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  1. gstepic

    iBasso DX80 to Beyerdynamic T5p v2 weak link

    I am an old guy that loves music and still has a lot to learn. I have not been able to try a lot of different gear in my lifetime, just now stepping up into higher end stuff. I had the Fiio X5 DAP and PSB Mau1 headphones, which I thought sounded pretty good. I just replaced the Fiio with an...
  2. gstepic

    splitting left and right channels with Fiio X5

    I have the Fiio X5 and also use a Sansa clip, love both of them. I primarily use headphones, either my PSBMau or VModa X5. Sometimes I like using a portable speaker so I can share music with others. I currently use the TDK A33. I use the 3.5 cable since the music players do not have blue tooth...
  3. gstepic

    Where do you download DAC driver and get a user manual for X5

    I cannot find any link on the Fiio site for a DAC driver, which I need to do on my laptop in order for the DAC to work. When I do a search I get links but I am hesitant to use the links as there are many driver phony sites that will load up my computer with malware. There is so little...