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  1. kenshinhimura

    FS: Modi USB Version

    Putting up my Modi for sale. It is in excellent shape as it can be seen in pictures, but not needed going forward. I'm not the original owner and dont have the packaging for it. It does not come with USB cable. The price is firm at $80 shipped to lower 48 states. Thanks.   Sale pending.
  2. kenshinhimura

    FS/FT: Mad Dog 3.2 for Denon D2000, V-Moda M100 Matte Black, or Geek Out 720/1000

    Looking to sell or trade my Mad Dog 3.2 since I want a pair of headphones I can use on the go or one of the Geek Out DACs. These are in very good shape as seen in the pic, and I expect the same in the trade. This would be a straight up trade for the headphones, plus $20 on my end for Geek Out...
  3. kenshinhimura

    Fiio E07K Dac/Amp

    I bought this about 6-7 months ago when i first got into Head-Fi as my first dac/amp. Since then i've gotten more powerful amps and i dont use portably so i'm putting it up for sale. It comes with original box and accessories. It was always used with screen and case protector so it is in great...
  4. kenshinhimura

    sansui g 4700 or pioneer sx-880 vintage amps

    which would be better to use from headphone out? it would be powering hifiman he-500/he-5le and philips fidelio x1 for the moment. thanks.
  5. kenshinhimura

    Denon D2000 sold

    I picked these up about 3 weeks ago from another head-fi member. They are nice and sound great, but i decided i prefer a pair of open back headphones. They are in the same exact condition i received them. Putting these up for sale at $old. Will be sent priority mail.   Here is the previous...
  6. kenshinhimura

    Matrix M-Stage (Last day on sale)

    With my Audio gd dac/amp and home theater receiver i have now, this isn't getting as much use. this is a great amp and it deserves a good home so I'm putting it up for sale. Everything works perfect. Looking for $ sold. Save $30+ from the other M-Stage listings currently up. Thanks for looking.
  7. kenshinhimura

    dayton dta-100a with he-500

    does this amp send full power through the headphone jack? looking for a speaker amp to power he-500 without modifying the stock cable. thanks.
  8. kenshinhimura

    Beyerdynamic DT880 Premium (Price Drop and Free Shipping)

    I bought these last month as my first pair of hifi headphones to run off my phone since i didnt have an amp. Since then i bought an e07k and Q701 and found that i'm more of a fan of the AKG sound. These are the 32 Ohm model. The price is $185 o.b.o. shipped in the CONUS. They are in great shape...