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  1. spacequeen7

    WTB : Burson V6 vivid (2x dual )

    Hello,looking for a pair of dual V6 vivid ,please PM Thank you
  2. spacequeen7

    FS: STAX srm-252s energizer

    Hello ,up for sell is SRM-252S..part of the SRS-2170 combo (August 2018) I have another energizer so prolly will never use this one ,it's a 100V version so you need another Wall Adapter ,link below (I order one but it will be delivered next week ) Price :$250+shipping and PP fees Thank you...
  3. spacequeen7

    Fostex TH-900 MK2 and TR-X00 cable recommendation

    Hello I was wondering if I could get some recommendations for the HP listed above ,it seems like this detachable cables are pretty hard to find due to different connectors ,most cable makers only have Sennheiser connectors (different polarity) and don't fit properly I found some aftermarket...
  4. spacequeen7

    Audeze LCD-2.2 (no fazor )

    Hello Selling my LCD-2.2 non fazor in very good condition I'm second owner and recently acquired them (about 2 months ago ) they came with leather pads which were replaced with vegan pads They will come with case and original packaging Price; $550 (firm) +Paypal fee and shipping us48 only...
  5. spacequeen7

    GEC 6AS7G A1834 Straight Base Pan Getter and Haltron GECMOVHammersmith A18346AS7G

    Selling my best tubes ,this were waiting for a better times ..I rarely use them   GEC 6AS7G A1834  Straight Base Pan Getter -sold    Haltron GECMOVHammersmith A18346AS7G- sold         might as well ad this to the bunch    SOLD (NOS/1942)
  6. spacequeen7

    Bottlehead Crack Headphone Amplifier/SpeedBall and Quicke

    Both units are quality build and sound excellent ,you won't be disappointed     upgrades : -output caps (Dayton),I also have two spare oversize oil caps -1/4 phone connector -heat resistant paint (bell)  -Dale 23 Step Attenuator -some resistors -RCA conectors -knobs -20 AWG Solid...
  7. spacequeen7

    Bendix 6080WB /Raytheon Graphite 6080WB

    looking to buy a pair or single Bendix 6080WB (slotted cross column graphite ) or/and Raytheon Graphite 6080WB Thank you
  8. spacequeen7

    HE-400 or HD-650

    I need your expertise guys I'm about to order new cans and I want your opinion ..which one would you choose  HE-400 or HD-650 I like tube rolling and have Aune T1 ,I listen to a lot of different music and already have  DT880-250,detail and bass is what I'm after