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  1. XxTearGodxX

    Long night at Best Buy (Stuck in store over an hour)

    I went to buy a pair of Beats Solo 2 headphones. The cashier rang me up I asked to price match Amazon, since they had them for $179   So he tells me sure no problem, I just need to show your phone to my boss so he can see the price. Okay so he takes my phone and comes back, telling me hey...
  2. XxTearGodxX

    Shopping for new headphones need some advice

    I finally decided I'm going to pick up a pair of good headphones. I want something that sounds great yet looks stylish. My budget is $50-$60. I want over the head headphones NOT EARBUDS! I can not buy online only in store, some stores I have access to are ( best buy, j&r, kmart, radio shack...
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