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  1. FinnishPower

    Citypulse DA7.2x

    This is a DAC/Headphone amplifier combo with remote control. Can take inputs up to 192khz/24bit. Item is in excellent condition and in full working order. Has the following inputs/outputs   Inputs: Coaxial Optical RCA Auxilary   Outputs RCA Variable Output RCA Fixed Output...
  2. FinnishPower

    Talisman T3-H

    This is an dual-mono class-a headphone amplifier. Item is in excellent condition and in full working order.       Pickup prefered from Brisbane Southside. Can be posted at buyers expense.   Cash on Pickup. Bank deposit for posted, paypal not accepted.   Not interested in Trades
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  4. FinnishPower

    Chaintech AV-710 Issue

    I currently have my setup the same as in this thread for XP 32bit But my problem is that i cannot play anything above 48khz, I am currently using ASIO4ALL and winamp. I am currently using the toslink out from the soundcard to my DAC...
  5. FinnishPower


    Hi My current setup goes like this PC --> Zhaolu D3 --> Meier Audio: Corda Arietta --> Beyer DT770/80 I currently love my Beyers but I want to upgrade to something better. I have currently been looking at the AKG 701 and have had a chance to listen to an non-burned in pair of them and...
  6. FinnishPower

    Car Damping Sheets

    I came across this article and found it rather interesting, Magic stuff: damping sheets Has anybody out there in the world of head-fi tried this?
  7. FinnishPower

    What genre of music is this?

    hey i really love this type of music but i have no idea what genre it is, if any of you out there are into this could you also tell me some good artists thanks in advance
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    Quick Question

    hi, first of all i am new and i would just like to say this is a great forum. Is it possible to use a NAD 310 amp as a headphone amp when listening to music through my computer which has an onboard soundcard. If it is possible are there any cables that will be required. The reason is ask...