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  1. CK Moustache

    Etymotic - Discussion & Impressions (index in 1st post)

    In my (and other people's) experience, the by far most important contributor to perceived soundstage size when it comes to in-ears is the frequency response, and a flat tuning as most of Etymotic's in-ears have will simply result in a perceived "intimate"/"small"/"circular" soundstage whereas...
  2. CK Moustache

    Moondrop in-ear monitors Impressions Thread

    Unfortunately this is normal and will happen even with super careful use. That's also why I personally don't like this type of cable shielding at all (along with the fact that cables of this kind are more prone to absorbing any sort of fluids to some degree as well as some dirt/dust).
  3. CK Moustache

    Oriveti O400

    I just finished and uploaded my review:
  4. CK Moustache

    Review by 'CK Moustache' on item 'ORIVETI O400 - Premium 4BA HiFi IEM Headphones'

    Link to my review and measurement index thread where one can also find a full review overview, more information about myself as well as my general-ish audio and review manifesto: I only give full stars. My ranking/scoring system does not necessarily...
  5. CK Moustache

    CK Moustache (previously active as "HiFiChris") – Audio Review and Measurement Index Thread

    ORIVETI O400 Source: Review sample. Miscellaneous: ORIVETI’s second BA-only in-ears. Very nice unboxing experience (except for that the cardboard box was somewhat difficult to open); nicely arranged accessories and a wide range of different ear tip styles (various single-flange silicone...
  6. ORIVETI O400 - Premium 4BA HiFi IEM Headphones

    ORIVETI O400 - Premium 4BA HiFi IEM Headphones

    Features: * Handmade Resin Earphone Body; * 4 Exclusive Balanced Armature Drivers; * Precisely Designed Crossover Network * Handmade Class 8 Wires (Silver Plated Copper) Braided Detachable Cable; * Perfect Natural, Balanced & Wide Sound; Specification: Drivers: 1 Treble BA, 1 Bass BA, 1...
  7. CK Moustache

    Etymotic - Discussion & Impressions (index in 1st post)

    Below is the quoted comparison from my ER2XR review ( For me personally, when listening to music from my CD rig where I prefer a flatter response and am therefore using the ER-4S, ER4SR and ER2SE (as well as Ultimate Ears Reference...
  8. CK Moustache

    Oriveti O400

    I really love the ER2XR too. I just finished transforming the SE846 direct comparison notes into continuous text; haven't done it yet with the ER2XR direct comparison notes, but I've quoted them below for you and anybody else who is interested.
  9. CK Moustache

    Oriveti O400

    @frix No venting on the O400.
  10. CK Moustache

    Oriveti O400

    My review's generally taking longer to finish than expected and than usual, but that's mainly because of how much I also personally like the O400 (which was quite clear given that I already knew the frequency response thanks to the Korean Ear-Fi Blog site, but I didn't expect them to perform...
  11. CK Moustache

    Etymotic Research EVO impressions and discussion thread

    For "serious" CD listening, my ER-4S and the ER4SR as well as on occasions the ER2SE are clearly my way to go (sometimes also my InEar ProPhile 8 or Ultimate Ears Reference Monitors, but the ER-4S and ER4SR get more ear time). But for recreational non-CD, "random" music listening, a bass boost...
  12. CK Moustache

    CK Moustache (previously active as "HiFiChris") – Audio Review and Measurement Index Thread

    Depends on whether your phone's headphone output is rather good or rather bad (hiss, output impedance, distortion, measured frequency response, wrongly calculated coupling capactors in the signal path, weird stuff sometimes implemented by some manufacturers such as noise gates or dynamic bass...
  13. CK Moustache

    FiiO's Crown Jewel of Portable Music Player M11 Plus LTD Is Officially Released!

