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  1. Bonddam

    Resolved: What happen to my feedback?

    Pretty unhappy my trader feedback went away.
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    T+A HA-200

    If you are looking into this amp pm me for details. Unit will have full warranty. I will be the ambassador for warranty I clarify this with House of stereo in Jacksonville Florida.
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    Sold Chord Hugo TT2 silver

    About 3 months old. Found I’m into Tube DACs so this must go. Mint condition. I purchased Sbooster power supply and have good results with it. Being the DAC goes I don’t have use for a 15volt supply that’s over built, makes the stock brick look like a babies toy. I’m open to offers I included...
  5. Bonddam

    Sold Ultra Sonic Studios Custom Citadel

    Partly broken headphone still works was going to send it out for repair until the guy said $550 to ship it to Sweden. So it would cost me at least 1000 in shipping. Don’t know if it was the preamp or speaker taps won’t work. If anyone fixes amps might take this as a project. Open to offers just...
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    Who feels they pay their ISP too much?

    If you feel internet and cable is crazy I'll tell you why.
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    So I settled the Abyss and T+A are all I need in life so another headphone. It’s only available through Adorama. I’ll say closet not the whole package but getting there to the original HE-6 reason is the first had no bass and bass head knows his bass. If you got enough power this headphone is...
  8. Bonddam

    Nectar Hive

    Good sounding headphone. Mint condition Good starter estate. Has a fuller body sound then RR1.
  9. Bonddam

    SOLD Holo Audio Spring 2 KTE

    This is a beast of a dac r2r design with all upgraded parts. It's mint and was purchased last fall. Not at all dull in the highs and never harsh great bass and midrange. Any questions pm me.
  10. Bonddam

    SOLD Feliks Euforia

    Hardley used Euforia. This is my 2nd one. Selling to fund WA33 Elite. Comes with Gold pavane cv181 driver tubes. Think I bought it earlier this month. Solid build no cheap parts. If interested I have rare tubes for power. Have TS 5998 and TS 7236. If interested make a package deal. Tubes are...
  11. Bonddam

    Sold Kaldas RR1 Conquest electrostatic

    Good pair of RR1 estate. This basic package. Comes with 2 cables the short and longer. Has scuff on top of cup. Have original box.
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    This is the 1st ever made Custom Citadel. I’m the 2nd owner. Selling to fund WA33 Elite. This is a very transparent hybrid. It has 4 pin xlr out only. Has speaker taps on the rear. Only has xlr inputs. It is a balanced amp. Have 3 sets of tubes to go with it. Rolling doesn’t change the sound...
  13. Bonddam

    Mytek Manhattan 2 basic model

    This is very holographic sound very lively sound sits neutral in the spectrum. Internal amp good power with gain settings. Pm if interested. Includes Apple remote power cord
  14. Bonddam

    Sold Head Amp BHSE Electrostatic Amp

    Looking to part with my Blue Hawaii SE. It is blue and has one scratch at the bottom of the painted section. It is not visible when amp is in place. It has upgraded volume pot. Buyer will get 2 sets of tubes that have been marked for proper placement in the amp. The 2nd set of tube are Siemens...
  15. Bonddam

    not for sale Psvane ACME 2A3

    Selling my back up tubes to my WA33 used to make sure they work $650 for four matched tubes purchased from Woo Audio.
  16. Bonddam

    Sold EML 300b 2.5 volt

    4 matched tubes for 2A3 amps have 300 hours roughly. Just sold my Woo WA33 so don’t need them anymore. $750 shipped. Brand new $1418.00 these give you some of the qualities of a 300B. What they are I don’t know never got to listen to 300b.
  17. Bonddam

    Sold Fostex TH909

    Selling good pair of dynamic has one issue a chip of paint came off on left ear cup. Sounds wonderful with good bass. Pads are in perfect condition comes with two cables 1/4 and xlr headphone stand
  18. Bonddam

    Going to be traded Rosson Audio RAD-0 number 24

    For sale my RAD-0 24 in good to mint condition no issues extenders are tight pads are in good shape. This set includes two cable. The stock 3.5mm and one xlr cable. ships UPS payment includes shipping and PayPal fees. If outside US shipping is extra.
  19. Bonddam

    Sold ZMF Verite Open Camphor Burl

    Selling my Camphor Burl VO with rose gold parts and sued head strap Mint condition Includes 2 pads Verite and Universe, 1/4 and 3.5mm cables, extra leather head strap. Ships UPS
  20. Bonddam

    Sold Meze Empyrean Gunmetal

    This set was purchased in September I’m replacing it with the copper version as my favorite color scheme. Comes with 4 pin xlr. There is no crinkle from any of the diaphragms. This has to be close to last production of gun metal as it does not come in plain cardboard box. Included serial number...
  21. Bonddam

    Sold Jps super conductor

    3 pin dual super conductor cable.
  22. Bonddam

    Sold Audeze LCD 4

    For sale LCD 4 purchased few months ago. In mint condition. Sale includes all items. I’ll ship out of US if you pay shipping. These where purchased from Audeze so the warranty is good. They don’t produce the type of bass I like. I like it real punchy like Empyrean or very deep like 1266 tc...
  23. Bonddam

    They Sold Bendix 6080wb

    Selling two of my six Bendix 6080wb great sounding tube. Picture of tubes in Euphoria AE . Ones I’m selling not used.
  24. Bonddam

    Sold JPS Super Conductor For Abyss 1266

    Sold my TC so the cable not needed. It's 4ft dual 3 pin xlr.
  25. Bonddam

    SOLD Abyss 1266 Phi TC lite

    4 month old Mint condition Headband is in good condition Comes with all original parts and boxes Ear pads are in mint or good condition. 1/4 inch adapter included Original cable not used but twice to a/b SC cable. No smoking or pets in the house, just three kids and a fish. Headphone stand not...