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    Europe Deals Thread

    Not yet But they seem legit You can contact with them they are very active on FB
  2. zato23

    (SOLD):Sony Walkman NW-ZX300A

    I'm selling a Sony Walkman NW-ZX300A Digital Audio Player uncapped the device is in mint condition i used it for less than 100 hours The box include all accessories i will also include as gift 1. Micro Sd Integral 128GB 2. Tempered Glass 3. Two silicone cases (one clear one black) 4. Second...
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    Price drop
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    I'm selling IMR R2 Aten,they are in mint condition i didnt used for more than 5 hours PAYPAL ONLY Prices includes shipping located in EU
  5. zato23

    FS:Little Bear B4-X Portable Tube Balanced Headphone Amplifier (EU)

    Selling the Little Bear B4-X Portable Tube Balanced Headphone Amplifier it is in mint condition as i didnt used it for more than 1 hour The charger is european The price i ask is 90 euros (price include shipping)