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  1. Dublo7

    Optical Output Possible on Corda Cantate and Macbook Pro 13"?

    Edit - Nevermind. Request to delete/lock.  
  2. Dublo7

    Best Ripping and Converting Program for Mac?

    Hi guys, I have a nice MacBook Pro on the way, and I'm just a tad annoyed that I won't be able to use my beloved dbPowerAmp or EAC on MacOS. Does anyone here know of any worthy replacements? I would love something that can seamlessly convert between formats (ie. FLAC to MP3, or FLAC to...
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    Steve Wilson and Mikael Akerfedlt's new project.

    Excerpt taken from this interview:   Quote:     Excitement.   I just wonder how long it will take to see the light of day.
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    Julian Casablancas - Phrazes for the Young

    Julian Casablancas' album is out. Has anyone here had the chance to listen to it yet? I've listened through a few times and I'm enjoying it. The standout tracks are 11th Dimension and River of Brakelights. I'd love an instrumental release of this album.
  5. Dublo7

    Opeth - Still Life: 5.1 Remaster -> 2.0 WAV?

    I wonder if anyone here has successfully converted their 5.1 remaster of Still Life into 2.0 WAV format? I'm not overly happy with the stereo mix, so I want to see if the 5.1 will sound better in stereo form. It is not a DVD-A disc, otherwise I would know to use DVD-A explorer. I'm quite...
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    Your Recent Music Discoveries?

    One of my joys in life is finding new music. I'm always on the hunt for good music and great albums. So this is a thread for bands/artists you've recently discovered and have fallen in love with. For me, it's going to be Johnny Cash (the American recordings, mainly) and Nick Cave and the...
  7. Dublo7

    Johnny Cash - American IV: How's the mastering?

    I'm about to go out and buy a few albums, but I'm just wondering what the mastering is like on American IV by Johnny Cash? I only ask, because I saw Rick Rubin was the producer, and that's become a real red flag for me.
  8. Dublo7

    All of the sudden, I'm in a bad mood (Music quality related)

    Today I got myself my first set of cans - the AD900's. I absolutely love them, and I think they sound great (and they're very comfortable). Now, here's where the problem comes in. I've noticed how horrible a lot of my favourite music sounds. Albums like Porcupine Tree's Deadwing, The Mars...
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    Aussies: Will you spend your cash bonus on Headphones?

    So Kevin Rudd has announced that people/students/parents with an income of up to 80,000 dollars will receive a 950 dollar bonus. The payments are supposedly being released next month, and its "goal" is to get people spending to boost the economy. Will you be spending any of this money on...
  10. Dublo7

    Need advice: CD Player + Amp OR USB-DAC for my PC?

    So I'm looking to buy a new system, but I'm not sure if I should get myself a nice USB-DAC for my PC, or if I should buy a CD player and an amplifier. For the USB-DAC, I was thinking of getting the Corda Cantate. I'd be able to plug this into my desktop and play all my FLAC files, and be able...
  11. Dublo7

    Getting good sound out of my Asus EEE PC 1000H.

    So I'm getting interested in computer audio, and I'm curious as to what I would need in order to get good sound out of my 1000H netbook. Would a USB DAC and a headphone amplifier be a good path to go down? Does anyone have any suggestions for a decently modestly priced USB DAC?
  12. Dublo7

    The Tool Thread

    So I haven't seen a Tool thread around here, so I figured I'd make one, just because I'm really bored. It took me a really long time to get into Tool, but in the past few months, I've fallen in love with their stuff. I can't say I really like Undertow though. Lateralus is probably my...
  13. Dublo7

    Need a new durable drive for CD ripping.

    So my Pioneer DVR-215 is starting to give out on me. It's beginning to have trouble ripping final tracks of CDs. I buy a lot of CDs and rip them to FLAC, so I'm looking for a nice new durable DVD drive to do the job with. Does anyone here have any suggestions? Has anyone had any...
  14. Dublo7

    Triple Fi 10's up against Livewires and FreQshows

    So I have a pair of Triple Fi 10's, and I absolutely love them. However, because money goes through my fingers like water, I'm getting interested in buying some custom IEM's. Would the Livewires or the FreqShows be much of an upgrade over the Triple Fi 10's? The UE10s and 11s are way out of...
  15. Dublo7

    What were the first ever IEMs?

    So IEMs are a relatively new thing out on the market, and I was wondering what the first IEMs ever released were? Who was the first company to really push them?
  16. Dublo7

    The worst sounding DAP you've encountered?

    So what's the DAP you've used that had the worst sound quality? I don't have much experience in this area, but I guess I'll say the 2G iPod Shuffle. The hiss is huge. The sound also seems very messy, and unclean. I can hardly use it anymore.
  17. Dublo7

    The Creative Zen: Is it good?

    So I'm thinking of getting an 8GB Creative Zen. The Creative Zens look pretty damn sleek, but I'm just wondering if anyone here has had any experience with them? How's the sound quality on these things? Are there any problems or bugs which make the player annoying to use?