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  1. Buddha

    New Audio-Technica Portable: ATH-ES55 (Baby ES7?)

    How is the clamping force for those of us with xl heads?
  2. Buddha

    Sennheiser Limited Edition PX100 "Retro" headphones - Australia

    Quote: Originally Posted by PsychoZX It's just a link to a stock photo. No ... that is the ordinary px100 you have linked to. Sigh. Link in op repaired.
  3. Buddha

    Sennheiser Limited Edition PX100 "Retro" headphones - Australia

    The black and yellow colour scheme of the limited edition Sennheiser "Retro" PX100 is modelled on Sennheisers famous HD414 from the late 60s. Photo ... They are lightly used and in perfect condition. Comes with hard plastic travel...
  4. Buddha

    The Sony D-NE430 has appeared!

    A pleasant surprise is the quality of the included buds. With a few hours burn in, and level one "clearbass" they are quite acceptable for casual listening imho ... Navigation of menus and tracks is easy and radio sound quality is good, but of course reception is dependent upon your...
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    FS: NEW HD201 and KSC-75 ... Australia

    Price reduced to $90 AUD to move things along.
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    Alessandro MS-1 and Panasonic RP-HJE50 ... Australia and International

    Alessandro MS-1 Purchased about a month ago, mint condition in original packaging. $115 AUD Express post $9.50 and Panasonic RP-HJE50 canalphones Purchased about two weeks ago, mint condition in original packaging. $30 AUD Express post $6.50 International post by enquiry.
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    Sold Terry my fc-7s. A fast payment and worry free international transaction. Recommended.
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    Quote: Originally Posted by LTUCCI1924 Buddha The portable radio in my signature cost 100.00 and puts out 28 m/w per channel in the headphone jack. That is plenty of power to spare with the MS-1. Please no offense meant to you. Thanks for your comments Lou, and of course no...
  9. Buddha


    HI Lou ... been following your headphone journey with interest. I've had my ms-1 for about two days now and for the most part am very happy. They sound great out of my pcdp and really have substantially improved with around 20 hours burn in. However ... my one disappointment is from my...
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    FS: Sharp MD33 Mint in Box ... Australian Buyers.

    Sharp MD33 comfy canalphones. Perfect unmarked condition in original packaging and all accessories. Approx 30 hrs use. $50 AUD. plus post. Express Post is $6.50 / Regular is $4.50
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    Koss KSC-35 (Australia)

    1st Bump ...
  12. Buddha

    Koss KSC-35 (Australia)

    Foams will need replacing soon, otherwise good condition. $50 AUD plus postage.
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    FS: D-EJ725 with all acc.

    Thats $US taoster .... one last reduction now only $85!
  14. Buddha

    FS: D-EJ725 with all acc.

    Will consider trade offers ... MDR-F1 wtd.
  15. Buddha

    FS: D-EJ725 with all acc.

    Price reduced to $100 ONO.
  16. Buddha

    "Simple Burner" recording quality ???

    Are "Simple Burner" minidisc recordings close enough to minidisc recording quality via optical cable ???
  17. Buddha

    Is PHilips HP890 worth the money?

    If my memory serves me correctly ... the HP890 were being sold across the bridge in Malaysia for as little as 30 USD . An excellent choice if your on a tight budget and can locate them around that price.
  18. Buddha

    WTB: MZ-S1 , N505 , N707 or other LPMD

    Am in the market for a basic md rec. Must have opt input and LP ( and preferably run off AA batt. ) Thanks.
  19. Buddha

    ksc-35 vs mdr-d66 eggos?

    Having owned the both the V6 and Koss 35 I would have to say that the 35s are "more my cup of tea". In fact I wasn't impressed at all with the V6, though they have quite a reputation here. Cant comment on the eggos ... they certainly seem the flavour of the month.
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    Headphones in Perth, Australia

    Time to invest in that rubber dinghy Snufkin ... or you can borrow my flippers.
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    In search for a great pair of $100 headphones!

    Quote: Originally posted by Snufkin Pinkster - the KSC-35 is far superior to the HP890 .... Perhaps a tad enthusiastic there Snufkin. As you are aware I have some experience with these two cans, and my appraisal is somewhat different ... in fact I believe the sum of their...
  22. Buddha

    FS: Sony D-515

    Thankyou Purk Reserve price has been met. Will close this sale midnight Wednesday Perth time (GMT+8) B. SOLD