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  1. eberggren

    Comply Foam Tips for Image X10s?

    The Shure black "olives" foam tips fit, but I've tried them and the Image tips are more comfortable, easier to insert and remove, and provide a much better seal against ambient noise.
  2. eberggren

    Looking For <$200 IEM that are Perfect for rock. Good For everything else.

    I, personally, would recommend the SF5 pros over the Etys. I have listened to both, and the bass is much better on the SF5's. And I have never had a problem with sibilance with them. Now the Shure E500 are another story--lots of sibilance there, so I keep going back to the SF5. I've tried a...
  3. eberggren

    C'mon guys. The SE530 Appreciation Thread. Triple Fi owners welcome

    I bought a pair of the E500s (now the SE530) a year ago January and really wanted to love them. I like they way they look, I like the way they fit, I like the way they sound...except... except for the sibilance. The hissing S's drive me crazy. That's why last October I went out and bought...
  4. eberggren

    How Do You Carry Your Rig?

    I recently bought an Evolution jacket from Scott eVest (SCOTTEVEST/SeV® iPod and Travel Clothing Solutions™) that has solved my problems carrying my rig (which consists of a 160gb iPod Classic, an RSA Hornet amp, and UE 10 earphones). The jacket comes with a ton of pockets (25 to...
  5. eberggren

    Question....Total Airhead + iPod 5.5

    Yes, I use the Airhead with a 5.5g iPod, and I would definitely recommend getting a right-angle mini plug.
  6. eberggren

    Office Headphone Etiquette

    I work for a large electric utility. A few years back when everyone was getting new desktop computers, everyone also got a pair of headphones. Of course, they were the worst pieces of s**t it's been my misfortune to listen to, but they made it pretty clear that headphone listening was okay. I...
  7. eberggren

    What is your opinion on 320 kbps MP3 LAME vs. Lossless FLAC on your setup?

    I did a blind listening test a couple of weeks ago comparing MP3 at 320kbps using iTunes' encoder, MP3 at 320kpbs using a LAME encoder, and Apple Lossless. Here's my setup: 4G (b/w) 40gb iPod-->Dock Connector/Cable from>Headroom Micro Amp-->Sennheiser HD600 with Cardas cable...
  8. eberggren

    Best notebook DAC (USB or other)

    Actually, the new Total Bitheads have come down in price. They're now just $150.
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