    Thank you for your reply. Could you please also answer the following questions that you did not reply to?
  14. CK Moustache

    Oriveti O400

    I got my hands on a set of the O400 not too long ago, and my impressions of them are still very positive. While I haven't done any direct side-by-side comparisons yet (but will do), their technical performance is definitely (and quite easily, if I may already say so) worth the price; the tuning...
  15. CK Moustache

    If you still love Etymotic ER4, this is the thread for you...

    That was discussed a short time ago in this thread. Some suggestions were: • Colouring the ER4XR text with red and blue felt tip pens. • Placing coloured electrical tape on each cable/shell. • Putting small, coloured o-rings/rubber bands onto the cable.
  16. CK Moustache

    The discovery thread!

    While that's generally true about AliExpress graphs, the Knowledge Zenith AS10 and AS06 graphs on the AliExpress product pages were at least correct. Then again, these graphs seem to have been removed for some reason since I cannot find them anywhere on AliExpress anymore. Anyway, so far the...
  17. CK Moustache

    Show Off Your IEMs/Buds And Accessories!

    Story time: Sennheiser IE 800 With the release of the HD 800 and IE 800, Sennheiser decided to restrict the distribution to higher-end and local resellers, stores and distributors instead of Amazon and the other typical big online stores that carried and sold their other products such as the...
  18. CK Moustache

    CK Moustache (previously active as "HiFiChris") – Audio Review and Measurement Index Thread

    InEar StageDiver SD-2 Source: Personal unit. Miscellaneous: Poor unboxing experience – plain plastic bag with carrying case, in-ears, two cleaning wipes, 6.35 to 3.5 mm adapter, three pairs of silicone tips. It seems like InEar later switches to a more appealing and proper packaging...
  19. CK Moustache

    Knowledge Zenith (KZ) impressions thread

    They are designed not to spin - the naming is somewhat misleading indeed, and I was also somewhat confused when I had my first encounter with SpinFit tips since I also imagined them to actually spin/rotate. It's just the tip's end that can wiggle around a bit, which also makes sense as...
  20. CK Moustache

    Sennheiser IE900 Review, Measurements, & Harman Target Talk

    I hadn't even realised that the HD 600s' colour scheme has changed as well until reading your post, but indeed, they look different now. While I personally really like my HD 600s' blue granite appearance, the new colour scheme looks visually more professional as well as refreshing to me, and...
  21. CK Moustache

    CK Moustache (previously active as "HiFiChris") – Audio Review and Measurement Index Thread

    Etymotic ER3XR Source: Review sample. Miscellaneous: Just like on the ER2XR as well as ER4XR, “XR” stands for “Extended Response”, indicating a moderately boosted bass compared to the flatter tuned SE (respectively SR) models. The ER3 series IEMs are basically similar to the ER4 series...
  22. CK Moustache

    Sennheiser IE900 Review, Measurements, & Harman Target Talk

    Aren't the HD 660S supposed to be the successors to the HD 600 (and apparently also the HD 650)? Either way, I just noticed that Sennheiser also (recently?) changed the HD 600 and HD 650s' design to match the HD 660S', and the Sennheiser logos are not centered anymore but on the head band's...
  23. CK Moustache

    New Shanling Streamers - EM5 & EA5

    Ah, that's really good to hear. Finally more and more companies are opening up to implementing digitally controlled volume. Props to Shanling. While I'm totally against the screen size race on portable devices (there was a time when touchscreen smartphones with a 3.7" or 4.2" screen were...
  24. CK Moustache

    Every detail matters: Introducing the all-new IE 900

    Sennheiser has definitely implemented some interesting acoustic technology into some of their products, that's not even up for debate, and in the past some of this clever tech hasn't even been marketed by Sennheiser even though it was and still is quite interesting and impressive from a...
  25. CK Moustache

    Every detail matters: Introducing the all-new IE 900

    Sure, it has become a rather "regular thing" in the past few years in the headphone/IEM/audio industry, but fortunately not all companies increase the price for same generation updates of existing products or new releases in the same category/performance range by that much. Back when the IE 800...