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  1. NeoPoe

    I tried the Entempo out and am now asking for advice.

    For $100, it isn't a very bad player, although I do have gripes: The songs cannot be ordered by folders, browsing through songs is a painful process, and making playlists requires either WMP10, other proprietary software, and/or manually configuring them on the player. The headphone jack...
  2. NeoPoe

    iRiver h10

    Pink Floyd - Dark Side of the Moon Almost ANY classical compilation. Tons of electronica mixes. And many more albums.
  3. NeoPoe


    Quote: Originally Posted by Icy006 There are enough close-up black Zen Micro pics. So here's a passive one with some cameos by a CMoy and PX100s My my Icy, that is a very nice picture.
  4. NeoPoe

    Are some CDs "bad" for mp3?

    Quote: Originally Posted by JeffL Considering there is no such thing as a corrective codec, this isn't surprising I assumed that some groups or companies have started to implement corrective measures in their music formats. And from what I read on FLAC and a few others, it seemed...
  5. NeoPoe

    Are some CDs "bad" for mp3?

    MP3 is more of a mimicing format than corrective so it makes sense that an imperfect source will lead to an imperfect copy. Sorry... I just trolled and feel so dirty.
  6. NeoPoe

    M3 painting

    That's actually pretty cool. How'd you do it? (If you did it.)
  7. NeoPoe

    yeah but can it wash dishes ?

    Didn't Lance Armstrong use these?
  8. NeoPoe

    End the mystery about the Yamaha RH5Ma - Lindrone could review them with your help !

    I'd have to say that my sentiments are much like Jasper's. SilentServices, no one here really doubts you, they just doubt the headphones. It's rather hard to maintain that approach though when you take every critique from a Head-Fi'er presonally. Try taking a break from your Yamaha's and let...
  9. NeoPoe

    Most of the Sennheiser and Sony Sucks real bad! normal??

    Anyone see how similar this is to when LTUCCI first joined? How he loved those earbud adapters. Not accusing one person of being another.
  10. NeoPoe

    Sony V6's as workout phones?

    KSC-35 -- goofy "slide-ons" KSC-55 -- same drivers as KSC-35 but in an around-the-neck fashion (I"m looking to get a pair of these) EX70/71 -- recommended Sony earbuds; you'll notice microphonics (rubbing against the cloth, heavy breathing, increased heart rate) Those are the ones I've had...
  11. NeoPoe

    Attack of the Clones!

    I thought it was: *gasp* Look! It's a snaaaaake!
  12. NeoPoe

    Want free Microsoft stuff?

    A referral sounds great (please). name: Tim Wang company: SAR e-mail:
  13. NeoPoe

    Who had/has more fun,Today's kids or kids from the 60's, 70's

    I wanted to make this short reply before I left to play football (yes, at 11:15 PM). This thread kicks major butt. I was born in '87 I was converted to one of those electronic hounds... I want to turn back to the good ol' days ^_^ Step by step... piece by pi-- *TACKLED*
  14. NeoPoe

    Matrix Reloaded Discussions: Spoilers...Tread Lightly

    But could it have been just the remaining crew? Probably not. I do believe you're right about Zion andrzejpw
  15. NeoPoe

    Matrix Reloaded Discussions: Spoilers...Tread Lightly

    Did you see the Revolutions trailer? The part where Neo and Smith punch each other definitely illustrates the connection. I don't think Neo would be able to do EVERYTHING since he is directly connected to the Matrix with his mind... he is physically limited and was only able to stop the...
  16. NeoPoe


    Quote: Originally posted by andrzejpw Just saw it. Although I think I understood the Architect's speech at the end, I want to be sure. Basically, the left door meant EVERYONE would die, and the machines would be reduced to a skeleton force. But why? How? Right door: Matrix starts...
  17. NeoPoe

    Matrix Reloaded Discussions: Spoilers...Tread Lightly

    Zion is gone (if we are to take the given account seriously)... The Matrix did not exist in Zion. Remember that Zion is deep inside the earth and that all the human batteries are up and away and ALL OVER OH NO!
  18. NeoPoe

    Matrix Reloaded Discussions: Spoilers...Tread Lightly

    Neo has some connection either with fate or physically with Agent Smith. Because of the connection he could control the robots, that or it was the "excess" endowed to him by the Matrix. Remember how he said he could feel them? Somehow he's tapping into their programming... my bets on it's got...
  19. NeoPoe

    Where is LTUCCI1924?

    Stay strong Lou!! We all got your back man. Take it easy and enjoy the rig, you've reached that place that we all strive for
  20. NeoPoe

    Long time no see (again), and The Things You Do to Keep Awake

    Actually that's not too healthy after a long period of time...
  21. NeoPoe

    Anyone here get the Optimus 3400 on ebay?

    it's whoever verb right after
  22. NeoPoe

    Headphoneus Supremus

    Woooh! Well anyhow, done stopping by and checking in. But LTUCCI, just wanted to compliment you on the increase of the quality of your posts. First you started from wild incoherent ramblings about earphone accessories, your english has appeared to improve a great deal over time and your thoughts...
  23. NeoPoe

    Headphoneus Supremus

    Supremus already LTUCCI!? My, how time does fly. Well I haven't even hit 100 posts yet, but I attribute that to my low budget and lack of need for the BEST in sound (although good doesn't hurt, I'm loving my V6 and MiniV3 ).
  24. NeoPoe

    DVD burner suggestions

    If I'm not mistaken the laser on a DVD drive requires more juice because of the complexity... I think the issue isn't the frequency of the burning, just overall the amount needed. Common sense, it will take less energy to burn a CD than a DVD (now at least). Despite the possibility that what I...