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  1. soundaddicted

    Small DAC for Little Dot MKIII and Senheiser HD-580's???

    I had a lite-audio DAC once that fitted the bill.  But for $200 or less, I would consider a higher end sound card.
  2. soundaddicted

    Music Game IX

    Quote: "Sailing" - Christopher Cross  
  3. soundaddicted

    What should be my next pair of headphone?

    If you plan to buy the E9, it would make a decent source for the Denon D2000's. 
  4. soundaddicted

    Headphones for I pod classic 160gb

    Have you checked the ATH-ES7's?
  5. soundaddicted

    What are your best sources for discovering new music?

    Forums (suggestion threads like this ) Youtube related videos (songs), and internet radios. 
  6. soundaddicted

    I need some advice from the community...

    Quote: Beats!! lol Just kidding.    The Beyers seems like a nice option. 
  7. soundaddicted

    I've got a $1000 to blow. Tell me what to buy.

    Quote:   X2 if you were on australia, you'll have the chance to get a 30 days trial.    It does have synergy with Akg's. 
  8. soundaddicted

    Beats or any other suggestions for 200-300 USD?

    Quote: Too late..he already started a new thread.    I second the Ultrasone suggestion. HFI-580's.   Welcome to head-fi btw 
  9. soundaddicted

    Top of the line hip-hop headphone

    Quote: lol what about the XB1000's? 
  10. soundaddicted

    First Time Buying A Pair of Good Headphones

    Try the Shure SRH440's. 
  11. soundaddicted

    Why is the ATH-M50 headphones price go up?

    I remember buying my headphones for $150, and next week they were $120 on amazon. Just be patient. 
  12. soundaddicted

    Ever get the feeling you were born in the wrong era/country?

    I wish to be on finland or sweden, on the 75's. 
  13. soundaddicted

    Music Game IX

    Quote: "Higher high" - Epica  
  14. soundaddicted

    RIP, Sidney Harman - another audio giant passes on

    Thanks for all the years of music and contributions to the audio world. RIP Mr Harman. 
  15. soundaddicted

    Someone hit the wrong button?

    And i thought i was crazy. 
  16. soundaddicted

    Headphone + Earbud recommendations

    Welcome to head-fi, sorry about your wallet.    If you need details and good bass, take a look at the Ultrasone HFI-580's.  (in not an iem user, i cant comment on them)
  17. soundaddicted

    Most Transparent SS <$1000

    I would consider the Burson HA-160 as a detailed and neutral amp. 
  18. soundaddicted

    First timer.. needing help with suggestions

    Quote: Unless he buy the 32 ohm versions which work fine unamped. 
  19. soundaddicted

    Creative Aurvana Live!

    Quote: Never used them for a long time, only a couple or 3 hours. But they are comfy. 
  20. soundaddicted

    Retro Headphones?

    I have used my friend Pioneer SE-305's..they sound good to my ears. 
  21. soundaddicted

    Dac recommendation for Burson HA-160

    Quote: I the most practical way. To have all in one box solution.    There are threads on similar topics, and the HA160 pairs well with everything.   
  22. soundaddicted

    Music Game IX

    Quote: "Death letter" - White Stripes
  23. soundaddicted

    MSII+, Burson HA-160 + HD 800 = good combination?

    Quote:   The 160D is around $1200.    Now, i remember a review a head-fi'er wrote using the HA160+HD800's. You can read it here.   
  24. soundaddicted

    Travel Headphones

    If you want foldable hp's..the M50's. 
  25. soundaddicted

    Can I trust Amazon on my purchase of the AKG 240S?

    If they are using the cheaper Usps service, it must be patient.