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  1. trivium911

    Are the Meze 99 classics any good?

    I seem to have an issue with headphones that have excessive midbass, I’m looking for a pair of headphones that are more comfortable than my NAD HP50s which seem to do everything else right. The bass is about right, I suppose I can live a little more but excessive midbass is a deal breaker for...
  2. trivium911

    Recommended Upgrade from HP50

    Does anyone have any ideas of an upgrade from the HP50's that are similar in sonic signature, soundstage and imaging? My head is too small for the HP50's apparently since they dont touch the touch of my head, i've been using foam in between the headband and my head. I also had to stuff foam tape...
  3. trivium911

    Headphone 3D Imaging

    Hi Guys, just a thought, for those of you that own decent headphones and nice speakers what is your general opinion on which offers better 3D imaging?
  4. trivium911

    FLC8S Replacement Cables

    Hi Guys, Im really tired of my balanced cables, they hold a memory which is really annoying as i always store my IEMS as best as i can which is usually coiled up. I have a pair of new non balanced cables for my 8S's its actually a better material and more pliable... However its not balanced...
  5. trivium911

    Upgrading to a DAP with streaming?

    Hi Guys, those of you with DAP's that offers streaming do you feel you use it alot? Im trying to convince myself not to pickup a DX160 since i already have a DX120 and im loving it. I would hate to purchase something just for the sake of having something new and shiny. How do you use it when...
  6. trivium911

    DX120 DAC Off Android phone.

    Hi Guys, i recently figured i would leverage my wifes spotify premium account since she is paying for it anyways and you can have two users. At any rate i prefer to have my music with me rather than in some cloud somewhere as alot of times when im camping service is Spoty, also in Canada...
  7. trivium911

    DIY balanced cables

    Figured I would share my balanced cables I just made for my 400i's. The connectors are excellent from alliexpress, soldering was easier than some others. I used a bit of heat shrink for the strain relief's and copper from a stripped CAT6 patch cable.
  8. trivium911

    Xonar D2X Sound Card VS Fiio X5ii (Same DAC)

    Im undecided as to which DAC to use...the one in my Fiio x5ii (PCM1792A) or the Xonar D2X sound card which is a TI Burr-Brown PCM1796. Theoretically the one in the sound card is technically higher end i think. I also have a fiio x3ii which has a cirrus logic CS4398 but imagine that its lower...
  9. trivium911

    Little dot I+ vs balanced amp.

    I have a pair of hifiman 400i's, I typically plugged into my FiiO X5ii line out and into the amp. I recently bought an Ibasso DX120 which has a balanced output. I'm just wondering how good the little dot is compared to a balanced output of the dx120...or if it's worth it at all. I don't have a...
  10. trivium911

    Balanced output vs Headphone amp

    Hey guys I'm trying to decide on either my little dot I+ for my hifiman 400is or the balanced output out of my ibasso dx120. Problem is I don't have a balanced it worth it to get one? Or should I stick to the little dot? Will balanced really increase sound stage over the little dot?
  11. trivium911

    Fiio X5ii (2nd Gen)

    Hi guys i have a fiio x3ii and a x5ii and i no longer need both, i figure i would sell the x5ii since i just installed a new battery and its ready to go. My x3ii is plugged in all the time anyways into a stereo in my home gym. Here is the link to my Ebay Add, i can also do paypal on the site...
  12. trivium911

    Fiio X5iii Worth it?

    I was looking at getting a Ibasso DX120 as it checks all the boxes i like. However...the Fiio x5 3rd gen just came on sale for $268 CAD. Have they worked out all the bugs yet? Im more concerned about top SQ over features such as offered by the x5 3rd gen. The DX120 only has a single DAC though...
  13. trivium911

    Fiio X3ii With Fiio A5

    Hi Guys, I wondering if getting the Fiio A5 amp paired with my Fiio X3ii would bring it closer to the sound quality of the Fiio X5ii or the Fiio X5iii. I was looking into getting the fiio x5 2nd gen but cant find anything used for a decent price in Canada. I can buy a fiio X5 3rd gen new from...
  14. trivium911

    X5ii upgrade from x3ii

    Hi guys im wondering if its worth it to sell my x3ii and upgrade to tue x5ii, the prices on both have come down since the release of the x5iii...somehow and for some reason though a $500 CAD cell phone with a audiophile chip does not interest me at the moment mostly due to the fact thats its...
  15. trivium911

    Hifiman 400i Vs Sennhesier HD650

    Hi guys visions is having a sale on the hifiman 400i open back headphones for $350 CAD. I can get the Sennheiser HD650 from amazon UK (assuming they ship to canada) for about 236 British pounds or $400 CAD. Which option should i pick?    I did have a quick listen to the hifiman 400i in visions...
  16. trivium911

    ALIEXPRESS shipping on IEMS

    Hey guys how long does it typically take to receive order from aliexpress via epacket to canada? I ordered a few pairs of headphones but my main question is they quoted 16-26 is this total days or bussiness days. Also one of my parcels was shipped on the 21st but the tracking number...
  17. trivium911

    Objective 2 (o2) Amp on a plane

    Hi Guys im wondering if I should bring my O2 amp on the plane, it has the rechargeable 9V batteries. just for reference it says Mayfield electronics on the front since it was NOT a DIY and I bought It like that. Im worried that they may take it away as they may find it suspicious. I also have...
  18. trivium911

    Fiio X1 vs Fio X3ii

    Hi Guys im wondering if I should upgrade to the Fiio X3ii or possible the fiio x5ii. I Realize that the fiio x1ii now has Bluetooth but this does not really appeal to me since im fine with just plugging in the line out and it sounds decent in my truck with stock alpine (dodge). Anyways my...
  19. trivium911

    IS Legit for IEM's?

    Hi Guys im trying to decide to buy the Shure Se215, Gr07 or IM70's but according to golden ears the 215's and im70's (since the gr07's are not listed) are not very impressive according to the review's...although a lot of users report these are decent choices. Is this website legit or is it not...
  20. trivium911

    What IEM's are you guys using?

    Hi Guys just curious to what IEMS you are using. I trying to get recommendation's for a new pair but tired of buying ones im not happy with. So far I have the following   Takstar Pro 80 (fullsize)- A little V shaped, missing some midrange Sennheiser HD598 SE (fullsize), Love these just could...
  21. trivium911

    Artist's Similiar to Yanni?

    Hi Guys can you Recommend some artist's similar to Yanni?    I Listen to Different Genres of Music...a bit of country and stuff like that depending on my mood. However i would say my favorites would be Classical/ Jazz and heavy metal Like Bullet for my Valentine. I Was recently given a bunch...
  22. trivium911

    Choosing Headphones for Fiio Q1 Amp

    Hey Guys I use this amp with my cell phone/ $1700 Gaming PC. I Currently own some mid range IEM'S like the audiofly 56 series, and a pair of the Kingston Hyper x Cloud 2's...which to my understanding are rebranded Takstar pro 80's. If I was looking to upgrade the over the ear style or studio...
  23. trivium911

    fiio q1 portable amps?

    Hi guys new the forum...ive been searching for a replacement for music from my.phobe. Prior to i have been using a nexus 5 and now a galaxy note 5, i will say the note 5 has much better sound qaulity. Ive stumbled across the fiio lineup with the fiio x1 being the most appealing due to its great...