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  1. KentoArsenal

    Best Noise Cancelling Headphones for Travel

    Hi guys! I am looking to purchase a set of NC headphones and I have narrowed my choices down to:   - Bose QC25 - Beats Studio Wireless 2.0 - Sony H.ear On NC   I also looked at the Sennheiser Momentum Wireless and Zik headphones but they are kinda too pricey for me. The best is to have...
  2. KentoArsenal

    PLEASE HELP ME DECIDE. Westone 4R, CK100Pro or others...

    I've been spending some time researching on my next IEM to buy and can't come to a decision. I am currently using the IE80 (with tape mod) and feel that it is somewhat lacking in details and the highs kinda too laid back. l have a finite budget as I am still a student of about $500. I was also...
  3. KentoArsenal

    Klipsch X10, CK90 Pro MKII, TDK BA 200, TF 10, XBA 4. Which is the best?

    I'm thinking of getting a new IEM and need advice on which to get. I currently own the ER4P but do not like due to the lack of bass. And no, I'm not thinking of getting an amp for the etymotics as carrying an amp would be a hassle. Currently, I'm leaning towards the CK90 Pros or the XBA 4s. 
  4. KentoArsenal

    Amp for Etymotic ER4P

    Hi guys! I am new here! I am thinking of getting an amp for my er4p. I can't decide on either getting cmoybb from jds labs or pa2v2 from Gary. I've done some research and founded out that pa2v2 is cheaper and better (?) than cmoybb. I'm still a stundent and my budget is around US$100. Do I have...