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  1. Raskolnnikov

    [FS/FT] Focal Clear [Price Dropped] SOLD...

    Up! ...price dropped to €890
  2. Raskolnnikov

    Perfect Condition HE-400's Latest Rev + J$ Pads + Fiio E17 ---> SOLD!!

    Hello All,   For sale my beloved HE-400 latest rev. (transparent-ish drivers). They are in absolute mint condition and have been really taken care of. I bought them around 3 months ago from Drew @ Moon-Audio. They probably have around 150 hours on them. I'll include a set of mint Velours and...
  3. Raskolnnikov

    **Hifiman HE-400 Impressions and Discussion Thread**

    Well, finally got my HE-400 from Moon Audio (gladly recommended!) and have been listening to them with the velour pads.    I just gotta say I'm really impressed with these cans, coming from Sennheisers IE8 the first thing I noticed was how clear and natural the mids sounded. I've been...
  4. Raskolnnikov

    Cowon J3 32GB + Micro SD 8GB >> SOLD!!!

    I totally get you, but I'm new here and it is very difficult to show credibility since I have little feedback.   I'll only ship first if the member has very good credentials and wishes so. Otherwise I'll stick to the usual Paypal first :)
  5. Raskolnnikov

    Cowon J3 32GB + Micro SD 8GB >> SOLD!!!

    Hi all,   I'm selling my 2 year old Cowon J3. It has reasonable tear and wear from daily usage but still sounds like the first day. I'd give it 7/10 cosmetically and 10/10 sound wise.   Reason for selling is that I recently sold my IE8's so there's no need for a portable player anymore...
  6. Raskolnnikov

    Open Announcement on the HiFiMAN HE-400

    Hi All,   I placed my order from Moon-Audio over the weekend and they said they'll be shipping as soon as they receive their order directly from HiFiman. Do you think that this guarantees that it'll be one of the latest/corrected versions?   Cheers!
  7. Raskolnnikov

    **Hifiman HE-400 Impressions and Discussion Thread**

    Hi All,   I've been lurking around head-fi for quite some time, nevertheless I think this is my first post. I just pulled the plug on a pair of HE400 and was wondering a couple things:   1) Has anyone ever tried a Centrance Dacport (the amp version) with them? Would the SQ be comparable...
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