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  1. Sunstealer

    Desktop DACAmp for sensitive IEMs?

    Hey all. I have an iBasso DX228EX driving my new favourite OG Solaris. I only ever use them indoors at work and so I thought something more desktop-sized would be a good idea. Don't get me wrong - the sound through the Ibasso is incredible but is a similar quality available as a cheaper desktop...
  2. Sunstealer

    Noble TUX5

    First owner from new, Nov 2019 direct from Noble. 4.4mm balanced cable. Boxed, with all accessories and almost all the tips. Well cared for, never used outside. U/V-shaped hybrid, deep bass, non-fatiguing but clear treble. Would consider appropriate desktop / transportable dac/amp (e.g iDSD...
  3. Sunstealer

    DIY SPC cable with Toxic Viper wire, MMCX 4.4mm.

    I made a 4W silver plated copper cable using Toxic Cables Viper 24awg OCC Cryo Silver Plated 7n Copper. CEMA/Electro Acousti 4.4mm jack and splitter. Cardas eutectic solder. Memory wire ear guides. 4ft long. This was made by me just to see what it sounded like. With my setup, the was a...
  4. Sunstealer


    Hi all. Looking for 4.4mm OS849 or Hyperion 8W. I would recessed 2 pin or MMCX. UK or EU please. PM me if you've got one of these. I've got a couple of Moon Audio / CEMA silver cables that I could offer in part-exchange but that's optional. Many thanks.
  5. Sunstealer

    *** SOLD *** Effect Audio Ares II 4W 2.5mm 2 pin

    2.5mm 4W Ares II with FLAT 2pin connectors: SOLD! Please check the photos to make sure you are happy with the connector style!
  6. Sunstealer

    Empire Ears Empire Studio Reference Universal - PRICE DROP!

    Rarely seen for sale here on Headfi so get them while you can. I acquired these from a fellow headfier after being captured by their sound at a London Canjam. They are in good condition. A slightly warm but overall balanced signature that holds its own against the Andromeda (IMO). Works well...
  7. Sunstealer

    Jade Audio EA3 Black, charitable donation please.

    A pair of black EA3 with all accessories except 1 pair of the medium silicone tips. I do not require payment BUT I would like you to make a donation of £25 to either: The Trussell Trust or Shelter UK. Please PM me the receipt / screenshot with your name and forum name. I will then post...
  8. Sunstealer

    ** SOLD ** iBasso IT04 Silver, mint!

    Silver IT04s in mint condition. Bought new from AMP3, probably 50 hours use (warranty replacement pair). Boxed with all original accessories minus the foam tips which you probably don't want as I have used them :wink: Price includes Paypal fees and EU postage. SOLD - have gone to a good home...
  9. Sunstealer

    SHURE SRH1540 + extra pads + custom balanced cable

    A well looked after, immaculate pair of SRH1540s, boxed with all accessories. Additional ATH-MSR7 type pads (boxed, never used). PLUS! - optional custom balanced cable 2.5mm TRRS from Mimic Cables. SRH1540 + extra pads = £190 including postage and Paypal fees to UK Mimic cable = £40 including...
  10. Sunstealer

    iBasso IT01s blue

    Immaculate. Blue. Boxed, all accessories, less one pair of foam tips that I have used. >100 hours burn-in. £110 including PayPal fees and postage to UK. I could do EU but that would require a little more for postage.