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  1. James3Toe

    Free Stuff: Acoustic Panels, Turntable Covers, Bose headphones

    Continuing to clear the house before our move next month - Some items that hopefully a fellow Head-Fi member can use (one per person for now) Note: Pick up in 92865 only. PM me to arrange pickup. All items are FREE 1. Five (5) ATS Acoustic Sound Panels - 48in x 24 in - 3 in green color/2 in...
  2. James3Toe

    OPPO BDP-103 Blu-Ray player

    I have a bunch of interested parties for the unit. I will get back to everyone shortly.
  3. James3Toe

    OPPO BDP-103 Blu-Ray player

    Gone to a good home - NO longer available I am in the process of packing in preparation for a relocation for work. I have made a decision that items that I have not used regularly, or plan to use in the near future need to be sold or passed on to someone who can use it. Here I have an OPPO...
  4. James3Toe

    FS: Pangea Vulcan Audio Stand

    SOLD: Black 4-Shelf Pangea Vulcan Audio Stand - $50 Stand is in excellent condition with no obvious marks (although it is a little dusty). About 9 months old. Comes with carpet spikes. from the Amazon Page: The Vulcan audio rack is 32" tall Shelves hold up to 66 lbs each Total rack capacity...
  5. James3Toe

    For Sale: Nad M51 DAC

    SOLD For Sale is a mint condition NAD M51 DAC. Functionally and cosmetically in perfect condition. FW version 1.39 OBM and remote included. $495 inclusive of PayPal fees. Shipping from 92865 - charges on the buyer Local pickup possible pm with questions
  6. James3Toe

    For Sale: Schiit Mjolnir 2

    For sale - Schiit Mjolnir 2 SOLD The amplifier is approximately 18 months old, and is in mint functional and cosmetic condition. Was used sparingly as it was one of a number of amplifiers that I owned. Included is everything that originally came with the unit (6BZ7 tubes) Price: $525...
  7. James3Toe

    Sold: Burson Audio Conductor Virtuoso

    SOLD: Burson Audio Conductor Virtuoso Headphone Amplifier (PCM 1793 DAC) Used sparingly as part of an office system. Functionally and Cosmetically in "as-new" condition. Unit was originally purchased in Dec 2015. Includes Unit, Remote Control, Power Cord, Manual and Box. $500 + shipping to CONUS
  8. James3Toe

    FS: Schiit Loki

    SOLD; Mint Condition Schiit Loki Used sparingly as part of an office system. Functionally and Cosmetically in "as-new" condition. Approximately 1 year old. Includes unit, AC Adapter, Manual and Box $100 + shipping to CONUS
  9. James3Toe

    SOLD: Schiit BiFrost

    For Sale: Schiit BiFrost - SOLD This is an older model Schiit BiFrost, circa 2011 I am the second owner. It was purchased by me in mid 2012. The unit has the USB input. I am not sure what AKM D/A converter chip is in the unit. The BiFrost unit is in overall, very good condition - a couple of...
  10. James3Toe

    Sold: Schiit Loki

    For Sale: Schiit Loki - 03/30/2018 This unit is less than a month old. It is in as new condition and functions perfectly. It was purchased for my wife's office system, but I bought her a Gungnir so this is no longer required. Priced to sell - $115 - I will take care of the PP Fees, you pay...
  11. James3Toe

    NAD M51 Direct Digital DAC Impressions

    My new toy arrived today....just a quick peek before I move it into place. Very excited about this unit and I was lucky that my dealer was able to get his hands on 2 of them. These are now supposedly backordered till at least 08/15.       Very plain outer box (although it doesn't...
  12. James3Toe

    Cavalli Audio Liquid Fire

    If you are looking for a matched quad, you should check them out at They work out slightly cheaper than even that sale price, and shipping is really quick from MN. Both Tyler and Chelsea are awesome to deal with and they stand behind their tubes. IMHO, definitely the "best bang for...
  13. James3Toe

    Audiophile Vinyl Storage

    IKEA expedit units work and solid, different colors and a variety of sizes as well   or you could spend more and get the Boltz unit...very nice...definitely a different price point though...
  14. James3Toe

    FS: ZOTAC GeForce GTX580 3GB graphics card

    SOLD    I have for sale a ZOTAC GeForce GTX580 3GB graphics card.   It comes with all the original accessories (box, cables, adaptors, manual, CD) etc, and is in as new condition.  This was the previous generation flagship NVIDIA card, and is still considered a very high performance unit...
  15. James3Toe

    The Village Headphone Meet 2012 (Southern California) - Sunday, April 22, 2012

    RSVP'd for me and the wife....   Have been away from headphones for a while, but a renewed interest has taken hold and looking forward to trying out some of the more recent gear (especially the Audez'e headphones) Coming from North OC, and may be able to offer a ride to a couple of people.
  16. James3Toe

    Post A Photograph Of Your Turntable

        VPI Classic 3 and Dynavector XX-2MKII
  17. James3Toe

    SOLD - Pro-Ject Debut III - Gloss Red

    I have for sale a Pro-Ject Debut III Turntable in the Gloss Red color. This has been used sparingly by my wife for the last 6 months or so and has performed flawlessly. The unit is in absolutely excellent condition, with no cosmetic damage of any kind (except for a few very minor swirls on the...
  18. James3Toe

    [poll] 2010 - 2011 UEFA Champions League!

    So not a Man Utd fan, but I will always cheer for a home team against anyone else!!!
  19. James3Toe

    Moon Audio Silver Dragon V2 headphone cable - for HD800 - balanced XLR - 10ft long

    SOLD - a 10 ft long Moon Audio Silver Dragon V2 HD800 headphone cable, terminated with ($125 upgrade) Furutech Rhodium plated XLR connectors.   The cable is in immaculate condition, and has seen very little use. I no longer have the headphones, so the cable needs to find another home.  ...
  20. James3Toe

    Shuguang KT88-Z Black Treasure tubes - 1 matched pair - Premium Grade A

    SOLD     I have for sale a matched pair of Shuguang KT88-Z Black Treasure tubes purchased from Grant Fidelity during the second week of July 2010. These tubes come with the "gift presentation" box. They are rated "Premiun Grade A" which are the best quality of tube sold by Grant Fidelity...
  21. James3Toe

    SOLD: Wadia 170i Transport - Black

    Thank you for the offer, but the unit is already pending sale.
  22. James3Toe

    SOLD: Wadia 170i Transport - Black

    Bump...with reduction in the price of the unit.
  23. James3Toe


    I bought a Headamp Pico from Brian. The transaction was a very smooth and pleasant experience. The unit was exactly as described in his ad, and shipping was extremely prompt. I would not hesitate to do business with him again. Recommended seller. Thanks again!!
  24. James3Toe


    Leon purchased a pair of HD580s and a graphics card from me in rapid succession. He was very decisive in his purchases, very easy to work with, paid very promptly and kept up communications throughout. These were 2 very easy and smooth transactions for me, and I will definitely do business...
  25. James3Toe

    FS: Cambridge 840c - Black

    This has now been SOLD   I have for sale a black Cambridge 840c CD player. The unit is a little over a year old, in pristine condition with no cosmetic defects of any kind. Functionally it performs flawlessly in my wife's home office. Usage has been approximately 5-8 hours a week. I would...