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  1. TiborM

    Reply to review by 'TiborM' on item 'Grado HP2i'

    Picture or it did not happen. :D
  2. TiborM

    Reply to review by 'TiborM' on item 'iFi audio hip-dac'

    Love mine too!
  3. TiborM

    Reply to review by 'TiborM' on item 'Burson Conductor 3 Reference'

    I love my Playmate, but I also love what everybody writes about Conductor. Maybe one day it will sit on my desk too. Conductor + Heddphone is what I am dreaming of. For now, I am happy as never before :) THX mate.
  4. TiborM

    Reply to review by 'TiborM' on item 'HEDD HEDDphone'

    I need to buy them,ASAP! :D :D :D thx mate
  5. TiborM

    Schiit Modius discussion - $199 balanced AK4493 DAC

    Purely soundwise I would put my bet on Modius + Asgard 3 against Adi 2 dac fs, better sound for half price. But someone experienced has to confirm this :)
  6. TiborM

    Reply to review by 'TiborM' on item 'Burson Audio Playmate'

    As I am reading your review, I am listening to my Playmate and Eras headphones. Vocals are simply beautiful, but I also believe it will benefit with some usb reclocking. I have V6 Vivid opamps and I didn´t even bother with the stock ones, you will definitely rate this even higher, it is that...
  7. TiborM

    Reply to review by 'TiborM' on item 'final D8000 Pro Edition'

    And they look terrible. Like a cheap toy you will break in a week. Sound must be good 😁
  8. TiborM

    QUAD ERA-1 Thread

    I just love Quads tonality, Clear is -from memory- maybe sort of similar, even more mid - vocal centric, maybe more sibilant. sure, I tested it on totally other gear. But from Quads you get everything than from Clears,maybe better and for a lot less money. I haven´t been happier since :)
  9. TiborM

    QUAD ERA-1 Thread

    Give us more! Some pics would be super too :) Thanks mate!
  10. TiborM

    Shanling M6 PRO - New version coming Summer 2021

    Very nice player indeed. But there are some people against, preventing me from buying it. . . My salary giver for example ... :D
  11. TiborM

    New, Burson Playmate 9038 DAC, 2Wpc HeadAmp, Preamp, Changeable opamps.

    My does it as well, but only after my pc goes to sleep and wake up again, I have to turn off and on the Burson again.
  12. TiborM

    New, Burson Playmate 9038 DAC, 2Wpc HeadAmp, Preamp, Changeable opamps.

    HI! Beautiful, what kind of linear supply do You use? Did you try battery?
  13. TiborM

    QUAD ERA-1 Thread

    Yeah :( In the meantime I lend my brother tripple the cost of the cable, so I cannot afford that now. Will have to wait ...
  14. TiborM

    QUAD ERA-1 Thread

    You missed what? You missed the delivery of HEDDPHONE?!? I have to sit down .... :D :D :P
  15. TiborM

    Dan Clark Audio Is Celebrating 8 Years With A Customer Loyalty Club and Sale!

    Thank You Mr Clark. It's just a pity, that for whatever reason you decided to change the most original name in headphone industry. Live long MrSpeakers!
  16. TiborM

    QUAD ERA-1 Thread

    +1 for me I´ve been listening to them with velour pads for last 2 weeks as well and also like them more. I got better bass slam and more detail, sound is more narrower but more intimate :) - the picture I posted is a bit older ...
  17. TiborM

    New, Burson Playmate 9038 DAC, 2Wpc HeadAmp, Preamp, Changeable opamps.

    Hi. I´ve been using my Burson with Quad Era 1 for about a month now and have been so happy. Eras are definitely the most transparent a musical headphones I´ve had. Well these headphones were my most expensive purchase ... so you understand. But the last week I´ve been using it connected to my...
  18. TiborM

    Reply to review by 'TiborM' on item 'S.M.S.L SP200 THX 888 Amp'

    Hey, no word about Aeon 2 pairing? Because that´s the headphone I wanna buy and I am deciding between this and Asgard 3. THX mate :)
  19. TiborM

    Focal Elegia Measurements

    How come? Sure they are in the same category. And I love the design of Focal phones, especially on Clears. But NightOwls are weirdly nice too. OK, I've tried Elegias after Clears so maybe that's why I didn't like them, but still feel that my owls are better with female voices...and the price...
  20. TiborM

    Focal Elegia Measurements

    Hi, how could anyone like these headphones? Those drops between 3k and 5k makes female voices so recessed and muffled, hearing them side by side with clears and they are really bad. My NightOwls sounds better...
  21. TiborM

    Sony MDR-Z7M2 Headphone Thread

    Well, I hope so too, but not for that price. 900 usd? No way :-D
  22. TiborM

    Sony MDR-Z7M2 Headphone Thread

    Hey want to dethrone th-x00? Audioquest NightOwl Carbon, the Fostex didn't do it for me but NightOwl's are right there!
  23. TiborM

    Denon AH-D5200 (little brother of the AH-D7200)

    Nice! They look really cool, I am looking for some good closed headphones for myself too, looking forward to hear your impressions & some comparisons, if you can, too :) thx