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  1. bagwell359

    Closed back vs Open back + digital parametric EQ

    1. Lots of folks here won't use EQ (even though modern digital parametric EQ's are undetectable if used in a reasonable way). Older analog EQ's could be easily audible with adjacent settings an octave apart set more than 5 db apart from each other. I,E. +2.5 @ 500 Hz & -2.5 @ 1k Hz. 2. Many...
  2. bagwell359

    Want fix damaged mylar in HFM driver

    OK, I bought these old HE-5LE's. In one driver I noticed today that there is a small rip near the outer edge. I know I can't glue or tape them with anything common since the extra mass will change the sound perhaps considerably and probably not do much for the actual problem. kapton seems to...
  3. bagwell359

    SOLD: Mass Drop TH-X00 Mahogany w/ Dekoni Fenestrated Pads

    Virtually mint cans, little used. Modfied cable from SE to Bal. Can add the additional cable to plug into Bal and used as SE. Box, bag, cables included. The Mahogany looks great, unblemished. Original pads and Dekoni's near mint. Shipping: $25 US. Price: Firm
  4. bagwell359

    Grado DR-80e excellent shape

    Bought in 11/14 from Amazon. It has the orignal pads which I cut out the centers per advice on making treble less grainy (I think it does). Box, phones, plug. Great for the money, subject to of an amazing amount of mods, often voted best dollar for dollar can. Broken in for 100 hours, used...