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  1. CrakkerJakk

    Closed & Open Complimenting Headphones

    I want a pair of amazing closed headphones for when i travel on a plane or want isolation while gaming. I also want a pair of open headphones for those warmer days and when my house is actually quiet while I am playing Battlefield on my desktop. So I have ordered both the Audiotechnica M50s and...
  2. CrakkerJakk

    Gaming Headphone Search: Stereo vs Virtual/True Surround sound

    I want to get a headphone for playing Battlefield 3 on my pc desktop. I want to be able to pinpoint an enemies location. I don't know if i should buy a really good stereo headphone or go the surround sound headset route. Price range $200, good isolation, big soundstage, excellent comfort for...
  3. CrakkerJakk

    Should I buy Beats Solo HD

    I want to buy the Beats Solo HD because they are comfortable, isolate well, easy to transport, have a mic, and they look good. The reasons I do not want to buy them are the price ($199) and the sound quality. I do not mind spending $200 on a headphone but I would like to know that my money is...
  4. CrakkerJakk

    Reccomendations for most comfortable on ear headphones?

    I am looking to the most comfortable on-ear headphone with great noise isolation I want to be completely shutoff from the world when I put my headphones on. I currently own the Brainwavz HM5. But now I want a smaller on ear headphone.. My price range is under $200 and there primary use will be...
  5. CrakkerJakk

    Gaming Headphone Search

    Hello this is my first time posting here on Head-Fi. I have been reading threads on here for weeks now and I finally decided to just join since I'm here so often anyways. I need some advice from you guys out there. I am searching for my fist pair of audiophile level headphones. Previously I have...