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  1. Watermelon Boi

    [FS] Clearing out a dozen of budget/mid-fi IEMs

    Time to release some budget performers for clearing out the drawers. I highly prefer to sell them in bulk. About $30~35 will be added to the transaction price which includes both the expedited worldwide shipping and PP fee. The original packaging boxes will be excluded for reducing weight/size...
  2. Watermelon Boi

    [Trade/WTB] Withdrawn

  3. Watermelon Boi

    [Retracted] Effect Audio Bacchus GPC cable (2pin - 3.5mm)

    Effect Audio Bacchus -Gold Plated OCC Copper Cable -4 braid multi-strand / Soft PVC / 26AWG -Tuned based on "Rowan", exclusive cable from EA x EE collab IEM "Merlin" -Limited edition retailed for $999 (LINK) -Full-bodied sound and detailed resolution. Deep, punchy bass with sweet vocals...
  4. Watermelon Boi

    No longer available

    No longer available
  5. Watermelon Boi

    [Purchased] Noble Audio Katana

  6. Watermelon Boi

    Please close

    Sony IER-M9 Cancelling the trade.
  7. Watermelon Boi

    [For Sale] Jerry Harvey (JH) Lola

    Interest check for JH Lola. Comes with box, case and earphone itself. $1000+pp fee. Worldwide shipping is on me.
  8. Watermelon Boi


    Audiofly AF1120 - sold
  9. Watermelon Boi


    Looking for a like new condition Andromeda S. Please PM me the details if you have one to sell.
  10. Watermelon Boi

    Please close

    Listing cancelled - Please close.
  11. Watermelon Boi

    FS: Acoustune ARC01 (3.5mm, MMCX) Custom Cable

    Acoustune ARC01 Premium Copper Cable -OFC 114 Core with triple shield -3.5mm / MMCX termination Pure copper cable from Acoustune. Has a full, engaging bass with good crisp on the highs. $105 including PP and shipping to CONUS. (No trades) I'll end the listing on 5/16 as I'll be traveling...
  12. Watermelon Boi

    no longer available

    no longer available
  13. Watermelon Boi

    [SOLD] DITA Audio the Answer

    Selling DITA the Answer. It's only carefully used indoors. Like new, pristine condition. This is the newest edition (2018) improved from the old versions. Comes with a carrying case and eartips. I'll also include 2 velvet pouches so that you could keep the earpieces clean. Free shipping to US...
  14. Watermelon Boi

    [Interest Check] LZ A2/A2s/A3/A3s/A4 ALL as a Bundle

    Been collecting all LZ iems til A4 and thinking about letting these all go as a bundle. At this moment, I'm selling only as a bundle but feel free to leave a message and I might later let them go separately. Here are the list: ---------------------------- LZ-A2:$80, includes earphone...
  15. Watermelon Boi

    Xuelin H6 (iHIFI1969): Any Impressions?

    Has anyone got to try out the iHIFI1969 (also called H6) from Xuelin? Would like to hear some impressions on it. Been lurking the threads and I'm yet to find one. Curious how they are in terms of sound and UI..