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  1. mvvRAZ

    Review by 'mvvRAZ' on item 'Abyss Headphones Diana'

    Usual disclaimers: I purchased both the Diana V2 and the Diana Phi at full retail (didn't even manage to score a lousy 10% off this time -_-). No incentives were provided in exchange for a positive review but get your shilling umbrellas out as it is about to rain praise Open back headphones...
  2. mvvRAZ

    Review by 'mvvRAZ' on item 'Noble Audio Sultan'

    Prelude and Disclaimers: I’ve purchased the Sultan at its 3100$ retail value. Noble were able to make some custom faceplates for me based on the blue pinecone Prestige Khan that was featured a while back but they said they’d only do that if I write a super positive review and pay them 200$ so...
  3. mvvRAZ

    Review by 'mvvRAZ' on item 'Metal Magic Research Thummim'

    Disclaimer: I purchased the MMR Thummim because it is brutally awesome and from the moment I heard it I knew I was ready to sell a kidney in order to make sure I never have to send it back. Intro To be fully honest, I've been postponing having to review the Thummim for a while now. It's...
  4. mvvRAZ

    Review by 'mvvRAZ' on item 'Metal Magic Research Homunculus'

    Disclaimer: The Homunculus was provided to me for a few days in order for me to publish a review, with the option to purchase. I will be sending it for MMR's EU tour (to be announced soon), and no incentive was provided for a favourable review. Considering I've had a somewhat limited time with...
  5. mvvRAZ

    Review by 'mvvRAZ' on item 'Vision Ears EVE20'

    In the interest of full disclosure, I paid full MSRP for the EVE20 + shipping, but VE did agree to sell me the 001 unit, which is reason enough for you to ignore everything below this line as it's obviously nothing more than paid promotion. If you decide to read on accept that everything I've...
  6. Vision Ears EVE20

    Vision Ears EVE20

    VE's latest release is the 6BA universal by the name of EVE20, sporting two BAs for bass, two for the midrange and a last two for the treble
  7. mvvRAZ

    Reply to review by 'mvvRAZ' on item '64 Audio A18s'

    @riverground yeah demos are generally hard to get unless you’re based in Asia or NYC :/ I’d say the A18S is a very safe pick based on the rest of your collection - the elysium is a bit more different compared to what you have now. VE have also released a universal so that might be a good way...
  8. mvvRAZ

    Reply to review by 'mvvRAZ' on item '64 Audio A18s'

    @riverground thanks bud! I owned the QDC Anole VX briefly (shared some impressions in my review thread and my ranking list), but I found that the A18s is a much more exciting and interesting option - the Anole feels way too generic to me personally, though it's certainly a great IEM as well...
  9. mvvRAZ

    Reply to review by 'mvvRAZ' on item '64 Audio A18s'

    @dhruvmeena96 yeah I see your point there and I think I agree :) thanks for the input!
  10. mvvRAZ

    Review by 'mvvRAZ' on item '64 Audio A18s'

    The very first thing most people have asked me where the A18s is concerned is just how similar or different it is to the original A18t, and if it’s worth getting if you already have the A18t. I will structure the review as a bit of a comparison between the two as well as other 64 IEMs I no...
  11. 64 Audio A18s

    64 Audio A18s

    The new A18s by 64Audio featuring 16 new drivers and LID
  12. mvvRAZ

    Review by 'mvvRAZ' on item 'SONY IER-Z1R'

    The IER Z1R has become one of those community staples and doesn't need much of an introduction or tech specs for that matter. What I will mention here however is something that I had misunderstood myself for a while - the Z1R's DD actually performs the lows and mids, while the BA covers the...
  13. mvvRAZ

    Review by 'mvvRAZ' on item 'Plunge Audio Unity 5 ES'

    I will try to keep this review rather brief, as I mostly want to discuss the purchase process, build quality, packaging and how technical the IEMs are The reason for that is that the FR has actually been custom tailored to my preferences specifically, as opposed to an off-the-shelf tuning...
  14. Plunge Audio Unity 5 ES

    Plunge Audio Unity 5 ES

  15. mvvRAZ

    Reply to review by 'mvvRAZ' on item 'Acoustune 1695TI'

    Thanks @fiascogarcia ! I try to keep em critical and entertaining
  16. mvvRAZ

    Review by 'mvvRAZ' on item 'Acoustune 1695TI'

    The Acoustune 1695TI is a model that I didn’t know existed until well, a couple of days ago. I had gone to my local audio store to demo some stuff, most of which I was pretty heavily disappointed by, so I decided to extend my suffering a bit further and go back to Acoustune. I had previously...
  17. Acoustune 1695TI

    Acoustune 1695TI

  18. mvvRAZ

    Reply to review by 'mvvRAZ' on item 'Noble Audio Tux 5'

    So was I, I kinda liked the Khan but I felt it had quite a lot of issues in its tonality and build - the Tux5 could’ve been legitimately a better Khan at half the price Oh well, guess it’s a pass from me
  19. mvvRAZ

    Reply to review by 'mvvRAZ' on item 'Noble Audio Tux 5'

    Pretty disappointed to hear it’s a V... had the potential to fix the shortcomings of the Khan’s overly dry treble
  20. mvvRAZ

    Review by 'mvvRAZ' on item 'Noble Audio Katana'

    The Katana is an IEM that's been around for some time now, and by this point any regular review is a bit of an overkill given the sheer quantity of articles that have already been written on it That is why I am taking a completely different angle on it, and in a way I'm reviewing an entirely...
  21. mvvRAZ

    Reply to review by 'mvvRAZ' on item 'Vision Ears ELYSIUM'

    Hey @Spie1904 , I don't listen to a whole lot of classical, but violins sound absolutely exceptional on the Elysium. The texture of the midrange, combined with the treble extention are a dream come true The Elysium also has a noticeably lifted subbass, which should more than cover your...
  22. mvvRAZ

    Reply to review by 'mvvRAZ' on item '64 Audio U18 Tzar'

    @IgeNeLL I agree, especially with all this new driver tech being incorporated. The A18t was absolutely groundbreaking for its time and it remains one of those legendary IEMs
  23. mvvRAZ

    Reply to review by 'mvvRAZ' on item '64 Audio U18 Tzar'

    @pithyginger63 Vision Ears is the only company that I found to have outperformed them in terms of consistency specifically. Then again, it does come somewhat naturally to them Germans haha
  24. mvvRAZ

    Review by 'mvvRAZ' on item '64 Audio U18 Tzar'

    As there's tons of reviews of the A18t out and about, I will keep this brief as more of a contribution than a full review 2019 has been a pretty crazy year for audio. So much new tech, drivers, configuration, hybrids, tribrids and whatnot. Madness galore. To answer the question in the...
  25. mvvRAZ

    Reply to review by 'mvvRAZ' on item 'Itsfit Fusion'

    Already answered in a different thread, but I listened to the M3 once and found it to be an extreme V :) can’t really give you detailed impressions cause I hate Vs and I didn’t listen to it very long