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  1. ILoveGrado

    Onkyo ES-FC300 good condition, No original box, but includes original accessories

    Dear fellow Australian head-fiers, This is a sale of a used (7 months old) Onkyo ES-FC300. This is a well balanced, neutral, on-ear headphone that got Wall of Fame status from Innerfidelity a year ago. If you reside in Perth, I would love to sell this item to you in person. It would be nice to...
  2. ILoveGrado

    Nad Nad Nad

    Hi I'm going back to my country for good. This is my last attempt to sell the Nad C541 (not the i version). The reason I'm selling it is because I don't have any more rooms in my luggage. (well I can pay for excess bagagge, but I don't want to). If I can't sell it, guess it was destined to be...
  3. ILoveGrado

    FS: Sennheiser HD-580

    For sale, one and a half years old. It's in very good condition. Excellent sound. Got new cable too. Asking for $130.00 +$4.95 s/h Please PM me if you are interested. Thank youuu.
  4. ILoveGrado

    NEW Slee Solo monitor class amplifier

    Have any of us listened to this headphone amp? Transcript: "We kept what we now call C-Drive. A technique where the headphone is driven by a current rather than a voltage. This technique reduces the effect of intrinsic emitter resistance found...
  5. ILoveGrado

    WTB: Sony SCD-C333ES

    In the spirit of upgrade, I will pay $400 + whatever the shipping is.
  6. ILoveGrado

    Sony SCD-CE775, The Cheapest SACD Player?

    I am just wondering if any of you have heard of this SACD Player. Is there anyone of you who had a chance to audition it at Bestbuy or Goodguys? I haven't auditioned it...partly because I just know about this player a week ago, and the nearest store to me doesn't have them. It costs...
  7. ILoveGrado

    Attention Ety lovers!

    If you've been an Ety fan, you will remember that Daniel Pumphrey makes a 99.9 % braided solid silver cable for Etymotic ER-4S. You can search for the picture of this cable taken by Jaskin. This cable is one of a kind; and Daniel had put a lot of his time,and energy in making it...
  8. ILoveGrado


    Jeff is a great buyer. Prompt response and friendly emails. Nice transaction, recommended! Thanks Jeff.
  9. ILoveGrado

    Dan H

    Great guy! and friendly too. Will do business with Dan again, recommended! Thank you very much for doing business with me.
  10. ILoveGrado

    Sennheiser HD-600 @ $215 shipped

    I have one Sennheiser HD-600 for sale @ $215 (or best offer) shipped with 2 days USPS Priority Mail. Item payment with MO or personal check (personal check will have to wait additional time until it clears), for sale in USA only. Like NEW condition, complete with original packaging, all...
  11. ILoveGrado

    SOLD: More sale!

    Dear head-fiers, I am selling my Sennheiser HD-600 for $214 + $6.95 s/h to help cover the cost of Etymotic ER-4S from jaskin. This price is rather firm. It's in like NEW condition, guaranteed. I also will have a separate sale for a 2 month old Clou Cable Blue at $79.00 + $5.00 shipping and...
  12. ILoveGrado

    More Grado RS-1 for sale

    I have one more Grado RS-1 for sale. I bought them for sound engineers department at my church in July who prefer Sennheiser HD-600 over RS-1 at last. This one is $405.00 shipped. This price is rather firm. Note: This is also in very good condition, just like my previous sale.
  13. ILoveGrado

    Wanted: Cloucable Blue

    Hi guys, if you are upgrading to Clou red and don't know what to do with the used Clou blue, I will buy them. Please PM or email me with your offer. Will pay up to 80 percent of the original price.
  14. ILoveGrado

    Grado RS-1

    Hi guys, I am selling my used Grado RS-1 (about one year old, I'll give it a new pad, though). The condition is very good. If you need an amp, I also have one extra Grado RA-1 laying around. If you buy both of them , you only pay $650.00 shipped. The Grado RS-1 alone is $425.00 shipped (with...