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  1. JamieMcC

    Audioquest Nighthawk new 20/6/218

    NOW SOLD Audioquest Nighthawk headphones purchased new by me in June 2018 in as new condition used for 20 hrs at most in rotation with my six other headphones. I really need to get down to just two. *Update* I have recently received a replacement audiophile cable under warranty so these now...
  2. JamieMcC

    FS Meters Music OV-1 Headphones

    Now Sold
  3. JamieMcC

    Meze 99 Classic

    Surplus to requirments,   Meze 99 Classic these are the nice looking gold and walnut version less than a year old and in superb condition with unused carrying case and original box about 20hrs or so use. Nice sounding closed back headphones plenty of excellent reviews on the net. They are...
  4. JamieMcC

    MHDT Labs Constatine + NOS DAC. (240V)

    I'm Listing a very nice sounding non-oversampling MHDT Labs Constatine + DAC. (240V) This MHDT Labs DAC is fitted with the Philips TDA1545 multibit DAC chip. Its a really great intro into the NOS sound MHDT are a well regarded small manufacturer with a great reputation for delivering...
  5. JamieMcC

    Mullard 6080 tubes

    Two Mullard 6080 tubes testing at NOS levels with  coin bases and original packaging. I no longer have a amp that uses this type of tube but still have a number of different tubes brought as spares and put away. I tested them on my Hickok 6000a when they arrived and found them as described...
  6. JamieMcC

    240v Bottlehead Crack+Speedball

    Hi I am selling my 240V Bottlehead Crack OTL headphone amp its only a few weeks old (compulsive diy hobby builder and my next project is now under way). I have enjoyed building half a dozen or so Bottlehead headphone amp kits now from Crack to Mainline. This Crack is fitted with Bottleheads...
  7. JamieMcC

    Bottle Head Crack 240V custom build

    Bottlehead Crack OTL headphone amp with 240v transformer born 30th November 2013 Hi I am selling my custom built Crack OTL headphone amp it is in great condition and in perfect working order. Genuine reason for sale I have a new Bottlehead Sex head amp build underway.    So here is a great...
  8. JamieMcC

    Bespoke wooden headphone stand

    Price drop now £55 with uk delivery included   Selling some stands I have made out of Exotic Purpleheart, Oak & Mahogany it will take most full size headphones my own Beyerdynamic T1's and Sennheiser HD 650's shown for reference purposes and not included. Has two metal cable tidy studs...
  9. JamieMcC

    FS ATH W1000X headphones

    NOW SOLD   Cheers to all who showed an interest.   Jamie