, Sennheiser etc)

    Pictures vanished for some reason .
  2. mcbiff

    SOLD: IEM collection (Ortofon, Sennheiser etc)

    I used to be active here back in the day but I've sort of fallen out of the hobby as grown-up responsibilities have taken over. So I'm looking to sell some of the stuff I found in a box. Namely the following: Ortofon e-Q5 (black) Sennheiser IE8 (black) Denon AH-C700 (black) JVC HA-FX700 (Wood...
  3. mcbiff

    Metal/Progressive Rock/Alternative Rock/Post Rock IEM

    I will state that from the IEMs I own/have owned I generally prefer dynamic drivers to balanced armatures for metal. Make sure you know what you're getting into before spending lots on the Westones or UEs.
  4. mcbiff

    Metal/Progressive Rock/Alternative Rock/Post Rock IEM

    I actually just sold my 4.Ais because I thought they weren't good with metal. Then again I don't listen to exactly the same stuff you do. I'm more into thrash/speed and older heavy metal, so that's something to keep in mind. To me the Heirs got kind of stressed with fast music and really did...
  5. mcbiff

    [REVIEW] Sony MH1 – The Best Kept Secret

    I got my pair yesterday and to me these are the real deal. IMO they make a great showing next to my other IEMs like the FX700s, Heir 4.Ais et. al. Not saying they're "better" or "worse" than those 'phones, just saying I can enjoy the MH1Cs on the same level. Also, they are really comfortable in...
  6. mcbiff

    IEM trading station: Heir 4.Ai (Europe!)

    Ok, the time has come to check out some new stuff. So I'm putting up two of my IEMs for trade.   -----   First we have the awesome Heir 4.Ais. They are really, really, really good. Unfortunately they don't really show their best with the type of music I listen to 80% of the time (i.e...
  7. mcbiff

    Review: Modded iPod Classic 7G with 240GB HDD from eBay

    I can't find one of these on eBay. Could someone please post a link to a seller? Thanks!
  8. mcbiff

    FS: Westone 3 - Toronto

    Still only looking for local deals? Otherwise I'd possibly be interested...
  9. mcbiff


    I can only agree with the above. Got a pair of Shure SE530s sent to Sweden quickly and at a great price. Couldn't be happier with the deal!
  10. mcbiff

    Benchmark DAC1 now available with USB

    Quote: Originally Posted by infinitesymphony As you have hinted, the real reason for variable output is to use the DAC1 as a preamplifier to feed a power amplifier (either in active monitors or a standalone amp). Calibrated mode essentially turns the DAC1 into a normal source, with an...
  11. mcbiff

    Mhdt DAC as upgrade for modded E-MU 0404?

    For the last two years my source has been a modded E-MU 0404 (with an AD8620 op-amp and something else too, I don't remember) as my source for music listening. It's fine, but I've been thinking of an upgrade lately. Reading around here pointed me in the direction of the Mhdt DACs in general and...
  12. mcbiff

    Just purchased Entech Number Cuncher 203.2..

    Maybe I'll pick one up and get a step-down then. At that price I can't really lose. Anyone know how it would compare to a modded E-mu 0404?
  13. mcbiff

    Just purchased Entech Number Cuncher 203.2..

    What kind of PSU does the Number Cruncher come with? Would it be possible for me as a european to use it with 220V in some way?
  14. mcbiff


    After two deals with Zemo I figure it's time to leave some feedback. I've bought a Pimeta amp and a modded E-Mu 0404, and both deals have been excellent in every respect. He's friendly and prompt and always answers my questions, no matter how stupid they are. Plus he doesn't mind shipping stuff...
  15. mcbiff

    Why aren't more Pink Floyd albums available on SACD/DVD-A?

    Why have they just released DSOTM? I'd love to hear Animals or Wish You Were Here on hi-rez. Anything in the works perhaps?
  16. mcbiff

    Marantz DV6400?

    Any other recommendations for semi-cheap universal players that would be a step up from my current equipment? Yamaha S1500? H/K DVD31?
  17. mcbiff

    Marantz DV6400?

    I have a chance to get this player at a great price as an upgrade from my Sony SCD222ES. Is it worth it? Does it sound better on redbook?
  18. mcbiff

    I think my Iriver 590t has ruined two pairs of earphones

    The part about holding them just right is strange, if I spin the cord between my fingers back and forth the sound will cut out and then come back as the cable spins. It's as if there's some loose connection, but there really can't be one seeing as the cables are never pulled or handled without...
  19. mcbiff

    I think my Iriver 590t has ruined two pairs of earphones

    That does sound like a reasonable explanation. How often does such a thing happen though? The drivers can't be totally broken either, 'cause if I find just the right position for the cord and hold it absolutely still they sound as usual (both pairs).
  20. mcbiff

    I think my Iriver 590t has ruined two pairs of earphones

    I would've believed bad luck if I hadn't had the same exact problem with the Etys as with the Shures. That just doesn't happen.
  21. mcbiff

    I think my Iriver 590t has ruined two pairs of earphones

    I've had this player since early summer and used it quite a bit. Then a while ago the Shure E2s I had bought started cutting out on the right channel when the cable was moved around/twisted, I thought I just had bad luck with the Shures and switched over to my Etymotic ER4Ps instead. Then today...
  22. mcbiff

    I need a new soundcard: Terratec EWX 24/96?

    Where can you get the EWX for €80? That sounds very interesting. Here in Sweden it costs more than €200.
  23. mcbiff

    WOW!, the RME Digi 96/8 PAD is great!

    I think I might have to get one of these as well. Does anyone know a place that ships overseas? Even with slightly higher shipping costs it should be cheaper than buying the thing here in Sweden. EDIT: On an unrelated note, can any of the cards mentioned in this thread be used for DVD-Audio...
  24. mcbiff

    FS: Sony SCD-C222ES 5-CD/SACD changer

    I don't suppose you would consider shipping it overseas?
  25. mcbiff

    Win an X-Feed!!!

    6, 11, 14, 16, 23, 28