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  1. jjmai

    Any new headphones out of CES 2014?

    Just wondering if anyone has seen/heard anything good from CES this year.
  2. jjmai

    new tech turns iem into heart rate monitor   i wonder if it works withbalanced armature as well.
  3. jjmai

    Does storing IEM in positive pressure (tupperware) damage driver?

    I am just wondering if storing IEMs in Tupperware or waterproof box with positive pressure damage or deform the driver diaphragm in the long run? I always imagine some IEMs make driver flex sound as they are placed in air-tight containers...
  4. jjmai

    Are there any Wi-Fi headphones that can stream lossless and wireless?

    I am wondering if there are any wireless headphones that uses WiFi (instead of RF, bluetooth, IR, or proprietary technologies like Kleer or apt-X), so that it can stream losslessly from a local PC server via wifi router. The only thing close I found was Koss's Striva that streams via wifi from...
  5. jjmai

    FS/Interest Check TDK ST700 High Fidelity Stereo Headphones

    TDK ST-700 My head is too big for them - clamps too hard. $75 (paypal gift) shipped within continental United States.  Local pickup also possible. It's on ebay right now, but feel free to contact me about it, since the listing is about to expire a few days anyway...
  6. jjmai

    Sony noise canceling balanced armature XBA-NC85D?

    Has anyone tried these IEMs? Are they the most expensive Sony IEMs ever?
  7. jjmai

    Meelec got a new logo

    MEElectronics got a new logo. Pretty sweet, in my opinion.
  8. jjmai

    Japan is the headphone paradise, and here's the proof

    I got a chance to visit Japan and checked out some electronics shops.  Almost every model (other than the really expensive ones) has display model for you to demo.  Here are some pictures from a Bic Camera store (famous big chain):       At this Yodobashi store...
  9. jjmai

    What was your "gateway drug" IEM?

    There's a saying here at head-fi: "welcome to head-fi, sorry for your wallet." Buying headphones is such an addiction for many of us.  We just keep craving to try the newer and better thing. So what was the IEM that got you hooked, like a gateway drug that led you to harder stuffs?  It isn't...
  10. jjmai

    Headphone stores around Osaka, Japan?

    Can anyone recommend some decent headphone stores at Osaka Japan, where you can demo equipments?  Anything around Nipponbashi/Den Den Town? Thanks
  11. jjmai

    what active noise-cancelling IEMs are available nowadays?

    I am considering upgrading my active noise-canceling sony MDR-NC22. I'd like to know if people have experiences with these relatively newer IEMs from around 2010~2011:   Audio-Technica ATH-ANC23 Audio-Technica ATH-CKS90NC Sony MDR-NC33 Phiaton PS 20 NC Pioneer SE-NC31C-K Creative...
  12. jjmai

    security warning?

    When I use Android's mobile browser to view the site, I get a "Security Warning" message when the right-hand ads are loading. It says the security certificate is not from a trusted authority, and is issued to
  13. jjmai

    Good audio switch for under $20?

    I am looking for a audio switch box that allows me to switch between different headphones or powered speakers easily. Input form PC sound card, 3 or more outputs (one enabled at a time).  Either 1/4" or 3.5mm TRS connection. Would like something that doesn't affect the sound and with low...
  14. jjmai

    How does a ~$50 tube amp sound?

    I am considering getting a really cheap tube amp just to see how it sounds. I see some going for around $50 on eBay. Are they worth it?
  15. jjmai

    [deal dead] Sennheiser HD555 $68.88 at amazon

    Senn HD555   deal already dead, around 4pm PST
  16. jjmai

    Monster SuperTips size comparisons (pictures)

    Here are some size comparisons of the Monster SuperTips.   First is the packaging of the sampler pack. It comes with 5 pairs of Gel SuperTips (top) and 5 pairs of Foam SuperTips (bottom), ranging in sizes XS, S, S/M, M, and L. Two exposed materials are also available on the far right so...
  17. jjmai

    WTB: 10vi cable only

    Anyone wants to sell the 10vi replacement cable (the one with mic and remote for iphone)? I know UE has it here But I just want to know if I can find it cheaper. Thanks
  18. jjmai

    What does MDR stand for in Sony headphones?

    Most, if not all, Sony headphones have product names that start with MDR. But what exactly does this acronym stand for?
  19. jjmai

    Cannot copy text in editable field in Firefox

    I cannot use mouse to copy highlighted texts in the editable field (Reply box, Signature edit, etc) in Firefox. I get this message "Your browser security settings don't permit the editor to automatically execute copying operations. Please use the keyboard for that (Ctrl/Cmd+C)." Have not...
  20. jjmai

    Typing is slow?

    Anyone noticing that the characters sometimes show up a little slow as you type (such as in Reply field)? It almost feel like there's spyware or slow Flash or something..... Weird
  21. jjmai

    U-shaped response is good for people with bad hearing?

    Recently I just realized that my hearing is much worse than I expected after doing one of the hearing tests that someone linked at head-fi. I can barely hear 14kHz. Then it got me thinking. Would a headphone with U-shaped frequency response (bumping up both the low and high ends) be actually...
  22. jjmai

    least IEM-sounding full-size headphones?

    What are some of the least-IEM-sounding full-size headphones below $100? In other words, what headphones make characteristics that IEMs cannot achieve really stand out?
  23. jjmai

    Is amping the same as changing volume & EQ?

    I am a newbie with regard to amps, so don't flame me. I don't quite understand the purpose of amp if the source can already output a good audible range. If I just change the volume and EQ on the source player, wouldn't that achieve the same purpose of an amp? Why do I often hear people say...
  24. jjmai

    [deal alert] Etymotic ER6i $50 at amazon goldbox

    Etymotic Research ER6i $50 at amazon goldbox for a limited time Gold Box: New Deals. Every Day.
  25. jjmai

    Supertips (from Turbine Pro)?

    Can someone who's used Monster Turbine Pro tell me what exactly makes its new "Supertips" different from the traditional tips? How does it compare (comfort and sound-wise) with the non-pro turbine's tips, Comply, Sony hybrid, Shure Olive, etc? Thanks