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  1. kendavis

    Should I leave my Chord DAVE Powered on?

    Should I leave my DAVE powered on (like the Schiit Yggdrasil) or should I turn it off between uses?
  2. kendavis

    [SOLD] Eddie Current Aficionado

    I am selling my (original owner) Eddie Current Aficionado in excellent condition with original packing and just checked out by Bill Thalman ( ). It was upgraded at factory with a pair of Audyn copper foil caps. I will include two sets of tubes--the unit...
  3. kendavis

    Sennheiser HD800S [SOLD]

    I am selling my HD800S headphones in excellent condition (bought recently through Head-Fi classifieds). They are in excellent condition and include all the original cables, thumb drive, and other materials. The price includes PayPal and shipping and will include an extra headband cushion. There...
  4. kendavis

    DC Area Head-Fi Meet and End-of-Summer SchiitStorm! - August 12, 2017 - Gaithersburg, Maryland! - IMPRESSIONS

    A good crowd, a good venue, and a good time. More pictures and comments to follow. Please post yours here...
  5. kendavis

    I just posted a question for help and...

    I just posted a question for help with subscriptions and it is being held for moderation. I am not a new member so I am wondering why my post is being held. Are all posts to this forum held or has something changed about my subscription. AFAIK, I have not abused the system in any way.
  6. kendavis

    HELP... my subscriptions keep changing state

    I set all my subscriptions to immediate and change my settings accordingly and the next day they are all changed back to site only. I get a few emails and then they stop. Is there any way to change/fix this?   Someone replied to a previous post suggesting that one has to visit the pages to...
  7. kendavis

    WTB: Cavalli Liquid Gold

    If you have one to sell... let's talk. PM me. Thank you.
  8. kendavis

    DC Area Head-Fi Meet Planning (ongoing)

    @schneller is right. DC Area Head-Fi Meet - Sunday, December 4, 2016, (ending around here: is obsolete.   Here's a new one. I suggest using this one to schedule next meets and then, when date and...
  9. kendavis

    Schiit Bifrost Multibit (Bimby)

    Bought 2 years ago as Bifrost Uber with Gen 2 USB and then upgraded to Multibit last April. Everything is in excellent condition--I just haven't needed it since I got my Yggy. The price INCLUDES PayPal and UPS ground shipping. Please PM with questions or expressions of interest.
  10. kendavis

    Seeking recommendations for (single-ended, RCA) interconnect to connect my Yggy to my MicroZOTL2S

    I just got my MZ2S and realized that I don't have any spare interconnects around the house. I pirated a pair of Straight Wire Symphony II's from my upstairs system, but they have been discontinued. Any advice on what to buy to connect my DAC to my amp without breaking the bank (the bank probably...
  11. kendavis

    Slim Devices Squeezebox v3/Classic

    The squeezebox was an early wireless web streaming client made by Slim Devices, before they were sold to Logitech who continued the product line for a while. Technical details can be found here: I no longer have the boxes so I'm selling...
  12. kendavis

    Analysis Plus iPod Cable (and maybe Meridian Explorer DAC)

    I'm offering the 2 meter version of this cable that connects mini-plug to 2 RCA plugs. Details can be found here: I guess that my eyes were bigger than my ears when I started gathering headphone paraphernalia, but I bought...
  13. kendavis

    Grado PS1000e Headphones [PRICE REDUCED]

    I bought these in October of 2014 but I have hardly used them at all--I'd be surprised if I've put 50 hours of listening on them. They are in excellent condition with original package and accessories. I had one problem where the ear adjustment sliding shaft separated from the gimbal--I guess...