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  1. mvvRAZ

    WTT CFA MW10 for CFA Andromeda 2020 + $$$! EU Only!

    Price for MW10 without trade: 1300 euros EU only, not shipping to or receiving from the UK Will post photos a little later. Condition is great with some minor scratches, purchased them from a fellow Head-Fier and CFA confirmed that if there's any issue with them at any point they can service them
  2. mvvRAZ

    Rhapsodio Infinity Mk2 - a few hours old, mint condition

    I almost loved these but they have too much upper mids for me to want to keep. They're a few hours old, included is everything they come with - purchased directly from Rhapsodio (will provide buyer with an invoice that Rhapsodio provided me with) Brand new condition, 10/10. By tonight they...
  3. mvvRAZ

    EU! PW1950s clone with black PW hardware and PS pins - 4.4 to 2pin

    The 1950s just ain’t for me, but it has plenty of hype from the community so I don’t think it needs much of an introduction @doctorjuggles made me one and I just received it today so literally brand new - the wire itself came from a sleeved headphone cable so it’s been preserved, hasn’t had any...
  4. mvvRAZ

    FOUND Green + Dignis LPGT cases

    Interested in both, need them to be in pretty mint condition - willing to pay good money for them :) Would prefer to have them shipped from within the EU but elsewhere is fine too
  5. mvvRAZ

    SOLD Topping A90 EU sale

    Bought a few weeks ago - brand new condition, been used under 5 hours. Will share photos upon request, comes with original cable/packaging. Price includes shipping :)
  6. mvvRAZ

    Ifi Micro BL + Romi BX2 (non-plus)

    Black Label is in new condition - literally less than 3 weeks old, got it brand new from audio concierge in the UK, has full warranty, cables etc - don’t have the manuals it comes with though - 400 euros Romi BX2 - I got it from another HeadFier, great condition, included is a 3.5 to 3.5 FAW...
  7. mvvRAZ

    ZMF Verite C - 1 week old - Oceanwood Burl

    I got these last week along with my Diana Phi but the Abyss is working better for me, so I wanted to return these, but then the restocking fee is pretty crazy so I want to see if I can get some more money back on here instead :frowning2: 100% mint condition with both pads included, used less...
  8. mvvRAZ

    HeadAmp Pico Power TOTL portable amp - EU sale

    I just got a HeadAmp pico Power (475$ new before VAT and customs) several days ago, decided to make a group order along with my GSX Mini. Hasn’t really been used and is just a little underpowered for my Diana V2 so I have no real need for it Build quality is incredible, color is champagne...
  9. mvvRAZ

    iPhone X 64GB Mint

    Looking to sell it in the EU, perfect condition. Only been used with a case, so no scratches or breaks or anything of the sort Don’t have the original charger or EarPods, so this is a phone only sale I am the first owner :)
  10. mvvRAZ

    Rosson Audio RAD-0 - price drop

    Interest check for my Rosson. Got them during quarantine but didn’t use them more than a few times at best. Great headphones but don’t quite do it for me The stock cables are absolutely terrible and cut off all the time because of how they’re built - I am going to however commission a friend to...
  11. mvvRAZ

    WTB Abyss 1266 TC (maybe the phi alternatively) in the EU

    Title says it all send me your offers <3
  12. mvvRAZ

    WTB Abyss Diana V2

    Title says it all. Might be interested in the 1266 too but I heard it’s a nightmare to drive Lemme know if you are in the EU and have one you want to sell Thanks!
  13. mvvRAZ

    VE EVE20, 001 Unit - up for sale!

    I really didn't want to sell this, but unfortunately I don't use it enough to justify keeping it :frowning2: As put in the description and as you can see in the photos it's the 001 unit, pretty dope. That's factored in the price due to collector value Only trade I'd be potentially interested...
  14. mvvRAZ

    SOLD Sony IER Z1R for sale, EU!!! Price drop 1300!

    Heyo - I’m posting my IER Z1R for sale as I’ve gone overboard on the audio spending and want to recoup some funds They were purchased February 2020, so you still have over an year and a half on the warranty. Price includes shipping with DHL express, but not PayPal fees Note: I will be first...
  15. mvvRAZ

    PW Loki+ 8w 4.4 to 2pin fast sale!

    Heyo, my friend is selling his PW Loki+, preferably shipped to CONUS considering the current situation but can be shipped elsewhere as well elysium not included naturally :D cable is in perfect condition, been babied plenty - no excessive exposure to UV or humidity
  16. mvvRAZ

    Sony IER Z1R shipped from Conus! Price drop 1300 USD!!

    Selling on behalf of my friend once again! IER Z1R in like new condition, ready to be shipped out! They’re a few months old, with very little use on them - all accessories and original packaging included :) Reason for sale: poor fit, what can you do
  17. mvvRAZ

    Cleo Octa 2pin to 3.5mm! Price drop down to 750$!!!!

    Heyo - selling a Cleo Octa, preferably to CONUS, 3.5 SE to 2pin. Perfect condition, hasn't been hit by EA's recent QC issues Price includes shipping but not PP fees
  18. mvvRAZ

    iBasso DX200 with amps! CONUS shipping

    I'm selling some stuff on behalf of a friend, as he's aiming to fund his A18s The iBasso amps that are included are the 1, 3, 5 and 4s - can sell you the amps separately but not the player - that goes for 400$ Mojo Poly - self explanatory, excellent condition - 550$ ifi xDSD - also self...
  19. mvvRAZ


    heyo - I’m selling my DHC, as I ended up getting some other cables that I like better and I’d like to use the funds towards other stuff I’ve chosen all the upgrades and premium options, the MSRP comes out to around 950$, and on top of that you get the hyper cube split which is pretty faking...
  20. mvvRAZ

    Custom A18t with a twist

    Heyooo another day another sale This time around I'm posting my custom A18t, and the funds from that will probably go to an A18s... so if you want a review of that definitely buy these :D Joking aside, my custom A18t comes with a pretty serious added benefit, and it's the fact that you can...
  21. mvvRAZ

    Interested in U12t

    First priority is to trade cables for it - the DHC Symbiote V3 8w, Plussound Silver + Gold Poetic series etc etc (Iliad and Bespoke not available for trade) Other than that, would be willing to trade my Acoustune 1695TI + cash for one, or my Focal Elear Hit me up if you're interested, I'd...
  22. mvvRAZ

    AK SP1000M price dropped to 1500 incl. Dignis case!!!

    Hi there! Since the SP1000M didn't sell at 1800 we're trying again :D 1600 euros delivered (does not include paypal fees) - I am the first owner, and it still has over an year and a half on the warranty - includes original packaging, a USB C cable and the Dignis case as mentioned PM me if...
  23. mvvRAZ

    Noble Khan V2 - now accepting reservations!

    As a part of a trade I'm receiving a mint V2 Khan this Wednesday or Thursday. Naturally I'm going to be the second owner, but they haven't been used by me whatsoever I will be posting photos as soon as I receive them, this is merely a post for anyone interested to pm me and if we agree on a...
  24. mvvRAZ

    WTB 3.5 male to 4.4 female adapter

    DD Hifi, Plussound, etc etc - anything works for me really as long as it's decent quality Hit me up with an offer :)
  25. mvvRAZ

    SP1000M + Dignis Alcantara Case for SALE! :)

    Hi there, since I got the WM1Z I've decided to sell my SP1000M. Excellent working condition, some of the finish has been chipped around the corners but all due to normal usage. It's missing one of the screws on the bottom - doesn't change the usage whatsoever, and would be easy for you to...