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  1. FastAndClean

    Etymotic Research EVO impressions and discussion thread

    Evo is the new Etymotic flagship that will be out soon. It is triple BA driver earphone, the first for Etymotic, post your impressions and discussions here. Link -
  2. FastAndClean

    Blon in ear monitors impressions thread

    BL03 is so good that i think it deserves a thread, also rumors that improved model in the future exist so lets keep the ball rolling.
  3. FastAndClean

    AUDIOSENSE in-ear monitors Impressions Thread

    AUDIOSENSE is a company that i saw a couple of weeks ago in the Asian thread, they make in ear monitors with Knowles drivers. The interesting thing about them is that they are purchasing custom drivers from them for some of their models. I am waiting for the flagship T800 and the impressions are...
  4. FastAndClean

    Tanchjim in ear monitors Impressions Thread

    There is some reports that the Tanchjim Oxygen is a worthy Moondrop Kanas Pro competitor (although more expensive), post your impressions here.
  5. FastAndClean

    CCA in ear monitors Impressions Thread

    It seems like the CCA C16 is a big hit right now, the impressions are not a lot but they are very positive and considered by many to be one of the best earphones under 100$, post your impressions here.
  6. FastAndClean

    Moondrop in-ear monitors Impressions Thread

    Moondrop is highly regarded chinese company, they are using harman target response curve to tune most of their in ears i am waiting for Moondrop Kanas Pro post your impressions here
  7. FastAndClean

    Campfire Audio Solaris thread

    looks like a new flagship to me
  8. FastAndClean

    The best reviews on youtube.

    updates every time something interesting come out Number 1 - metal571 - Number 2 - Currawong - Number 3 - DMS - Number 4 - aornic -...
  9. FastAndClean

    QUAD ERA-1 Thread

    The legendary audio gear manufacturer Quad is introducing their first planar magnetic headphone at Munich, tuned to the ESL-57 sound signature, that will be good.
  10. FastAndClean

    Monolith M650 and M600 new open back dynamic headphones from Monoprice

    It seem like a poor man HD650 and HD600 to me. Available 31 of may 650 Monolith M650 Open Back Over Ear Headphones The Monolith™ M650 has been engineered from the ground up to provide the kind of quality that is the hallmark of the Monolith series of audio products. Featuring a newly...
  11. FastAndClean

    The headphones that you repurchase.

    I had a lot of headphones, some good, some not so good. I repurchase the Sennheiser HD598 that i sold before 4 years. Big mistake. Now i am very happy that i have them again. Spectacular mids. Share your similar experiences here. .
  12. FastAndClean

    Monolith M1060C Closed Back Planar Headphones impressions

    New offerings from Monoprice, i hope they removed the ringing problems with the open back version, post your impressions here. Monolith M1060C Closed Back Planar Headphones The Monolith M1060C planar headphones are the perfect way to experience your music collection. The M1060C features a...
  13. FastAndClean

    Stoner, doom and sludge Metal Thread.

    Anyone else addicted to that dark sweetness?
  14. FastAndClean

    Black background headphones.

    I like that phenomenon but i have no idea why some headphones have it and some don't, i had AudioQuest Nighthawks and they had very dark background, the things just popped out of nowhere. I bought t50rp mod because i read that they have that to. Can someone explain to me what exactly is that...
  15. FastAndClean

    Unique Melody ME 1 impressions thread

    post your impression of the new Unique Melody ME1 planar magnetic in ear headphones here first look at the Unique Melody ME1 Planar magnetic earphones pics
  16. FastAndClean

    Monoprice Monolith M565 immpresions

    post your impressions here review
  17. FastAndClean

    New AKG K92, K72 and K52 Closed-Back Headphones

    I can't find a thread for these new AKG studio headphones, they seem interesting.
  18. FastAndClean

    Show us your IEM collection.

    I have - Sony xba c10, SoundMagic pl50, RHA MA750I and the winner Ortofon e-Q5.