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  1. noseallinit

    sold: headroom desktop ultra dac

    sold and shipped..   sale pending since the 20th..   hey all viewing,   i purchased this udac two months ago here at head-fi.   feedback from the sale is listed in my buyer/ seller feedback link below.   so i...
  2. noseallinit

    found/ wtb: headroom desktop millet hybrid amp

    now all i need is an 06' home module for the millet. anyone have one they want to let loose of?   hey!   found/ looking to find a headroom desktop millet hybrid.   prefer an 06' home module but i want be choosy.    is there anyone that can direct me to one that would like to be...
  3. noseallinit

    worlds largest record collection???

    was just sent this and thought I would share with all the vinyl fanatics. me myself would love to go through it.. The Archive
  4. noseallinit

    "SOLD" 06' HeadRoom Micro Stack, Amp w/ DM and DAC

    Micro Amp w/ Desktop Module Micro DAC both were made in September of 2006 and shipped new from HeadRoom in October of 2006. these came with the 2006 Modules of which was the last upgrade to the Micro Stack before the release of the current line of Micro Amps being sold now. I am the...
  5. noseallinit

    what happened to the Micro Strap Extension?

    what happened to the Micro Strap Extension? is there still one at HeadRoom that I can get me hands on? is there any heating issues in using a Micro Strap with the Ultra Micro Amp? I am thinking in a transportable situation I would still like to be able to use them with a Ultra Micro...
  6. noseallinit

    interconnects best known for warmth and coloring

    which interconnects in RCA to Mini and Mini to Mini are best known for their warmth and coloring? brand, model, wire..
  7. noseallinit

    HeadRoom's upcoming Speaker Amps

    thought I would hi-jack some of the Speaker Stand post with a few things that's been said about it already and start one just for HeadRoom' upcoming Speaker Power Amps soon to be released. I'm quite excited about the release of these amps. Quote: Originally Posted by Tyll Hertsens...
  8. noseallinit

    best Grado mods to improve on sound quality

    what is the best mods to improve on sound quality that you have made to your plastic body Grado/ Alessandro model headphones to make them a bit closer to RS2/ 1 wood body models? dampening, recabling, etc.. since I have had me RS1's I do not care much for using me SR225's but the 225's are...
  9. noseallinit

    EC Lunch Box II and Grados?

    anyone have any experience with EC Lunch Box II and Grados that they can tell me about? I own SR-80's, 225's and RS-1's that I use with me 2006 MicroStack. at the price point of the LB II I thought it would give me an idea of tubes and EC amp's with me Grado's. I am also interested in the EC/ SS
  10. noseallinit

    do Grado's mate well with HeadRoom headphone amplifiers?

    just came across another thread that disturbed me and I want to get the answer straight from the horses mouth. do Grado's mate well with HeadRoom amps? since just before I purchased me MicroAmp w/ 2006 Desktop Module and MicroDAC I had heard HeadRoom prefers Sennheiser and that they...
  11. noseallinit

    2007 Portable MicroAmp w/ DAC

    anyone purchase the new 2007 Portable MicroAmp w/ DAC and received it yet? that can also compare it with the MicroAmp w/ 2006 Desktop Module and MicroDAC? and other portable amps from Meier and Ray Samuels?
  12. noseallinit

    what I hate about headphones

    here I am with a brand new set of beautiful RS1's and I cannot admire them while I am listening to them. I reckon once I am finshed listening to them I can hang them up and admire them then. q:O(
  13. noseallinit

    iTunes- 2 albums w/ same name separate

    how would you keep two albums with the same name as separate albums under iTunes? like I have two different versions of Yellow Submarine and they are both listed together under one album, Yellow Submarine. I can tell what album it is off of by the track listing. the older album has 13 tracks...
  14. noseallinit

    Micro line and iPod mate well together!

    I just want to tell HeadRoom once again that I think the MicroAmp really mates well with the iPod. especially with the MicroStrap being used. most other portable headphone amps appear very awkward with the iPod, Zune, iRiver's, etc.. the amps are usually too small and not in proportion with...
  15. noseallinit

    USB Line Out on the 1G Shuffle

    while doing a search I have noticed several post speaking of the possibility of a USB Line Out on the 1G Shuffle. did anyone ever make a cable to acheive this?
  16. noseallinit

    rechargeable Lithium 9 Volt Batteries

    anyone seen a rechargeable Lithium 9 Volt Battery? kinda curious about using a Lithium 9 Volt Battery with me MicroStack but I prefer using rechargeables. has anyone used a Lithium 9 Volt Battery with their MicroAmp or other headphone amp? how many hours of play back did you get over a...
  17. noseallinit

    portable DVD-A or SACD player

    any idea on why there has never been a portable DVD-A or SACD player made?
  18. noseallinit

    1G Shuffle/ keeping Podcast in ascending order.

    okay, I downloaded all podcast from the Coffee Break Spanish installments to date. I cannot keep them in ascending order no matter how I have tried. it always starts with the latest installment like 28, 27, 26 etc.. like it shows in me Podcast windod instead of 01, 02, 03 in the order that...
  19. noseallinit

    most desirable Vintage PCDP's

    what are the most desirable Vintage PCDP's and going price for them? digital output is a must! I dig the Denon DCP-150 and DCP-70 models. there are some Sony's I like too but not sure which ones are the most sought after for their quality. I think the D-25S is one. any other brands?
  20. noseallinit

    recording AM/ FM radio programs to iMac

    there are AM/ FM radio talk and music programs that I like to listen to that come on during hours that I should be in bed and even when I am not. what I would like to be able to do is record these programs to me iMac so I can burn through iTunes onto CD or even transfer to an iPod to listen to...
  21. noseallinit

    using NAD's 2 sets of Tape In & Outs as a Switch for DAC & analog feeding me MicroAmp

    I'm getting tired of plugging and unplugging me single 1/8th Mini to Mini interconnect to go between me NAD Receivers analog signals and me DAC/ iMac to feed me MicroAmp or to use me DAC/ iMac to feed either me NAD Rec. or MicroAmp. on my NAD 710 Receiver I have 2 sets of Tape Input's and...
  22. noseallinit

    Sony PBD-V30 Portable DVD Discman Player/ bid at $36 on ebay w/ 3 1/4 hrs left

    me wish I had the extra money to bid on this item. I think it originally sold for like $700 and the bid is currently $36 with less than 3 1/4 hours to go. I'm sure it will climb above what I got to spend before the bid is over. thought I would pass it along to the HeadFi community thinking...
  23. noseallinit

    has anyone ever had an issue with TheCablePros Ear Candy's before?

    has anyone ever had an issue with TheCablePros Ear Candy's before? a bud just told me of a couple of experiences he has had. I'm in the process of trying to acquire one and was just wondering if this was an isolated problem.
  24. noseallinit

    large or small head, if you listen to Grado's..

    large or small head, if you listen to Grado's how far down does the L & R thing a ma jig that houses the post come down to the base of the post? or what's the distance between the two? I must have a small head for it's not far from touching. about 3/8's of an inch distance between the two...
  25. noseallinit


    I sold Derek a set of HD 595'd and everything went very smooth. Derek knew exactly what he wanted and how much he wanted to pay. this was me first sale of anything online and using PayPal. I couldn't have asked for a better transaction. PayPal made the transaction easy and UPS got his package to...