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  1. miloxo

    Unamped HD650: Bass?

    Hello Headfi,   Im currently running my HD650 unamped, straight out my DAC (musiland SVDAC06). I have read that the HD650s needs some serious desktop equipment to shine (im planning on a Lafigaro 339, or even balanced with LD MKVI), but I still love the whole thing even unamped. But one...
  2. miloxo

    Opinions on my Future rig?

    Hello Headfi. You should be sorry for my wallet!   'bout a year ago I asked for some portable headhones, ended up with -look in my sig-   Now I'm looking to make a significant upgrade in the next few months (I always loled when I just started headfiíng at: We are sorry for your wallet...
  3. miloxo

    Cheap short 3.5mm male to male...

    How hard can it be to find one?.. I broke the short (6"?) male to male cable that came with the Fiio E5, and I thought it was simple to find a new just as short new one.. I was wrong All I need is a cheap as possible ~6" male to male cable.. I live in the Netherlands and shops like...
  4. miloxo

    Do Headphones sounds different on mounains?

    Just a random thought. On top of high mountains the air is thinner. Headphones (or speakers) has to move less air, wich means faster/easier movements of the drivers. Does that means a different sound? Sorry if this a stupid thought
  5. miloxo

    Foobar does not work with

    Hello, I have a problem with and foobar. It does not 'save' and send the music ive played to the site. I works perfectly fine with WMP.. I tried to use the scrobler plugin, but i just cannot get it to work. Someone knows a solution? Thnx in advance
  6. miloxo

    Looking for music similar to..

    Hello, Ive just found an amazing track on youtube, and i was wondering what artists makes music like this? And how you call music like this . YouTube - Dreaming thnx in advance
  7. miloxo

    Looking for a DAC/soundcard for AD700

    hello, After reading a lot of threads on this forum, i still could not decide on what USB DAC or soundcard i want to buy for my AD700 (using a crappy $8 dollar soundcard now) my budget is around 80~100 dollar (depends a bit on the shipping costs) I was thinking about the 'bitperfect DAC'...
  8. miloxo

    ps2 ->dac-> headphone, possible?

    Is it possible to use a ps2 with a DAC? Insert a music CD, and let is play via the usb poort to a DAC and then to my headphones? Sorry if this is a silly question
  9. miloxo

    SR60 questions.

    Hi, Im looking for a headphone for home use, closed/open doesnt care Im leaning forward tot he SR60, but i read that they are very good for rock/metal. So i dont know how they sound with trance. I listen mostly to melodic trance with alot of high tones (like piano) and also to relaxing...