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  1. elira

    SOLD: Grado HF3 $250 shipped CONUS

    Selling my Grado HF3, in great condition, no box nor 1/4 inch adapter.
  2. elira

    FS: Audeze Mobius $249

    Hi all, Selling my Mobius, less than 20 hours on them. In good condition. They are the indiegogo version so no retail package. The case is included. It’s the blue version. PP and shipping (CONUS) included.
  3. elira

    SOLD: Schiit Bifrost MB USB gen 5 $400

    Selling my Bifrost because I don’t use it anymore. Shipping (CONUS) and PP fees included.
  4. elira

    SOLD: STAX SR-007 SZ1 $1500

    Hi all, Selling my SR-007 SZ1, in excellent condition, no channel imbalances that I'm able to discern by ear. PP Fees and CONUS shipping included. I'm also selling my STAX amp I'll do a discount if you buy both.
  5. elira

    SOLD: Hifiman HE4XX $130

    Selling because I don't use it as much, and I've too many headphones and need space. Used in good condition. Includes: * HE4XX box and cable. Shipping (CONUS) and PP fees included. The balanced cable was sold separately. SOLD Venture Electronics Exclusive Blue balanced (4 pin XLR).
  6. elira

    SOLD: Fostex T-X0 with argon mod $275.00

    I'm selling my Fostex T-X0 that have the argon mod with ZMF sheepskin pads and also the balanced mod done by modhouseaudio (3.5mm TRRS). I don't have the original packaging. So I'll include: * Fostex T-X0 (with argon and balanced mod and ZMF lambskin pads). * Mayflower cable (1/4 inch) * 10ft...
  7. elira

    Burson/SupremeSound Lycan with V5 dual op amp

    Selling it because I don't use it. It's in good condition. Everything on it works, I also have another op amp that works with it but nothing fancy. Shipping to the continental US and PP fees included in the price. Reasonable offers will be considered, open to trades for something of similar value.