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  2. geekchic

    Good and cheap portable player; recommendations?

    Right off from reading your post, I recommend that you look at the Sansa Clip. Here is a link to the review SanDisk Sansa Clip Review It is cheap, comes in 2 and 4 GB versions, sounds excellent for a budget player, supports drag and drop. However, you can't browse by file/ folder, only by...
  3. geekchic

    How much diff do LODs make to iPod Touch?

    Monolith, your argument about the redundancy of amping for IEMs makes perfect sense to me (and my wallet!). Just another question. In case you want to hook up your DAP to a powered bookshelf speaker (say Audioengine), would the LO still make a big difference? Or would any stock line-out...
  4. geekchic

    Best sounding flash player, price no issue

    Off topic - but apart from IPod classic, has any company released any hard drive DAP currently? I assume that they are all getting phased out. Creative at least has announced that all future models will be flash.
  5. geekchic

    4 Driver Universal IEM

    Quote: Originally Posted by Spyro Shure might not really care. They don't need it since they came out with olives and their IEM ergonomics are already great. Most people buy UE10/11 because TFPRO is perhaps the worst fitting IEM ever made. Also, TFPRO = SE530 in SQ and TFPRO is 95%...
  6. geekchic

    4 Driver Universal IEM

    I would also say that probably it would be Shure. UE is creaming the upper end market with its customs and Shure would definitely want an upgraded/ higher-end offering to counter that.
  7. geekchic

    Looking for a music player

    The Cowon D2 will meet your specs for FLAC support, battery life and good sound. Use warm/ bassy phones with it to enjoy pop music more. It has a recording ability but a very tiny built-in mic which I think may not work great for recording lectures. You need to purchase a separate line-in cable...
  8. geekchic

    Don't want to drive others crazy

    X2 with Nicholas that IEMs are the best option for public use - they will not leak any noise to disturb others - I use mine in the library without any complaints This thread should be helpful to you - it deals with budget/ entry level IEMs...
  9. geekchic

    Player with Best Sound

    The 'best sound' is subjective - if you've read this forum you'll see that everyone has their favorites. Apple Nano, Touch, 5.5 G IPod, Cowon D2, Sony 8X series - each of these have their fan following for great sound quality. I've always gone strictly by sound quality and nothing else -...
  10. geekchic

    Pictures of Your Portable Rig [Part XII]

    Quote: Originally Posted by edart Oh Vienna Love that song edart, did not know anyone else even remembered it! Like it without IModded lyrics though
  11. geekchic

    "Best" Portable Music Player

    Quote: Originally Posted by pila405 how can i adjust the dack menu? [in the D2 for getting the most neautral sound] also how can i do it on the sony? The D2 just needs to be left at Normal EQ and you cannot do any internal adjustment - he was refering to the Sony where you can...
  12. geekchic

    new apreciation for my Cowon D2.

    I'm happy to join in the Cowon love. I lose count of the number of days between charges and with my new efficient Triple Fi's (and volume at 10-11 most of the time), I am getting nearly 50 hours in regular use, even with Jet Effects in use.
  13. geekchic

    A poll IF you have owned the SE530s and Triple Fis

    nsx-23, if it helps, I have heard the Triples with 3 of the players in your sig (Iriver H3x, Clip and D2) and I can say it sounds great on all of them - my fav is the D2 but the Iriver-Triple combo has a warmer signature that I also like. I too found the Triples at a significantly cheaper...
  14. geekchic

    Seeking advice regarding DAP upgrade

    Have you considered the Cowon D2? 16 GB + expandable memory should give you enough storage. It also has great SQ and an excellent battery life. In addition, from what I've read, it's a great DAP to amp.
  15. geekchic

    Girlfriends and IEMS ... and the trouble they cause

    I read this thread and thought that a woman's perspective might be helpful to the OP 1) You have not mentioned what DAP she has. My interest in this hobby started with my first great source - because the music I love sounded great on it. Plus, a great looking (and sounding) DAP is a nice gift...
  16. geekchic

    Need a good set of headphones

    Quote: Originally Posted by Lazarus Which Headphone would you recommend for my commute? I like to watch Movies, TV and listen to my Music on my hour and a half commute everyday but sometimes the train is so noisy its hard to hear. I bought a pair of the Shure In-Ear but decided I do not...
  17. geekchic

    good mp3 with Shure SE530?

    Quote: Originally Posted by Hoboson Thanks for the help, guys. I think I'll look more into the D2... although I was looking for a more appealing player, but I guess it's all about the SQ hmm...not to be a noob or anything, but what is Jeteffects? Jet Effects are the...
  18. geekchic

    Ultimate Ears Triple Fi 10 Thread

    Aevum, I have experienced the same 'problem' earlier - try the following 1) reverse the cables - if the problem shifts to the other ear, its a cable problem and UE will send you a free replacement if you are within warranty Otherwise it could be one of the following issues 1) I felt that...
  19. geekchic

    Worth Trying Something New: Cowon D2 or Iaudio 7?

    You can check that on iaudiophile...when I rip albums I just leave the album art in the original folder...dunno how that works for mixed songs in a folder
  20. geekchic

    Worth Trying Something New: Cowon D2 or Iaudio 7?

    Quote: Originally Posted by Elluzion Wow i was having regret earlier in the day after the purchase, but you really made me feel better! Thanks for the info, I can't wait. I still need to work on my fit with the tripple fi's though. You should give me some EQ tips once i get my D2. Also...
  21. geekchic

    Worth Trying Something New: Cowon D2 or Iaudio 7?

    Elluzion, you won't be disappointed! I have been fiddling with the Jet Effects and I have found some great customized settings which make the Cowon really SLAM the bass! I too, have been inquiring about amping the Triples, both here and at iaudiophile. It appears that highly sensitive...
  22. geekchic

    The "safety" of IEMs.

    Quote: Originally Posted by Singlemalt Thanks for the replies, I wasn't aware it was illegal to drive with headphones. I figured it wasn't safe - particularly with IEM's - but I wasn't sure. In Australia where I live it is illegal to use a mobile phone while driving but hands free...
  23. geekchic


    Quote: Originally Posted by xCross I also think BF would be better.. but in some user reviews, I found that vModa BF dies after 3/4months.. is it true?? I've heard its wire gets broken easily.. actually I want to buy a long lasting headphone.. I used to have a lot of headphone, cheap of...
  24. geekchic

    You're all crazy IMO

    I wanted to add my 2 bits here. I certainly cannot afford to spend thousands of dollars on equipment. I come here because I have a passion to know what is the best and the latest - and to make more informed choices with a limited budget. In fact, I have got plenty of advice that helps me to save...
  25. geekchic


    Hi, I have tried two of those phones with the D2 - the Sony EX71 and the CX 300...CX 300 is way better. It is more efficient (can use the D2 at lower volumes), pumps a lot of bass and has better clarity than the Sony. Because of bass/ warm sound, it also pairs well with the analytical SQ of the...